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Here's what I think Should've happened in Pokemon 3 The Movie.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, I don\'t own any names or the movie.




Legendary Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum's Mom, Delia Ketchum had just broken her hypnotic trance, and decides to escape.




Chapter 1.

While Molly Hale and The Legendary Pokemon Entei wasn't looking, Delia Ketchum decides to escape, she gets up from the bed, and sneaks toward the stairs, she wents down-stairs to find a way out, until one of entei's eyes looked over at the stairs.



Meanwhile Delia Ketchum was still going down the stairs, trying to find a way out, Until Entei appeared, and Hypnotized her again, and teleported her back to Molly's Bedroom.

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