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Days Of Our Lives FanFiction: A Valentine's Secret.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, I Don\'t Own Any Names Or The Soap Opera.




Stefano Dimera is planning on a romantic Valentine's Day for his Mi Bella, Lisa Dimera, and It'll be the one that She'll Never, Evver Forget.



Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day in Salem, everyone was getting ready for Valentine's Day, while at the Dimera Manor, Stefano Dimera was standing between the two open french doors that led to the back yard of the manor, he was in his best suit and tie, he was hearing the bird's singing, suddenly Stefano heard footsteps coming down the stairs in the foyer outside of the living room of the manor, he turned around and saw, Lisa and his's 4-year-old youngest daughter Julia Dimera, she was standing in the doorway, that was between the foyer and the living room.



"Hi Daddy", Julia said.



"Hi, Julia, why don't you give your daddy a hug?", Stefano asked.



"Ok, Daddy", Julia answered.



Julia started running toward Stefano, her long brown hair was bouncing on her back, until she reached her father, and they hugged each-other.



"Daddy, I love you so much".



"I love you too, Julia, My Little Princess".



Stefano showed Julia, his valentine surprise for her mother, Lisa. he asked her not to tell Lisa about it, and Julia told him that she won't.




"Ok, Julia, go off to school", Stefano said.



"Ok, Daddy", Julia replied.



Stefano let go of Julia, and she went off to school.

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