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Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction: A Day In The Life Of Stefano Dimera.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Fan fiction

I Don't Own Any Of The Names Or The Soap Opera. View table of contents...


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Stefano arrives at the hospital and is told there's no change in his wife, Lisa's condition, and is also told that she's going up in the liver-transplant list.

Chapter 3.

The Next Morning, Stefano was in the dining room, having breakfast with, Tyler, Darien, Derek, Jayden, and Elliot, Stefano looked across the table, he saw Lisa's seat, the boys, him, and Lisa were living the happy life at the Mansion, as a family of seven, now it's just him and the boys, Until Tyler saw his father looking sad.

"Daddy, why are you so sad?", Tyler asked after he ate his cereal grain.

"Oh, Nothing, Tyler, why don't you, Darien, Derek, and Jayden get ready for school", Stefano answered as he took a deep breath.

"Ok, Daddy", Tyler replied as he, Darien, Derek, and Jayden left the table, while Elliot and Stefano stayed behind.

"Dad, is Mom going to be ok?", Elliot asked.

"I'm sure She will, but we have to keep on praying, and hope that our heavenly father would hear our prayers", Stefano answered.

"I'm still praying, Dad, Oh I almost forgot, I've got accepted at Harvard Collage, and I'm planing on going over there to sign-up for classes and pick-out my dorm room too", Elliot said.

"Oh, Elliot Santo Alexander Dimera, that's wonderful, I'm so proud of you, and I'll bet your mother would be so proud of you too", Stefano said.

"Thanks, Dad", Elliot replied.

Another hour later, Stefano got into his car, and he drove off to the hospital, another hour later, He arrived at the hospital, before he went to talk to the doctor, he took a pit-stop at the hospital chapel, and he did the sign of the cross, and he lit a candle for her too, he did the sign of the cross again, he started walking out of the chapel, he was told that there was no change in his wife, Lisa's condition, he was also told that Lisa was coming-up on the liver transplant list, he went inside Lisa's hospital room, he sat down on the seat right by her hospital bed.

"Lisa, darling, sweetheart, my beautiful queen, my beautiful Angel, my Immortal Beloved, I've heard that people that are in comas could hear every word their loved ones are telling them, our boys missed you so much, and I miss you too, honey, Derek scored his first touchdown and his football team won the game, He was just so happy, I'm sure you'd love to see it, Lisa, and Darien made his first piano recital, Jayden scored a soccer goal, Derek was just so great in his school play, and Tyler made it in the spelling bee", Stefano said.

Stefano left the hospital, and went back to the Dimera Mansion, about an hour later, Stefano returned to the Mansion, by the time, Stefano went in the foyer of the mansion, he was greeted by, Tyler, Darien, Derek, and Jayden.

"Hi, Daddy", Tyler said.

"Welcome back, Daddy", Darien said.

"Hi, Daddy", Derek said.

"Daddy, Elliot called just before you came home, and said that he's stuck at the airport because of the blizzard", Jayden said.

"Ok", Stefano said.

They had dinner and went to bed, Meanwhile in an old house across the railroad tracks of Salem, the four men got out of the car, and went in the old house, until they went in a room, where their leader was sitting in a chair.

"So, what happened?", The man asked.

"We, sure did, Mr. Jerry Jacks", one of the four men answered until the man turned around.

"Well, I've just been informed by one of my informants, that you didn't get the job done", Jerry Jack said as the four men looked at each-other.

"But We've got him", the second of the four men said until Jerry Jacks looks at one of his men.

"Well, it lookslike you've got the wrong person, you've shot his wife", Jerry Jacks said.

He told his men to stand by, and they left him alone.


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