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I l.o.v.e you for who you are.

Novel By: shaniawebb
Fan fiction

Eddie and Keira, in a long loving relationship.
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Eddies POV.
We were on our way to my friend arons house, and when I mean US I mean keira my girlfriend and I. Keira is probably the most amazing person in my life, she
means so much to me. Since aron lived 1 block away so we decided to walk. I gripped onto keira hand tightly wishing to let go but I know I have to. We were just walking admiring our surroundings, keira and I arrived at arons house. We walked up to the door and knocked softly, keira didn't think my knocking was loud enough so she pulled her hand out of
Mine and said ' your weak ' then she smashed the glass as hard as it could before it would shatter to pieces.
We both laughed. We herd small steps come up the door. The door flew open and there we saw a tall dude with black hair. It definitely wasn't aron so I texted him he said he's house number was number 45. OMG we were at number 35. The man looked
Mad so i said sorry and walked off with keira. We quickly walked over to arons and waited, then the door open and there stood aron welcoming us, we all walked into his lounge room. The couch was red and shaped like something from the 1960s. We all sat on it. Keira asked me why we're here quietly. I leaned over and whispered I'll tell you later. Arons phone started ringing to he walked out of the room to answer it. We were running on a tight day so I told
Aron we had to leave, keira seemed confused so I told her we were organizing to start a band, keira was like woo, what would you play, I said we'll probably guitar and vocals, keira looked confused when i said vocals, she asked are you a good singer or have I herd you sing, I replied 'I don't
Think so but apparently
I'm a good singer'. Keira smiled and said sing, anything, just sing! I looked at her, I told her later. We had just arrived home to find some stuff in the mail. It was just some bills and bank crap. We walked inside. It was about 1pm, we walked to the couch and sat down I asked keira if she wanted anything, she replied no. She got up and grabbed my hand leading me back to the couch, she than asked what should we do? I offered her if she wanted to go out tonight, she relied ok. I than brushed me hand through her brown long hair, i told her, l love you, more than anything.

Keiras POV.
Eddie brushed he's hands through my hair and told me he loves
Me. Then i felt his lips press lightly
against mine. We broke apart and smiled at each other, and then I told Eddie. I love you more and smiled. Then he told
me well... I love you the most! He smiled
and laughed, he then gripped my hands and said no one will ever tear us apart,
we are perfect. I then played my head down on he's chest and closed my eyes Eddie started playing around with my hair. Eddie then got he's phone out and took a photo of us, we were so cute together i thought to myself and smiled, Eddie asked me why i was smiling I replied because we are meant to be its almost like it was meant to be. I then remembered how me and Eddie got together, when I was at my friends Shania's 16th Eddie was there because Shania's boyfriend James brought Eddie along to the party. Then I suggested to Eddie that we could invite James and Shania, Eddie said ok and dialed James's number into his phone it rang through and James answered, Eddie asked ' hey mate do you want to come to the movies with keira and I bring Shania? Funny enough Shania was with James and they both agreed. We deled to meet at the cinemas at 6pm.


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