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My OC's And Extras Get Together

Novel By: sethlover0731
Fan fiction

Well I like to play around with my characters so I decided to bring them all together. And they might not like me for it. No probably not. View table of contents...


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*suddenly in the worlds of Shay and Tora/ Greymere, Kyo, and Kyoko/ Jessica, Alice, Jake/ Blaze and Josh, a portal opened and waited for the right moment.*

Shay and Tora

Shay: Tora! Why do we have to go on a mission together? *whining at Tora in her newly human form*

Tora: Because Shay-chan, Hokage-sama told us to do this. And remember we are meeting Naruto. *wiggles eyebrows*

Shay: *blushes* I don't care. I really don't want to go on this missio-

Tora: Shay-chan? Whats wr- *see's what Shay is looking at*

Shay: *stares at the red portal that opened up* Oh shit!!! *starts to run but is caught in wirlwind*

Tora: *also gets caught into wind*

Naruto: *see's them and jumps in the wind(idiot)*

Greymere, Kyo, and Kyoko

Kyoko: Hey Natsu? What is the team doing today? *smiles*

Grey: You really think he would know? *looks at her incrediously*

Natsu: *big sweatdrop* Oh shut up!

Grey: *sticks tounge out* Make me!

Natsu: Fine I will *closed fist and threatened*

Ezra: Natsu! Grey!

Natsu/Grey: *freeze* Shit! Run! *take off*

Ezra: *grabs back of shirts* What were you doing?

Lucy: Uh guys?

Ezra/Grey/Natsu: What? *look at her*

Lucy: That. *points at red portal*

Gray: *walking up* Well thats something you don't see everyday. This is going to get interesting.

Natsu: *fired up* Well lets go! *jumps into portal*

Lucy: Natsu!

Grey/Gray: *look at each other and grin* Ha! You heard the kid! *Grey grabs Lucy and Gray grabs Ezra*

Kyo and Kyoko: *shrug and follow them into it*

Jessica, Alice, and Jake

Alice: Jesse you can't take those off.

Jesse: *glares at Alice with one remaining red eye and the other normal color* It doesn't matter if you seal some of my powers, 'cause I'm still evil. *tries to pull links on her wrists off*

Jake: *sitting on a rock with elbows on knees* You know, you could just go back to normal Jesse.

Jesse: *laughs* This is normal now. Did you not read the prophecy? *hair is suddenly blown back by gaping red hole*

Jake: *leaps to his feet* What the hell?!

Alice: Damn! *grabs whip at her waist*

Jesse: *evil grin splits face* Looks like my way out of here. *jumps in*

Jake/ Alice: Dammit she's escaping! *follow her*

Blaze and Josh

Blaze: Dammit Josh! Why do we still have to fight? *eyes flash red as she blocks a slash with her swords*

Josh: Blaze, we are from to different people. I'm the bounty and your the hunter. Why can't you understand that we can't be!

Blaze: Josh how does that matter. Don't you love me? *tears leak out and a red portal opens behind her*

Josh: Blaze! Behind you! *he points*

Blaze: *turns* What? *gets sucked in* Josh!!!

Josh: Damn!!! *jumps in* Blaze!!

Where ever the portal is taking them

Me: *looks at watch... again* Dammit! They're late. *gets up and starts to pace*

Portal 1: *opens and dumps tow raven headed girls and a blond boy on the floor* Shay-chan, Tora-chan, and Naruto-kun have arrived my liege.

Me: Thank you 1. You may go. *portal closes* Hey! Guys, wake up! *prods Naruto with foot*

Naruto: Ow! *sits up and looks around*

Shay: *groans and sits up* Where are we. And *notices me* HEY!!!!! YOU DID THIS??!!!!

Me: *sweatdrop* Yes...

Tora: *yawns and undoes transformation* You could have sent some warning. *stretches in cat mode*

Me: *hangs head* I know.

Shay: *still peeved* Then why didn't you?

Me: I wa-

Portal 2: *opens and dumps four girls and three boys and a cat* Greymere-sama, Lucy-chan, Ezra-sama, Kyoko-chan, Natsu-kun, Gray-kun, Kyo-kun, and Happy have arrived Lady Amber.

Me: Thank you 2. You may leave. *waves hand and portal sucks into it*

Shay: Wait. Did that thing just call you Lady?

Me: *blushes* I told them not to.

Shay: *laughs*

Lucy/Grey/Natsu/Gray/Ezra/Happy: WHERE ARE WE!!!!!!

Kyo/Kyoko: *notice me and run over*

Kyo: *ruffles hair* Head shrimp ya miss us? *smiles*

Kyoko: *gives big hug* Its so good to see you Ane-san

Me: *laughs and hugs back* Good to see you too

Shay/Grey: Ok this is sweet and all, btu where the hell are we? *look at each other and clasp hands*

Shay: Nice to see you in the real world Grey.

Grey: Same to you Shay.

Natsu: *looks at me* How do they know each other but we don't?

Me: *smiles* Because I created them both. They were both together up here *points to brain* at some time.

Natsu: Ohhh.

Lucy: *grabs my hands and looks at me with sparkley eyes* So your a writer!?

Me: *sweatdrop* Uh, yeah.

Lucy: So cool!

Me: *opens mouth when anothe portal opens*

Portal 3: *opens and a girl with black hair and one red eye jumps out, closely followed by a girl and a boy* Jessica-sama, Alice-chan, and Jake-kun have arrived Amber-sama.

Me: *nods and sucks in portal*

Jesse: *mood change cause she's out of her story* Shay! Greymere! *runs to them*

Jake: Wait Greymere and Shay are here? Dude thats awesome!

Alice: *collapes with a sigh* Thank god she's calmed down. Hey Shay, Greymere, how are you doing.

Grey: *smiles at shorter and younger black haired girl running towards her* Hey Jesse, Jake, Alice.

Jake: *clasps hands on both shoulders* Guys! Its been to long.

Shay: Hey Jake-Sensei

Naruto: Sensei!?

Shay: Yeah. He taught me my special transportation move.

Me: *walks back to thrown/chair and sits down* Now I know why I didn't let them stay.

Portal 4: *opens up and a silver haired girl is thrown out with a brown haired boy* Blaze-chan and Jake-kun have arrived Miss Amber.

Me: Thank you *it dissapears*

Shay/Grey/Kyo: *eyes widen* Blaze! *rush over to help her up.

Blaze: *tears out of their grip and jumps back eyes flashing red* Leave me alone. *mood is now the same as in the begining of her story*

Naruto: Hey Amber?

Me: Yeah?

Naruto: Why did her eyes flash red?

Me: Because she's a vampire. *sweatdrop*

To Be Continued...


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