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Kiley's Midnight Moon

Novel By: RoseWeasley
Fan fiction

You know how harry Potter ends with the dark Lords Death. But what if after many years have past wierd things start happening like the dark Mark appers out of no where. This is a novel on harry Potter and the next generation. This book adds a twist to are harry Potter world. It is about the trio having to give their kids up for their saftey.It starts with a girl named Kiley she lives with her mom because her dad died along time ago. She and her best friends have powers that no one else has. But once the order knows it is a race to get to them before the remaining death eaters do. Who will win this time?

All characters belong to the magnificent J.K.Rowling. I DO NOT own anything View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 5, 2010    Reads: 94    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Kiley's Midnight Moon

Chapter 1: Crazy Dreams

I was running through the dense forest when I tripped. I could hear the howling of the wolfs behind me. I got up and started to run home it was pouring rain and it was hard to see through the trees. I finally reached my mom's and my house's front door. I basically collapsed on the floor when I got the door open. "Kiley is that you?" called my mom from the kitchen. "Yeah." I called back. "Good I was starting to worry about you, you where gone all day!" my mom worries about me to much. "Don't worry so much mom, anyways I was at school in the morning and then I hung out with friends. Trust me thats all." I smiled then headed up to my bedroom. It made me feel so peaceful when I laid on my bed and day dreamed. Once I fell asleep I had a weird dream. All I could see was an old man and a few people in cloaks. They had what looked like medal twigs pointed at the old man. "Severus please" the old man was looking at the man with the black greasy looking hair. "Good bye Albus Dumbeldor.... Aveda Kevadre!" he yelled. The old man fell out the window. I couldn't help myself but scream. "Kiley, Kiley its ok your ok wake up. Kiley" my mom woke me up. "Mom. Ummmm nightmare. I'm fine promise." I looked my mom in the eyes and she knew right away not to worry about it. As I was getting ready for school my cell phone rang. "Hello?' I asked every single time because I didn't have caller idea. "Hey I am going to pick you up in ten ok?" came my friend Kayla's voice from the other side of the line. "Ok I will meet you at the end of my drive way, Bye." We hung up at the same time. I was done getting ready and I never ate my breakfast so I was walking down my drive way when I thought I saw someone in the bushes. Beep beep came a horn and kayla pulled up beside me with my other friends in the back. I hoped in and said hi to my best friends Kayla, Sophie, and Bella. We have been best buds sense we were seven. All the teachers called us the four elements. Kayla was fire for her temper, I was water because I always sat at the fountain in the school garden. Sophie was earth because she was calm and always smelled like lavender, Bella was of course air she was like air because she could win any argument and left teachers speechless. We got to school and as we were pulling into the school parking lot I thought I saw someone starring right at us. "Kiley you ok?" Bella was leaning over my seat and looking at me. "Huh!


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