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days of our lives fan fiction

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Fan fiction

I still don't own any names or the soap opera. View table of contents...


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Noah is about to fake Lisa's Death.

Chapter 6.

The Next Day, Stefano brought Rosie to the Dimera Mansion, He sent her up-stairs to her room, while he was wondering where his Mi Bella, Lisa was at, Meanwhile back at Noah's Mansion, Noah was in his study, when one of his henchmen came in the room.

"Is it done?", Noah asked as he turned to his henchmen.

"Yes, Sir", Noah's Henchmen answered until Noah tells him to leave.

Noah looked at his hidden Camera, and saw Lisa, he was smiling at her, Meanwhile Back at the Dimera Mansion, Stefano was looking at a picture of his darling wife, Lisa, when the telephone ringed, Stefano went to the phone, hoping that his lisa would be on the other end of the phone, but it wasn't.

"Stefano, we've recievd word that Lisa's car was found at the Salem Ravine", Roman Brady said on the other end of the phone.

Suddenly Stefano hung-up the phone, he picked-up the reciever again, and called Kristen Dimera, told her to come over to the mansion to look after her half-sister Rosie, he put down the phone and rushed out of the mansion like a madman, he got in his car, and drove off striaght to the Salem Ravine, about an hour later when he got there, he saw the road was blocked off by police officers, Stefano got out of his car, and walked straight to the ravine, when a Police Officer stopped him.

"Sir, you're going have to stay back", The Police Officer said as Stefano was trying to get in.

"Don't Tell Me what to do, I have a right to be here", Stefano bellowed until Roman Brady went over to where they were at.

"Stefano, I have to tell you something that might shock you", Roman Brady said trying to figure out what to say.

"Well, what is it?, Out With It?, Is there something wrong with my Lisa?", Stefano asked in his stern voice.

"When We found Lisa's car when it was in the ravine, It was in Flames, So we think that Lisa's Dead", Roman Brady answered until Stefano started sobbing.

"No, I've to see her, I've got to go to her", Stefano said as he was trying to go for the burnt car, until he was restrained.

Stefano went back to the Dimera Mansion, he was so upset, he didn't even see Kristen there, he walked past her and went into his privet study, he got out one of their VHS tapes, he put it into his VCR after turning on his TV, and he sat down on his chair behind his desk, he pushed the play button on his VCR remote control, he saw his darling wife, Lisa holding Rosie in her arms, it was when Rosie was born.

"Rosie, look there's daddy, wave to daddy, hi daddy, hi", Lisa said on the VHS tape, as she took little Rosie's hand and was waving at Stefano.

He saw some more moments too, he saw Lisa feeding Baby Rosie, and her first birthday, 2nd birthday, and 3rd birthday, he even saw Rosie meeting Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny, Stefano started sighing and thought how is he going to go through his life, and how is he going to tell Rosie about what had happened to her mother and her unborn baby brother, Alexander Santo Dimera,

Meanwhile Back At Noah's Mansion, Noah was thinking of a way to get Lisa to fall in love with him, when he decided to lay to her about her husband, Stefano, Until he thought of something, He walked down the hallway and went into Lisa's room, Until Lisa saw him.

"What do you want, Noah?", Lisa asked in her anger voice.

"I just want to tell you about your Husband, Stefano", Noah answered as he looked at her with his loving eyes.

"What about my Husband?", Lisa asked as she was hiding something behind her back.

"Well, I've received word that your husband has committed suiceide", Noah answered.

"Oh, No, what about Stefano and I's Daughter, Rosie?", Lisa asked.

"Well, I think Kristen Dimera has custody of her", Noah answered.

Lisa was shocked to hear the news, Until Noah left her alone.


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