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days of our lives fan fiction

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Fan fiction

I still don't own any names or the soap opera. View table of contents...


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Stefano is about to get a mysterious phone call from a woman named Carol.

Chapter 4.

On a clear sunny morning in Salem, the sun was shining on the window in the master bedroom of the Dimera Mansion, Until Stefano woke-up, he streached and yawned, he looked over and saw his darling wife, Lisa, she was still sleeping, he smiled at her after having a long sigh.

"She's like a Sleeping Angel, I better not wake her up", Stefano said to himself, as he carefully got up out of his side of the bed, he carefully pulled the covers back on top of Lisa, he carefully leaned over on top of the bed, he gently kissed Lisa on her cheek, he carefully got up from the bed, he tip-toed toward the master bedroom door, he went out of the master bedroom.

He went into the bathroom, closed the door behind him, he went out of the bathroom, he walked down the hallway, he went into the living room, he got himself a brandy, he sat down on the couch, Suddenly the phone started ringing, he put his glass down on the coffee table, he walked over to the phone, and he picked-up the reciver.

"Hello?", Stefano asked until he heard a male voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hello, Am I speaking to Stefano Dimera", A male voice answered until a shocked look was on Stefano's face.

"You're talking to him, I am Stefano Dimera", Stefano replied until the male voice responded on the phone.

"I'm NoahCalvert, my father, Peter Calvert and your father, Santo Dimera, were best friends", Laurie said until Stefano was shocked when he heard his name.

"Noah, I remember you when we were children", Stefano replied until Noah responded over the phone.

"Now I've ask you something, your father took his share of my father's money, now I would like to have it back", Noah said until Stefano was surprise.

"Look, Noah, I don't know what are you talking about, but I don't know what you're talking about", Stefano replied untilNoah responded.

"Stefano, If you don't give me the money, then I'll have to Take Drastic Action",Noah said until a stunned look was on Stefano's face.

"What are you talking about?", Stefano asked untilNoah hung-up the phone, Stefano was yelling at the phone, he didn't even see his darling wife, Lisa was standing in front of the door-way wearing her tea-rose blouse and kapri shorts.

"Stefano, who are you yelling at?", Lisa asked until Stefano saw her.

"I was yelling at my Stockbroker", Stefano answered until Lisa fell for his lie.

"Oh, I see", Lisa replied and left.

Stefano gave a long sigh, and decided to keep lieing to Lisa, until he find's out what the secret is, Until he heard some more footsteps coming down the stairs, he looked and saw, Lisa and his's 4-year-old daughter, Rosie, she was wearing her school uniform.

"Hi, Daddy", Rosie said smiling at her daddy.

"Hi, Rosie, my sweet little princess, why don't you give your daddy a hug?", Stefano asked as he kenlt down and put his arms out.

"Ok, Daddy", Rosie answered as she started running toward Stefano, her long dark brown hair bouncing up and down her back.

They started hugging each-other, as Lisa was watching them, another hour later Lisa took Rosie to school, another hour later, Stefano went to work in his CEO Office of Dimera Empire Incorporated, until he had recieved word that the board of Directors had called an emergency meeting at the Trump-Plaza Hotel In NEW YORK CITY, he filed out a flight-plan on one of his privet jets, he went off to New York City, Another Hour Later Stefano had arrived at New York City, He went straight-away to the Trump-Plaza Hotel, and the board of directors had told them that Someone has been buying up all the stock, After the meeting was done, Stefano was wondering who could've done it, Until his cell-phone ringed, he opened-up his cell phone, and it was his Mi Bella Lisa, he answered the phone.

"Hello, Lisa is something wrong?", Stefano asked until he heard Lisa's hysterical voice over the phone.

"Stefano, You must return home, quickly", Lisa answered over the phone.

"Oh, What is it, Lisa, Is something wrong?", Stefano asked until he heard her hysterical voice over the phone.

"Stefano, Please, Come Home, I'll tell you all about it, Just Come Home", Lisa answered over the phone, until they hung-up the phone, Stefano got into his privet jet, and he flew back to Salem.


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