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Days Of Our Lives F-Fiction.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Fan fiction

In This Fiction, Stefano and Lisa Dimera have a 4-year-old Daughter named Jocelyn, she has long brown hair, blue eyes.

I Don't Own Any Names Or the Soap Opera. View table of contents...



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Something Is about to happen In a town called Salem.

Chapter 1.

A Clear Sunny Day In Salem, Everyone was getting ready for Spring, while at the Dimera Manor, Everyone was doing their morning routines, While in the living room of the manor, Stefano Dimera was sitting at his desk, looking over some paperwork, and thinking about taking his Mi Bella, Lisa and their 4-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, for their summer vacation, when Jocelyn came down the stairs.

"Hi, Daddy", Jocelyn said with a big smile on her face.

"Hi, Jocelyn, my little Princess, why don't you give your daddy a hug?", Stefano asked.

"Ok, Daddy", Jocelyn answered as she started running toward her father, her long brown hair bouncing on her back.

Jocelyn and Stefano started hugging each-other, while Lisa was watching them from the foyer of the manor.

"Ok, Jocelyn, time to get ready for School", Lisa said as she walked into the living room.

"Ok, Mommy", Jocelyn replied as she went out of the living room and up the stairs.

"So, did you tell her the good news?", Lisa asked as she looked at her husband with love in her eyes.

"No, I didn't", Stefano answered as he looked at his Mi Bella, Lisa with love in his eyes.

"Well, we have to tell her that I'm pregnant with twins, and She's going to be a Big sister", Lisa said.

"Why don't we tell her the good news, over Dinner?", Stefano asked.

"Ok", Lisa answered.

About an hour later, Lisa took Jocelyn to school, while Stefano went to work at his CEO Office, Dimera Empire Incorporated, another hour later, Stefano arrived at his CEO Office, he sat down behind his desk, and he went to work, he looked at pictures of his Mi Bella, Lisa, and his Princess, Jocelyn. he went back to work, another hour later while Stefano was looking over some paperwork, his secretary, Helen called him over the intercom.

"Pardon me, Mr. Dimera, you have a telephone call", Helen said over the intercom.

"Ok, Thanks, Helen", Stefano replied as he picked-up the receiver, until he heard a female voice over the phone.

"Mr. Dimera, it's 9:30, do you know where your little girl is?", The Female voice asked over the phone.

"What are you talking about, Who is this?", Stefano asked until the female voice hung-up.

Stefano was wondering who was it on the phone, until his telephone ringed again, he picked-up the reciver, and he was startled to hear his hysterical Mi Bella, Lisa over the phone.

"Stefano, you have to return to the Dimera Manor, Quick", Lisa said over the phone.

"Ok, Lisa, but you've got to calm down, remember what the obstatriction said, what you feel, the babies feel, now what's wrong?", Stefano asked.

"Just Come Home, I'll tell you about it when you arrive", Lisa answered as she hung-up the phone.

Stefano was still wondering, when he decided to return to the Dimera Manor, he told his Secretary, Helen to cancel all of his meetings, as he left his CEO office at Dimera Empire Incorporated, about an hour later, Stefano arrived at the Dimera Manor, he saw his Mi Bella Lisa.

"Ok, Lisa, what's wrong?", Stefano asked.

"Well, I was shopping around Horton Town Square, when I got a call from Jocelyn's Teacher, Mrs. Kentner, and she told me that a woman came at the school, and told the princiable that she was your sister", Lisa answered.

"But I don't even have a Sister, Lisa?", Stefano asked.

"That's what i thought so too, and Mrs. Kentner said that this woman that claimed to be your sister, told the princiable that you had been involved in a car crash, and I called her from the hospital, and told her to get our daughter Jocelyn, so the princiable called Mrs. Kentner's class, and told her to have Jocelyn come to the office, and the woman left with Jocelyn", Lisa answered.

"Oh No, so that mean's?", Stefano asked as he was trying to fight back the tears.

"I think so", Lisa answered.

"Oh No, Why Does It Have To Happen Again", Stefano said as he sat down on the couch.

"Don't worry, I've just called Roman Brady, and told him right away, just before calling you, and He told me that he has everyone on the look-out, and They've even put out an Amber Alert, and have Roadblocks on every road going to and from the town, They've even have people at every single bus stops, train stations, and airports", Lisa replied.

"Ok", Stefano said.

Stefano started to get worried about his daughter, meanwhile a woman was driving a dark blue car down the interstate, she was avoiding every roadblock, and every police car too, she looked at her rearview mirror and saw Stefano and Lisa's Daughter Jocelyn sleeping, the woman continued driving, Meanwhile back at the Dimera Manor, Stefano decided to take matters into his own hands, he was on the phone talking to one of his hired men,

"This is an outrage, what do you mean that you couldn't find one little girl!", Stefano bellowed.

"I'm Sorry Sir, But We've Searched Everywhere, and There's No Sign Of Her Anywhere, It's Like She Vanished Into Thin Air", One of Stefano's Hired Men answered.

Stefano threw an empty wine glass on the floor in a fit of rage, Until he decided to calm down, he hoped that Lisa didn't hear him throwing a Temper Tantrum, because with all the stress that He's going through, it would upset her, and she'd have a miscarriage and lose their unborn twins,

"Look, I don't want no excuses, Just keep searching for my little girl, leave no stone unturned, and I'll see to it that no-one utters a word about it in front of my darling wife Lisa, because of her Delicate Condition", Stefano said.

"Yes, Sir", One of his hired men replied.

Stefano hung-up the phone, he walked over to his chair, he sat down in his chair, he looked-up at the cealing, with a dazed look in his eyes.


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