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Upon the Red Marble

Novel By: Silgorious
Fan fiction

'Retort Harpy' is the brave so and so hero (Mind you, it is an anagram) and we will be accompanying him on a journey, not the canon one, but not exactly AU either, headed by an old man, not the Chieftwinkle one, but by an ordinary toothless one. So, first of all:- pack your belongings - all of them - and then we plunge - head first - into the inky black story that is flowing forth... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 22, 2013    Reads: 35    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   

Welcome, welcome to the river that is flowing beside the city, passing by men hurrying to their offices, while the children jogged on their way to the local school. The weather was cool. A breeze whistled past the tidy lawns of a house, and caressed the pale face of a boy who was running across the street.

He was running away. His parents had been absent since the day before yesterday. So the house, or rather the manor was uncharacteristically empty. Otherwise, those of magical blood would hear an especially rowdy party going on, or Mrs. No. 45 screeching at her elf for burning the bacon, and so forth. The nearby forest was a deep green mesh of gnarled wood and moist leaves. The boy had been running for atleast an hour, when at last, he stopped. He was facing a great lump of green stone spanning the combined mass of two football fields. It rose in layers, one above the other.

Of course, it was an illusion. The boy paid it no mind. He was instead placing his feet upon a barely visible pedestal. The air freezed for a second, and then when warm air descended, the boy was gone, as if sucked by the very Green Rock. For a minute or two, the forest was still, and then another boy came out of the Green Rock. His facial features changed, hair shortened and his height decreased, until he was the same boy who had ran away.

He narrowed his eyes, furtively glancing here and there, then he turned his eyes heavenward, whispered some unintelligible words, and vanished. The river continued down the inner channels of the city, descending south, bathing wayward travellers in its earthly perfume, and at last reached a great mountain, passing between the glistening caves. On top of the mountain, the boy reappeared. Once again he surveyed the surrounding fields, then placed a Notice-me-not ward encasing the whole mountain in a dome of flickering auroras. He laid down upon the peak, then slapped his right palm upon a nearby rock, causing red bursts of blood to pour out.

The blood flowed down the peak, until it reached the ward barrier on his right. Then he did the same with his left palm. The cut healed after the blood reached the ward barrier on his left. Then he stood up and screwed his eyes shut. Gradually, he went out of sight as walls of stone rose out of the mountain. The stones began forming dungeons, walls, floors and staircases until a whole manor came into view. After the last towers and arces had formed, the boy sat down. He took out a bottle of water and drank to his fill. Then he came out of the castle and headed towards the ward barrier. He took out a red marble stone from his inner pocket and placed it upon the ground. Then the took out three vials and emptied their contents upon the Red Marble. It absorbed the liquids, then expanded upto the size of a football.

Then he placed his hands upon the stone and closed his eyes in concentration. Dome upon dome of pearly white aururas started forming until the whole of the mountain disappeared under a glistening sheen of golden silver webs. The man faced the stone, then turned around and started walking towards the door of the manor, the stone following behind him. He reached the innermost chamber, then slammed his hand upon the floor, and the Red Marble sunk out of sight. He locked the room in a number of wards, then walked out.

250 years later, a man was born, who learned the arts of his ancestors. He had three friends, and combined they were a master cursebreaking team.

Each had his own field of mastery, and one day, they encountered an especially nigh unbreakable field. The wards were such that even Sly had not detected them. When Hel had put her first step upon the field, she had vanished, as if the wards had sucked her in. The remaining three had worked tirelessly for a month, yet they had not been able breach the wards. At long last, they succeeded in modifying the thousands of wards to allow them entry, and Sly said that the wards were working independently. No one was controlling them, and if they had not allowed it, nobody could even modify them.

A towering mountain came into view as they crossed the wardline. At the top sat a huge manor. They entered the manor and found Hel in a prison alcove. The wards, as they were sentient, informed Sly the process to free her.

After that, they were led to a dungeon where food appeared upon a round decorated table. As they ate, they discussed among themselves the uses that such a safe environment


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