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Leaving Amber

Novel By: ShaunaLeigh
Fan fiction

Beyond the impossible...an imprint broken...a soul flitting back and forth...another familiar with loss...forgiving the unforgivable...and leaving her behind- forever.

When former members of Sam’s pack return, a pack of their own is not the only thing they bring. Kyle’s imprint Amber may have convinced everyone to accept them, but the girl who brought them together turns out to be tearing the new pack apart. All comes to the surface when Ryan attacks her for leaving him for imprint, something Leah Clearwater is all too familiar with.
With Amber dying and coming back to life, the battle against permanent death is becoming more and more difficult. The only thing that can save her is what most wolves consider a death sentence in itself- vampire venom. Kyle has to decide whether to let Amber live a life without him as a vampire, or the other option of waiting on the ultimately unavoidable.

Disclaimer- I do not own Twilight, these characters (apart from some) belong to Stephanie Meyer. View table of contents...


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Chapter 18- Leah Clearwater

This was all so messed up.
"Carlisle, are you saying you killed Amber?" I growled after he'd attempted to explain the mess.
You wouldn't think it would be that difficult to pop over to the Cullen's but it was beyond difficult. Jake could just waltz right in like he always did and so could I really. Since Jake imprinted on Nessie I've been there more often than I'm comfortable with and Carlisle's always said I can walk in whenever- yeah like I'd want to visit. The problem was Kyle's pack, or Cameron's I should say. Some members of his pack wanted to wait outside, and instead of ordering them all to go in he put up with them changing their minds over and over again.
"No Leah that's not what I'm saying. In order to perform repairs Amber had to stop bleeding. Some of it was internal and she couldn't be moved around because of all of that unknown damage. The only way to stop it was to try this procedure."
"And this procedure is freezing her to death?"
"The fluid in her circulatory system has frozen her and that does mean she's clinically dead."
"Kyle's been saying that you can bring her back or something?"
"I might be able to but as I've explained if I do she wouldn't live a very full life."
"What she'd die young?"
"No, I mean full in a different way. She wouldn't experience life as she should. She'd be traumatised from what she went through. She'd have hallucinations. The attack would always be on her mind. There'd be memory loss and things I couldn't fix."
"But she might be fine Carlisle."
The door opened and Alice entered the room. Her eyes carefully met Carlisle's for a moment. He waved her in and she skipped over feebly, biting her lip. She sat down on the edge of the sofa. I shifted away from her vampire stench. She wouldn't look at anyone; she looked into her lap as she arranged the pleats of her skirt.
"I'm sorry Kyle I didn't want to tell you," said Alice.
"What haven't you told me?" he asked.
"I've been having visions about Amber ever since your imprint broke. They're changing all the time because even though you're no longer imprinted you're still involved. Anyway, every vision is mostly the same. By that I mean the ones that involve her being human."
"What did you see?"
"You've got to understand they've all been incredibly brief and more than a little bit hazy...but she's not right Kyle. I've seen her blacking out and hallucinating and not remembering who people are. I've seen her get committed. I visited her in hospital. Human life doesn't seem to be an option for her any more."
"What about vampire life?"
"Are you really prepared for me to tell you? You're a mess- I'm sorry but you are."
"Alice I need to know before I can decide anything and I need to decide as soon as possible."
"I've caught more definite glimpses of her vampire life than her human life. It's not an exact science, you've got to understand. When people who aren't werewolves or half vampires or whatever decide something it affects the future..." she trilled, almost too quickly for us to follow.
"You still haven't told me," he whispered.
"I only got one look. She looked happy as far as I could tell."
Kyle punched through the small glass coffee table, banging down on it with both hands. It shattered under his fists and shards of glass cut up his hands. Blood poured from them and trickled over the crystal fragments still bouncing and scattering across the floor. Some of them landed on the rug the table used to stand on. Red soaked into the cream.
"I'm sorry," he said stonily.
Carlisle went on as if it hadn't happened. "I was only thinking of what Kyle might want. I guessed he'd prefer for Amber to be alive than dead. I thought that if I did revive her and she was traumatised, that Kyle might consider letting her become a vampire. It would be a better life than one where she's constantly remembering what happened."
Cameron was trying really hard not to glare at Carlisle. It was obvious Cameron hated vampires but it wasn't hatred in his expression. His face was almost disgusted. I don't like Carlisle much but I really wanted to punch Cameron. The moment the thought came to mind though he rearranged his face. It was like he was struggling not to be the bad guy.
"You're saying there are two options. Either Amber is dead or alive and traumatised," he said.
"No Cam," Kyle whispered, "Either Amber's dead or she's a vampire."
His hands clenched into fists. "What are you talking about Kyle? Her becoming a vampire isn't an option. It just can't be. You can't do that to her, not Amber."
"I think I'd rather her be a vampire than spend her life in a psychiatric hospital."
"I know but I don't want you to. If I've ever felt like I'm going back to being..." he shook his head.
"Are you going to order me not to let Carlisle change her? Or are you just going to order me to leave her die?"
Cameron stood up so abruptly one of his pack members jumped. He walked stiffly over to Kyle and went up really close to his face. I found myself up on my feet. I was ready to punch his face in if he said anything I didn't like. Kyle didn't need a superior Alpha right now he needed understanding. He was still in denial and this decision making was making it too real already. Cameron's face softened slightly but his voice was still firm. He put a hand on Kyle's shoulder.
"I don't want to order you to do anything. You know that."
"Yes I do. So you're going to have to accept my decision aren't you?"
"Kyle you need to be sure about this. If she's a vampire-" he began.
"I know what you're going to say," Kyle muttered, shaking him off.
Cameron stood upright again. He nodded quickly and left the room. The pack members that had come into the house followed him but one that I recognised stayed behind for a moment. He was the youngest and I remembered seeing him in the woods when Amber got attacked. He tried catching Kyle's eye but he avoided his gaze. In the end he just spoke.
"I'm sorry Kyle," he said.
"I don't blame you," he answered, looking into his lap.
He left and Alice's quick hand caught the door before it closed. She left the room quietly and I caught a glimpse of Jasper meeting her in the hallway. I looked at Kyle questioningly, wondering why that young pack member felt guilty about what happened, but he just shook his head.
The door opened again and Nessie's curly head popped round. She had a little crease between her eyebrows and her eyes were narrowed. Jake stood up and ran his hands through his hair.
"Nessie I'm sorry-"
"You purposely encouraged me to stay at Grandpa Charlie's-" she started. She sounded a lot like Bella when she was angry.
"I don't want you worrying, you're as bad as your mom," he said, trying to smile.
"Sure, sure," she sighed. "I'll tell you something Jacob- you know I'm as bad as dad when it comes to blowing things out of proportion, so you are going to tell me."
That was too true. He told her everything and never kept anything from her. When she wasn't allowed to listen in he'd tell her afterwards, it had been like that since he imprinted on her. Jake smiled and pushed her out the door. He followed her out, shaking his head.
"Why is it you make a point of calling me Jacob when you're angry?" we heard him ask on their way upstairs.
Kyle stared after them with a pained look on his face. Obviously there was one reason in particular why Jake had kept Nessie out of the room. Imprint had a similar effect on the both of us now.
"We've got to consult the Elders," Kyle said to Carlisle, "will you try while we're gone?"
"Do I have your permission then?"
"Of course you do. As for your other question-"
"You don't have to decide that now Kyle."
I thought today couldn't get any weirder. I was at the Cullen's place with my pack and Kyle's. Kyle's imprint with Amber had broken. Amber was somewhere else in the house, dead and frozen though apparently, possibly revivable. But then even if she could be revived she couldn't live without problems. By problems I'm talking hallucinations memory loss...all of this scary crap that I've learnt comes with trauma. So becoming a vampire would be the only option if Kyle wanted her alive minus the freaky stuff. Well, the vampire version of alive with different sort of freaky stuff, never ageing, never sleeping and always thirsty for blood.
I opened the door and made a promise to myself this would be the last time it would be opened or shut before we left. People were coming in and out of the room and it was driving me insane, having that door shutting in my ear all the time. I went to the bottom of the stairs.
"Jake, get your ass down here, with or without Nessie! We're going to consult the Elders," I yelled.
"We'll be down now, could you phone Sam? You know, give him an edited version of what's happened and tell him to meet us there?"
"Yeah get me to do your dirty work," I muttered, taking out my phone.


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