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Upon the Red Marble

Novel By: Silgorious
Fan fiction

'Retort Harpy' is the brave so and so hero (Mind you, it is an anagram) and we will be accompanying him on a journey, not the canon one, but not exactly AU either, headed by an old man, not the Chieftwinkle one, but by an ordinary toothless one. So, first of all:- pack your belongings - all of them - and then we plunge - head first - into the inky black story that is flowing forth... View table of contents...


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When Harry entered the Great Hall for breakfast the day after the duel, he saw that Prof. Quirrell was acting more jumpy than usual and his stutter was more pronounced. Prof. McGonagall was also sending awe-filled looks towards Harry once in a while, just like the early bookworm students. So Harry decided to remove the duel from everyone's memory then and there. He stood up in the middle of the Hall and appointed Peeves as Secretkeeper, then started chanting in an old magical language (acquired from the memories of the battle wand). The Hall was illuminated in soft blue tones which brightened for a second, then dimmed, just as the memories of the duel slipped from the entire human magical race. Harry slumped into a dizzy diaillusioned state as his core recharged from both the duel and the condensed Fidelius casting.

The following days were simply spent going to classes, acquainting himself with age long allies, sending subtle threats to enemies, and dodging from the media's clutches...

The end of the year exams came and Harry wiped the slate as he scored perfect marks for every subject. He knew that Voldemort was after the Sorcerer's Stone, so he set up a trap and guided him into a neverending maze full of Muggle safes and locked doors. The whole maze was inside a magical dampening field, so Voldemort had no access to his magic. This would probably keep him occupied until Dumbledore came to confront him.

Harry had been invited to his friend Hermione's house for the summer, so he finished his annual glance at his acquisitions, then left for the Hogwarts Express.

He sat with Hermione and his friends during the journey to London, gazing across the bluish cloud filled horizon hidden by the icy mountains. It was a calming ride and he was dropping his head upon Hermione's shoulder by the time they arrived at King's Cross where Hermione's parents greeted him ,and they returned to their building hiring a taxi.

They lived in a 2 bedroom apartment, and Harry's trunk was placed in Hermione's room. He sat with the Grangers at dinner as Hermione introduced him to her parents, who were dentists, by the name of Dan and Emma Granger. After dinner, Hermione led him outside the building to a nearby park, and Harry apparated her to a lake near the border. They sat chatting until late at night, and Harry had the most pleasent sleep in his life lying by her side.

The summer vacation was spent relaxing and Harry teaching her spells and potions. She was a fast learner and had a clear cut memory, and she outlined quite a few of her ideas to Harry once in a while. She had already mastered spells a seventh year would be hard pressed to even utter, and she had become close to Harry as they learned more power draining spells and rituals, where they would often collapse on each other's arm in exhaustion.

They had linked a pad of paper with the wards of Hogwarts and the Ministry, and thus unveiled a new newspaper titled 'The Chrome Referenda'. The Ministry plus the fact that he was famous aided in its fast grasp of the daily news economy. They offered pads of parchment for sale, which were linked to the central parchment where the daily news would appear as the event happened, word for word.

Its popularity rose, and they earned a handsome amount of easy money, so they decided to splurge on a shopping trip in the Muggle world.

They (Harry and Hermione) shopped the whole day and Harry marvelled at the various knicknacks on display, and a couple of ideas popped in his mind. They bought clothes, books, stationary, tickets to a cinema and so forth. They had lunch in a restaurent in Canada, and bought ice creams from South Africa, and all in all they had a very good time.

By the time Semtember 1st came, Harry had also become close to Hermione's parents, and he often helped her mother in the kitchen. They had decided to attend the Delli Jamiah of Sihri this year, so they did not go to King's Cross where Dobby was quivering in fear of the danger Harry would be in at Hogwarts.

Master Thumel met Harry and Hermione at a magical port city near Egypt, and they were told to visualize a picture of a completely innocent baby. A huge archway dug itself out of the ground as Master Thumel instructed them to stay completely still. Flashes of magical probes surrounded the pair of students as they were inspected inside out. Then a deep hoarse voice hissed and the probes retracted. They were left with a sense of calm determination as Master Thumel conversed with them a little more as they were passing beneath an underground lake to a huge domed chamber. Magical flames licked the edges of the dome as an eerie pedestal came into view. It was a flaming red platform of hardened diamond dust coated with a number of magical gashes and designs branching from a central circular cut. The cut had a golden plate hovering above it, and it was emitting bolts of crackling thunder that echoed throughout the chamber. Master Thumel said that the Delli Jamiah of Sihri was in a different plane of existence where only the magicals of Arabia and a selected few foreigners were permitted entry. They had to swear a few harmless oaths facing the pedestal before they were sucked through the golden plate bidding Hermione's parents goodbye.

Hermione was fascinated with the makeshift Arabian landscape full of practice tombs, charmed statues, desert oases and and palm huts while Harry rode the carriage thinking about the coming year. They passed by the local graveyard and entered the city through the Jaded Cuff Gate. The city was a mixture of traditional and modern wares and groups of tribesmen consulted lists of wooden slates to complete their shopping. Mills of barley roared and the sound of crunching bread flowed through the afternoon haze as the mosques filled with men and the prayer started. By the time they arrived at a luxury hotel, Harry was feeling a bit lightheaded, so they finished the necessary paperwork and hastened towards their beds.

The Delli Jamiah of Sihri was a sprawling complex of halls and open classrooms, and most of the masters had burrowed their way underground while the famous ones had atleast a whole wing specialized for their needs. When Harry and Hermione entered the Jamiah compound, they had no such knowledge, but as soon as they took their first step inside the green marble entranceway, a flood of information filtered through, and now they had the building down to its very core.

They entered a carpeted tunnel, and just as they had expected, they felt a pull coming from one direction. They headed towards it and stopped at the door from which they were feeling the pull was coming from. After a full half an hour of chatting with Master 'Lemmeryn-call-me-Sir-Lem', he constructed a portal betweem their living quarters and their classrooms, and handed them their training schedule. They had a busy life inside the Jamiah, and as their capabilities extended, more and more of the Jamiah's information seeped through their brains, and they spent the nights talking with each other. Once in a while, they would get the day off in celebration of mastering a particularly hard spell or concoction, and they would spend the day wandering the markets and conversing with the locals. One such occasion was when they mastered the Animagus transformation, and that was within a few days of entering the academy. They both had multiple animal forms, namely a panther, hawk and a bird named 'Ravell' for Harry and an owl, wolf and a phoenix for Hermione. Their Master had been impressed...a bond was forming between Harry and Hermione, and they had had a few moments of fleeting memories of each other's childhood passing through. Master Lem taught them all he knew, and they progressed fairly fast. After a month or so, they were able to mass enchant objects and animals with ease, while simultaneously maintaining the magical link with a conjured object. They had even managed to prank their master while he was sleeping, that is, without tripping the numerous wards, and by the time the year was coming to an end, they had by themselves constructed a portal to their native plane of existence beside Hermione's parents' flat, where they would often retire for the night.

The Jamiah provided a slim notebook, and if you would write your research subject in it, names of books on the subject would appear, and on tapping your wand upon a book's title, the pages of the booklet would dispkay its contents. Books about the Ravell mentioned that it was a particularly vicious type of the owl clan, and it had powers that you could only dream of, including but not limited to an almost invincible type of travel, i.e. through shadows, and it was well endowed in sublime natural beauty and grace...


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