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My Little Pony FanFiction: Baby MoonDancer's Mom is kidnapped.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, I don\'t know any names. The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual and Violent Content That Might Not Be Good For Small Children.



Baby MoonDancer (the white colored pony with the red mane and tail, and moon, stars on it's bottom) is frolicking and playing while her mother, MoonDancer (the white colored pony with the red mane and tail, moon and stars on it's bottom) watches her daughter playing, until three strange people on three horses is watching them.



Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day, Baby MoonDancer (The White colored pony with the red mane and tail) was galloping and frolicking, She looked back at her mother, MoonDancer (The white colored pony with the red mane and tail) was watching her daughter, Baby MoonDancer (The White Colored Pony with thered mane and tail)started walking up toward her.



"Mommy, I love you so much", Baby Moondancer said.



"I love you too, Baby Moondancer", Moondancer replied as she leaned her head down and their noses was touching each-other.




Baby Moondancer continued galloping and frolicking, until Baby Moondancer and Moondancer started drinking some water in a little stream, while they were drinking, in a mountain a few feet from them, Three Strange People on Three horses were on the bottom of the mountain, they were watching Moondancer and her Baby Moondancer, still drinking water from the little stream, Until they started galloping toward them, Suddenly Moondancer looked-up and saw them coming toward them.




"Baby Moondancer, RUN!", Moondancer shouted as she nudged Baby Moondancer with her nose.




"Ok, Mommy", Baby Moondancer replied.




Baby Moondancer started galloping as fast as her little legs would carry her, while Moondancer was fallowing her, the three strange men was pursing them, Moondancer knew what she had to do.





"Keep Running, Baby Moondancer, Keep Running and don't look back, whatever you do, don't look back", Moondancer called.





"Ok, Mommy", Baby Moondancer replied as she galloped faster too fast for one of the three strange men to catch her.



Baby Moondancer was still running as fast as she could, while her mother, MoonDancer was running after her baby daughter, until a Lasso was around her neck.



"We've got you now", One of the three strange men said.



They took MoonDancer away, while Baby Moondancer was watching from a safe distance, she decided to go and get help, Meanwhile the three strange men took Moondancer across the mountain, and into a big castle that was behind a mountain, they put her in a Horse-Holden pen, they put a metal chain-Coller around her neck, they've restrained her too, Suddenly a castle door opened and an evil magician named Warlock, came out of the castle, He saw Moondancer, he ordered the three strange men to leave them, he took out his magical stone, he put it in front of MoonDancer's eyes, he started slowly moving it back and fourth.




"Now, My Pretty Beauty, you are under my control, from this day fourth, you will do what i want you to do, you will be what I want you to be", Warlock said until Moondancer was turned to stone.




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