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Pokemon FanFiction: Delia Ketchum is Hypnotized By a Psychic Pokemon Hypno Owned by a Famous Magician.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, I Don\'t Own Any Of The Names Or The Cartoon Show.




A World Famous Magician was driving his van down the road, the side of the van read "The Famous Mysterio: The World Famous Magician/Hypnotist, he had his Psychic Pokemon, Hypno with him, He was headed toward champion pokemon ash ketchum's house, where his mother, Delia Ketchum lived,



Chapter 1.

Meanwhile Delia Ketchum was in the kitchen of the house, washing the dishes, she looked out of her window and sighed a long sigh. She had just sent her psychic Pokemon, Mr. Mime to help Pro. Oak and another Pokemon Trainer Tracey Sketch-It out at the Pokemon Lab, She also wondered how her son, Ash and Pikachu were doing over in Unova. she put her clean dishes up, until the doorbell started to ring.



"I wonder who could that be?", Delia Ketchum said to herself.




She dried her hands, walked toward the front door, she opened the door and saw the Magician Mysterio, he had short brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a top hat, a suit, and tie. he was standing on the front porch, outside of the house.




"May I Help You?", Delia Ketchum asked.





"I was wondering if you mind spending a moment of your time with me", The Magician Mystero answered.





"Oh Yes, won't you come in", Delia Ketchum said.





"Thank You", The Magician Mysterio replied as he went inside the house, and Delia Ketchum closed the door behind them.




The Magician Mysterio looked around the house.



"can i get you anything?", Delia Ketchum asked.



"Yes you can, can you close the curtains from that window, Please", The Magician Mysterio answered.



"Ok, Delia replied as she closed the curtians from the window.




"Ok, now will you move the coffee table out of the way?", The Magician Mysterio asked.




"Ok", Delia Ketchum answered as she moved the coffee table out of the way.




"Now will you sit down on the couch?", The Magician Mysterio asked.




"Ok", Delia Ketchum answered as she sat down on the couch.




"Now will you take your hair down for a moment?", The Magician Mysterio asked.





"Ok", Delia Ketchum answered as she put her hands on the back of her head and she pulled her purple scrunchi, as she pulled her red hair down.




The Magician Mysterio took out his Pokeball and called out his Psychic Pokemon, Hypno. and he stodd in front of Delia Ketchum.




"Now Hypno, I want you to use your Hypnosis attack on Her", The Magician Mysterio commanded His Hypno.



Until His Hypno started using it's Hypnosis attack on Delia Ketchum, until she became hypnotized.

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