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Leaving Amber

Novel By: ShaunaLeigh
Fan fiction

Beyond the impossible...an imprint broken...a soul flitting back and forth...another familiar with loss...forgiving the unforgivable...and leaving her behind- forever.

When former members of Sam’s pack return, a pack of their own is not the only thing they bring. Kyle’s imprint Amber may have convinced everyone to accept them, but the girl who brought them together turns out to be tearing the new pack apart. All comes to the surface when Ryan attacks her for leaving him for imprint, something Leah Clearwater is all too familiar with.
With Amber dying and coming back to life, the battle against permanent death is becoming more and more difficult. The only thing that can save her is what most wolves consider a death sentence in itself- vampire venom. Kyle has to decide whether to let Amber live a life without him as a vampire, or the other option of waiting on the ultimately unavoidable.

Disclaimer- I do not own Twilight, these characters (apart from some) belong to Stephanie Meyer. View table of contents...


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Chapter 21- Leah Clearwater

I didn't bother fastening my seatbelt when I jumped into Jake's car. Nessie slid into the front passenger seat next to Jake and Kyle sat with me. His arm was touching mine and when he realised he ran his hand through his hair so he could subtly move it. He had a bit of trouble with that- he cut his fingers up even more when he tried to remove the shards of glass from his cuts. I didn't really care. I was on the phone to Sam and I was not happy with it at all. By it, I mean the fact I was the one talking to him and not Jake. He caught me glaring at him in the rear view mirror.
"Why are you glaring at me?" he asked curiously. Nessie hit him.
I put my hand over the mouthpiece of my mobile. "You know why. You should be the one giving Sam the clean cut version of today's events not me. I'm not your freaking secretary," I hissed.
"Hello Leah? Are you there?" Sam's voice spoke out of the phone.
"Yeah I'm still here. I've pretty much told you everything."
"Of course you have. I heard what you said to Jake. What are you hiding from me?"
"Ugh, relax Sam I'm not keeping anything important."
"Right of course. Why is there some meeting over Kyle Clinn? What the hell happened to his girlfriend today? No one will tell us who attacked her and I'm not stupid Leah I know there's more going on."
"Well if you're really not stupid like you say then you can figure it out for yourself."
"Put Jacob on the phone."
"He's driving."
"He's hardly going to crash, is he?"
"Well I'm sorry if I'm unwilling to take that chance on our lives."
"Then put me on loudspeaker!"
"I can't hear you we're in a tunnel!" I shouted.
"There are no tunnels in La Push! I will be at that meeting- with my pack. "
I ended the call.
"There's no keeping anything from him, he has to stick his nose in! Damn him!"
"You're just charming aren't you? It's an important quality in a secretary," commented Jake under his breath.
I glanced quickly at Kyle. You couldn't exactly forget him and what was going on. I've got to admit I was trying. We were in denial, all of us. We were all trying to forget what had happened because we honestly couldn't believe it. I know what it's like dealing with death and Kyle having to deal with the death of his imprint is way worse.
All I could think when my father died was that it was impossible. I didn't believe a word of it. That's why we were doing our best to avoid talking about it. Deny it all until you really have to deal with it.
"We're here," Jake announced after a while.
Nessie hopped out of the car and ran over to Billy who wheeled over to see her. Jake followed her leaving me and Kyle alone in the car. He was asleep and his head was leaning against the window. When he exhaled it blew the long strands of his hair up before they fell back on to his forehead. His fringe tangled in his eyelashes. He looked so much younger when he was asleep. There were dark circles under his eyes already. He looked ill, and his skin hadn't just gone pale, it had an ash grey tint to it. He looked almost as though he was dying. It had been the longest day ever but I had to wake him up.
"Kyle, wake up," I whispered.
His eyes opened. "Sorry. Are we here?"
"Of course we are. I wouldn't have woken you up otherwise. Come on," I said, opening his door and pushing him out.
"Are my pack coming?" he asked.
"I don't know, but I did text Cameron from your phone to ask. He hasn't replied," I paused before adding, "It's not like it's much of a loss anyway."
He pulled himself upright and out of the car. His hair was sticking up all over the place but I wasn't about to say. We walked together and as we did I looked at him and I suddenly realised what was really bothering me.
He looked so out of place and so completely alone without Amber beside him. I'd never seen them together, in the flesh, side by side, but I almost found myself looking for her little blonde figure next to his tall dark one. It wasn't just the feeling that someone was missing that hit me- it was the feeling that someone should be there. It was like until Amber was there walking beside Kyle we'd have to wait, because for him there was no moving, breathing, living, without her presence. There was no Kyle without Amber.
We reached the fire and the people sat around it. I looked at the faces illuminated by the flames. They were all looking at Kyle with a mixture of confusion and curiosity. Every pair of eyes was fixed on either his face or mine. It was exactly as I'd expected. Their first question was why is there a meeting over this guy? Their second was something along the lines of, what's Leah got to do with him?
"Hello Leah," Sam said.
"Sam," I nodded.
Kyle was watching Sam closely and their eyes met in the end. Sam looked away quickly. It must have been clear Kyle already had an opinion of him. Sam would have to save a drowning child before he felt any warmer towards him. I felt a bit guilty about that but it obviously wasn't just because of what Kyle had learnt about him from me. I'm sure he'd heard enough from Cameron.
"Sue couldn't come she's not feeling too well," Billy informed me, wheeling over.
"I know," I said coldly.
I really couldn't care less about my mother at that moment. That had to be the fiftieth meeting she'd missed. She never turned up anymore. Billy had to have guessed something was wrong with her. I wasn't about to tell him.
Jake appeared by my side with Nessie and looked from me to everyone else. He looked like he'd never been more lost for words.
"Uh I really don't know where to start, Leah do you want to-" he said, gesturing at Kyle by my side. The way he handed it over to me made me really irritated. I wasn't responsible for Kyle for God's sake; I wasn't his freaking carer.
"For those who don't know this is Kyle Clinn from the newbie pack. I don't see how you couldn't know though," I said.
Seth shifted over on the log and I sat next to him in my usual spot. Kyle sat next to me and I felt that irritation again.
"It's nice to finally meet you Kyle," said Billy sincerely.
"Thank you it's good to meet you too," he replied.
Paul jumped a little at the sound of his voice. I laughed out loud.
"Yeah Paul he speaks," I said sarcastically.
"So I think everyone's here, unless of course your pack is coming...?" Billy asked casually.
"It's unlikely. They feel a bit unwelcome," he said looking at Sam.
Plus they're not too happy Amber's in the hands of the leeches, I thought to myself.
"Well they shouldn't. They're perfectly welcome, the lot of you are. I suppose it's no good telling you that now that they've made their minds up," Billy replied.
"If they want to show up they know where we are. I'm not going to force them."
"So is anybody going to explain to me why you're here?" he asked aloud.
Everything went silent like somebody pressed the mute button. It had been quiet before but now the muttering and the whispered conversations had all silenced. Everyone looked to Kyle Jake Renesmee and me. I reached across Kyle and shoved Jake so he fell off the log. He got up off the ground and shot me a look before he cleared his throat and started to speak.
"To be honest dad I don't know even know how to start saying it," he said.
Billy sat up straighter in his wheelchair and looked at us with concern and suspicion.
"What's it to do with?" he said slowly.
"Kyle's girlfriend Amber," Jake said uncertainly.
"What about her son? Is she in some sort of trouble?"
"Well yeah I suppose she is," Jake said looking at the floor.
"So do you want us to help his girlfriend then?"
Jake gestured with his hands a bit but he just couldn't find the words to even begin to explain. For one Amber wasn't just Kyle's girlfriend. She was his imprint, but Jake couldn't call her Kyle's imprint because she wasn't anymore. What are you meant to call someone who used to be your imprint? What tense was he meant to use too? She was dead but might not be soon. Should he talk about her like she's dead or living?
"Well yes but Amber's not just his girlfriend she's his imprint..." Jake began slowly.
"So Kyle imprinted on this girl? When was this?"
Kyle looked up from the floor and pushed his hair out of his eyes, holding his head like it was hurting.
"I imprinted on Amber a year or so ago. I don't really know when exactly. I was one of the guys who hadn't transformed yet but was about to when we left La Push. Amber was Ryan's girlfriend at the time. When I transformed I imprinted on her and she broke up with him."
I looked at my brother Seth. His mouth was slack and he was looking past me at Kyle, wide eyed. I wanted to lift his chin to close his mouth but I knew I must have had a similar expression when I heard Kyle's story for the first time. I couldn't blame him. I looked around at all of the people around the fire and no one was looking anywhere but Kyle.
The sound of an approaching truck tore their eyes off of him. Cameron was driving and his pack was sitting in the back of the truck- not very safety conscious. When the truck stopped three metres away from us they all jumped down and Cameron got out. He nodded at everyone and turned to Kyle. Kyle looked at them all incredulously and some of them lifted their hands in greeting.
"Sorry we're late," muttered Cameron quietly.
"I didn't think you were coming."
"Of course we came, Kyle," he replied, "we weren't about to abandon you."
"Well thanks. It means a lot Cam."
"Have you told them what happened yet?"
"I'm in the middle of it," he said grimly.
Billy told them to make themselves comfortable but most of them remained standing. Kyle turned back to everyone sitting there listening in on their exchange.
"So what happened then Kyle?" prompted Billy.
"Ryan resented me for it but he tried not to blame Amber. Today we had a fight, and it wasn't the first but it was really bad and he was still fuming afterwards. Tobias was supposed to keep an eye on him while he cooled down but he stormed off. It wasn't Tobias' fault," Kyle insisted, "He just didn't expect that I wouldn't be with Amber so he had no reason to think Ryan would bump into her."
"So Amber was unprotected?" said Sam, seeing where it was going.
"No she was with the pack but she left to find me," Kyle replied hollowly, "no one knew Ryan wasn't being watched so they had no reason to stop her."
"Why did she have to go and find you? Why weren't you with her?" he pressed on, "Why didn't Cameron make sure someone was always with her? She got injured didn't she?"
"Sam, stop it," said Jake firmly "It's unnecessary and you know it."
Heat rose to my cheeks and I felt my fists clench involuntarily.
"This is exactly why I didn't give you the full story. You shouldn't even be here," I muttered furiously.
Cameron came forward and crossed his arms across his chest.
"You're bordering on hypocritical there Sam," he said nodding at Emily and looking pointedly at her scarred face.
Sam's face contracted with pain. "We're not talking about me. Why weren't you with her Kyle?"
"Amber told Kyle to leave her," I shot, "he was with me."
Sam looked at me abruptly and then sat back like he was done talking. Cameron looked ready to jump in at any second. I looked at him with a new appreciation. He wasn't completely useless. He did seem to genuinely care about Kyle.
"Carry on Kyle," prompted Billy.
"Ryan crossed paths with Amber and he- he was still angry so when he saw her he must have...," Kyle brushed his hair off his face and shook his head, "He must have lost it. By the time we realised that Ryan was unsupervised and Amber was alone it was too late- he'd already attacked her. He must have heard us coming because he wasn't there when we got there. Amber was unconscious and bleeding..."
"Oh my God," breathed Emily, "Sam you never said one of their pack members attacked her."
"I didn't know. I heard Jake yelling and when we got there she was hurt really badly but nobody told us who did it," he said accusingly.
"Leah controlled the bleeding the best she could and then we took Amber to the vampires' place."
"The Cullen's'?" asked Billy.
"We weren't keen on the idea- I mean even when we were in Sam's pack we didn't quite trust the idea of friendly vampires," said one of Cameron's pack members quietly.
"Not helpful Gideon," muttered Cameron.
"The doctor did what he could," Kyle went on, "but we didn't get to her soon enough. For a second Amber was gone but she came back."
There were tears dripping down Emily's cheeks. I looked around. Every girl there, all of them imprinted on, was crying and every wolf there that had an imprint was pale with horror.
"He tried everything. He had to freeze her to stop her bleeding and that basically killed her. She's dead right now but he said he could revive her. He's trying right now. If he can't revive her then she's gone. If he can then I don't know what will happen because Alice has had visions of Amber being...not right in her mind. She knocked her head she could have brain damage."
Sam looked up at Kyle with sudden realisation on his face. "Dead? No. It's just impossible."
"Whatever the doctor does, she's died twice now. Our imprint has broken."


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