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Upon the Red Marble

By: Silgorious

Chapter 2,

Another boy accidentally apparated to his school's roof, and realized that he was someone special. Whenever his brain focused on something, that thing would happen, sometimes without even himself realizing.

His name was 'Boy' or 'Freak', for he had no proper name, and he was an orphan.

Since he lived in a cupboard, he had plenty of privacy to practice his powers at night. Since his powers responded to whatever he wished for, one night he wished to meet his parents. With a small pop, he vanished from Privet Drive. The extensive wards of the Potter Manor glowed briefly, then permitted its master entry. Harry appeared in the living room. The manor had a number of paintings dotting its corridors. One such painting in the second floor corridor had the spirit and memories of his parents, James and Lily, and his grandparents, Charles and Dorea. The paint was fresh and had a gloss over its curves. Harry activated it and a thin sheet of frosty glass seemed to lift from it, as if a window to the afterlife was beong opened. His parents stirred, pinched their noses, yawned, then blearily opened their eyes. Harry was mesmerised by the green eyes of his mother and he expanded the painting to have a better view. His father had hazel eyes, and he was mumbling some otherwordly nonsense. His mother greeted him upon noticing him while his grandparents slept away. She nudged his father and they had a pleasant time exchanging stories and wizarding events.

The manor was perched atop a mountain overlooking luscious fields of grain swaying in the gentle breeze. Harry picked a dark hooded cloak and headed out.

Diagon Alley had an apparation point near Gringotts Bank, and Harry apparated there. He had changed himself into a young man of 20 years with silver grey eyes. Gringotts provided an inheritance test for a fee and Harry's provided interesting results.

He was declared the heir of several prominent families, and he was led to a vault. The goblin accompanying him said that he could access his accessable vaults via the vault where they were headed. It was a circular room with numerous silver plated doors with the families' title emblazoned in a pale violet hue. Since he had defeated the Dark Lord, he had the right of conquest over his and his followers' vaults. Other than that, he had access to the founders' vault. They contained many curious artifacts which he dumped in a bag to examine later.

Since Harry had no need of a wand or books, he went to the robe shop. Hertlem's Traditional was a garment designer shop lacated in an alley branching from the main one. The shopkeeper motioned him towards a pedestal and said that the pedestal had runes upon it that would note his size and bulk upon a pad of parchment. The robes that were resizable, notably Battle Robes, were perchased immediately. Mrs. Taylor said that the school robes would be ready in 3 days with all the necessary charms. The next stop was at an ice cream vendor's place. Mr. Nice delivered mass quantities of ice cream that would be under a permanent freeze charm. It was said that ice cream was a sure way to soothe fluctuating magic levels, especially those of powerful children.

At the ice cream shop Harry stationed himself at a dark corner and listened to the gossip among the children. A group had come from Arab, and they were having an avid discussion with a wizard from France about the benifits of shadow recreation. This reminded Harry to check his abilities and powers, so he apparated to an island near the coast of Malabar. This specific island had a magical output almost seven times that of the land upon which Hogwarts Castle was built. Deep beneath the stones and rocks, a luminiscent plant like body (natives called it 'Qumel') grew in a huge underground cavern. The only way was by a portal situated on top of an ancient white oak tree. Harry apparated there and enlarging the portal, passed through it. He entered the cavern and sat down upon a ritual couch. The couch passed a fiber of pure magic through his core, and the results were displayed in the 'qumel'. First, it glowed yellow, for a properly functioning core, then blue, for wizard magic, then orange, for faery magic, then green for dementor magic.

Wizard magic consisted of spells, charms and apparation. Faery magic permitted the unique understanding of time and its manipulation, plus the gift of morphing. With dementor magic, you had an exceptional control of your mind, and you had the understanding of life and death.

After the results had appeared, Harry left the cavern through the portal and apparated to his bedroom. It consisted of a double bed with dim poplights that were connected with the mind of the sleeper. A connected bathroom provided all the necessary creams and lotions under a stasis and refilling enchantment.

The next day Harry entered the Muggle world and purchased exercising and training gear, for a healthy body aids in efficient duelling. The next months were spent in training, food, sleep, and more training.

By the time he reached ten, he could easily dodge spells for half a day without rest. Now that his body was fit, he could begin his magical training. A number of schools and temples of old mages had written to him, inviting him to their classrooms, so Harry decided to go on a tour.

The first stop was at Gellmase Spear, a temple on the outskirts of Cite Glen, a town where the certified wizards of the temple resided. The butwiz escorted Harry inside the compound. The temple was beside a magical trail leading to the nearby village of West Elm, and could be accessed by a special stone wall whereupon the one desiring entrance would rub his palms until the gate opened. Lumps of ritual release were piled in heaps here and there, and traditional mats were spread on elevated platforms. At this time, the students were inside the temple building, a low ceilinged wooden building divided into domes and pyramids. They were having their afternoon dishes, and long bearded ghouls were overlooking their hygiene. The head of the temple presided over the teachers in an administrative position, and the butwiz showed me his hut.

Mr. Jeryff was a young man, and he had graduated from the famous Delli Jamiah of Sihri, where the fountain of magic was rumoured to be located. He had passed his exams with top marks in all the subjects, and had travelled the world for four years, then he had settled at the current temple. The education was free of cost, but students had to pay for boarding and food within the temple building.

The second stop was at a sky palace, home of the goblin mages. They offered specialized education for wealthy and powerful families, and the graduates were almost always successful in whichever job they applied for. They provided free tours of goblin enchanted lands, and students were encouraged to expand their knowledge. Their library was the most sought after in the world, and the Kingoblin himself saw to the education of some of their prized students.

A tallin was waiting at the gates, and we entered the palace through their guarded form of apparation. It was like a barrier being lifted until the desired place came into full view. Bushes of warded watchtowers swivelled right and left as the palace of coated mithril appeared behind the invisibility globe. Ruby and aquamarine globules of magic emanated from the walkway upto the Delta Warrior Entrance, where blue shielded mages stomped their feet as we passed. Maze upon maze was navigated as his escort encountered at the least 43 illusioned forks before reaching the upper levels of the central wing. At an information chamber filled with tomes and tomes of ancient maps and trails, a goblin was waiting for him.

He said that warded dormitories were provided for all students, and the kitchen was open for meals 22 hours a day. Access was allowed in all the hidden nooks and password protected crannies of the palace, except the ministerial chambers in the underground levels.

The third stop was at the 'Fin of Rasam' Magical Education Society, which was described as a school on a cruiseliner the size of a miniature fort. The ship sailed the waters and teachers boarded at ports where the ship would stop monthly. Here, the students experienced in their 10 years of mastery the different cultures of the world and they got to visit reknown magical attractions. The ship also dunked inside underwater cave mercities and students were taught water magicks by the masters themselves.

The food was excellent and the students slept in a huge single chamber. The ship had loads and loads of hidden terrains where the previous skilled students had preserved their books and kept their legacy alive. Top students were presented with their own suites, and after graduation were gifted with their own underwater apartments.

The last stop was at the previously mentioned famous Delli Jamiah of Sihri, an ultragraphic dimensional building which housed the whole magical population of Arabia. It was a fountain of knowledge where students had to seek their own masters and only the worthy and pure of heart could even say the illustrious academy's name. Food was plenty and date palms grew in abundance. Townspeople had clear warm brown auras and masters roamed the markets. Business was such that even the smallest of lowly artifacts were sold at the highest possible prices.

The Master Thumel was guiding Harry towards an enchanted garden, and he said that the Elmémir himself wished to meet him. The flowers were piercing the dry weather with bursts of scented musk as date fruits rained down upon the collecting pots.

Mr. Foqer was the epitome of calmness as Master Thumel introduced Harry, and had him sit down upon conjured turkish rugs. His presence emanated the aura of someone who had lived for centuries and seen thousands of historical events with his own eyes. He said that Harry had a soul piece of Voldemort encased in his scar, and he advised him to undertake a ritual to cleanse it so that Harry could assimilate its mind with his thereby having access to a library of guarded knowledge, especially in the family secret region.

After exiting the Jamiah, Harry returned to Potter Manor and discussed with his parents about his magical education as to in which institute it was best to enroll.

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