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Upon the Red Marble

Novel By: Silgorious
Fan fiction

'Retort Harpy' is the brave so and so hero (Mind you, it is an anagram) and we will be accompanying him on a journey, not the canon one, but not exactly AU either, headed by an old man, not the Chieftwinkle one, but by an ordinary toothless one. So, first of all:- pack your belongings - all of them - and then we plunge - head first - into the inky black story that is flowing forth... View table of contents...


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They had quite a lot of fun exploring the deserts in their animal forms, and they unearthed hidden tunnels, cursed plants and portals to other planes while expanding their magical senses. Delli Jamiah of Sihri...one such portal had it inscribed in Parselrune upon the base, and they were curious about it, so they entered through the archway and instantly reappeared outside the same portal. Hermione believed that it had transported them back in time, so they hid themselves using several obscure charms and flew towards the city.

The Jamiah was the same, but the marketplace was different, with no foreigner in sight, and shopkeepers shrieking in a different language. But when they entered the Jamiah, a lot more information entered, and they went inside to confirm them.

There was a hidden doorway in the cubic room that they were presently searching for, and they had succeeded using the Ciltum Seyti charm. The doorway was a thin slit in the east wall, and since there were enchantments such that you could not expand it, Hermione tranfigured Harry into an ant, and when he reached the other side, restored him into a human. Then Harry did the same to Hermione and they located a scroll above a trapdoor, and it read,

"In your house, seen but not,

Neither to dither, but by two,

Deemed worthy, or will be,

But spent he was, upon the red marble...

So for two years Harry was a baby, then a famous mage came flying through the window, and Harry was once again in training, and time flew away, and Harry ran across the lawn, treading his way to the Green Rock, being sucked through it, a journey through the lands of knowledge and red marbles, then being sucked out, building the castle, then returning to Hermione's side, who had spent the years in a timeless chamber, plotting and planning, building and constructing, and now Harry performed an unlocking charm on the trapdoor, and it swung open.

A deep hoarse voice hissed and the trapdoor clicked and locked itself, and Harry descended down sloping wooden stairs. The planks were humming with magic and beads of glistening water struggled through tiny incisions as Harry rounded a corner. A portal of immense magical strength shimmered into view, and Harry stepped out into the open sky. Bursts of magic became visible and a whole fountain strained his magical sight as the hiss of raw magic became almost as fiery as a bubbling Cot of Rimmed completed potion. It appeared as though the pouring waters of magic cascaded down the outer walls of the Jamiah and latched onto the nails which were thrummed deep into the wardstones of the famous academy. Harry recognised the Fountain of Magic...

Hermione squealed with delight as Harry showed her the memory in a pensieve, and they left the Jamiah after eating lunch in the cafeteria. They flew towards the time portal and returned to their original time.

The Jamiah did not conduct examinations. Masters took exams once a month, and Sir Lem allowed a summer break for Harry and Hermione after a year of nonstop schooling.

Hermione's parents' took them on a journey to India and Pakistan, and Harry found a lot of curios in the magical sections. The Indians had a complex security scheme coming up, and Harry eavesdropped on their conversations, and he learned a lot about Indian secrecy modules, while Hermione admonished him and went on a cursebreaking trip to an abandoned research facility where she met an overexcited elf who provided her maps of lost islands and buried treasures.

The next year passed in peace and phantom delusions of power gathered in their Master's mind as they progressed beyond his power level to an almost invincible degree. They added a number of warded practice tombs linked to cursed traps and fire portals to the desert landscape, and they hid a few of their treasures inside the Jamiah's walls during the weekends and Arab holidays.

Their Master sealed their certificates and they exited the Jamiah as proud students of the 'flying-through-the-window' mage known as Syrme Nilrem reversed (Oh! 'Sir Lemmeryn' is an anagram).

They reapplied for Hogwarts to have a little fun, and they gathered in their friends' compartment to discuss the two years they were absent, and Daphne gave a little too enthusiastic hug to Harry as they greeted each other while Hermione glowered behind her. Harry locked the door and they sat down to discuss the Quidditch World Cup and the too-secret-to-be-not-told Triwizard Tournament.

The professors were the same as always, and Harry was thinking about different ways to prank the polyjuiced Prof. Moody while Hermione was giving covert glances to a little gap between the Slytherin and Ravenclaw tables. After the meal, Headmaster Dumbledore announced the official opening of the Triwizard Tournament, and informed the students of the other schools' arrival.

Beauxbaton was arriving in a carriage pulled by flying horses, and when the horses landed, the carriage flipped over and shot up to the sky, then got gutted by the upper hangings of the Astronomy Tower. Headmaster Dumbledore banished a number of broomsticks to an open window of the carriage and dizzy girls wearing powder blue robes of the finest silk landed near the gathering of Hogwarts' students while Hagrid caught their falling Headmistress (she was too heavy for a broom). Harry had a good laugh over it; and when the Durmstrang ship struggled upto the water level of the Black Lake, a huge wave rose and the ship flew out of the water, and Dumbledore had to duck to avoid its warpath when its upturned mast broke away to smack the offending headmaster. The whole student population entered the Great Hall doubled over in laughter, and then after the feast, the Hogwarts Headmaster, fighting against an unknown curse, kindly and grandfatherly allowed the other schools to reside in the South Tower that had suddenly sprouted out of nowhere, and led them across a series of gleaming marble walkways and magnificient arts and paintings to a central hall of the utmost luxury and splendour which led upto chambers and antechambers of which he had no knowledge of.

Harry and Hermione had done a lot of thinking about the guest quarters, so the visiting delegations were pleasantly surprised by the facilities available. It was such that when you entered your room, it would be a luxurious bedroom with a queen sized bed and all the furniture that a french queen could dream of, and bathrooms and walk in closets would appear per your will and needs. Food and nourishment would be also be available by the same process. Since Harry was of the Founders' blood, he had renovated the castle with muggle ideas, and he had demolished Madam Pince's precious library and placed in its stead a slim booklet with the Hogwarts Crest on its cover to function like the Jamiah's notebook. At night, shining ghosts of guardian spirits with mithril shields would patrol the hallways, and by day they would bring the Forbidden Forest to its former glory with trees that were just a month ago mythical woods of which only a few had knowledge of. A hundred games and sports dedicated areas had sprung up, and the Elder Wand had conjured dummies of legendary wizards who would spread knowledge of ancient powerful magicks across the foreign student population who frequented their classrooms. A main War Tower had been designed above the Hogwarts wardstone, and it provided a complete 3D view of Hogwarts and its surrounding areas. Prefects were assigned watchtowers and command centres which would send stinging hexes to their bottoms when they slacked off in their duties. Punishments and detentions were being assigned by the very castle, and the students were being forced to study. Classrooms gathering dust vanished and duelling chambers and swimming pools appeared at every corner. Harry also came up with the idea to connect the castle with other historical areas and tourist spots, so he constructed both-ways portals across the length of the Les Sultoures corridor, and foreign visitors and international diplomats were seen checking hallways and towers throughout the castle. Another tower rose out of the middle of the Black Lake, and it connected with the refurbished Chamber of Secrets which lay under the South Tower. This tower became known as the Speech Tower, where lecturers across the world would come and give speeches to the general population.

The first task was broadcasted across the country through the Chrome Referenda, which provided a whole pensieve memory along with the written article. Harry, Fleur, Victor and Cedric had been announced as champions, and they had went against their dragons according to the plan that Harry had devised.

The river crisscrossed the countyside and passing by a barn and a number of farms, it neared a magical cottage. Mrs. Dowers and her family touched their forefingers to the parchment, and they were sucked through. After a second of freefalling, they felt their feet touch solid ground, and a huge stadium came into view. A lone dragon was prowling the length of the field and the commentator was shouting out the names and accomplishments of the four champions. At length, a silver haired beauty exited the champions' tent and entered the field. She raised her wand hand, and a silver pinkish shield surrounded her as she walked straight towads the golden egg. The whole crowd cheered at the display of wandless magic as a zigzagging pillar of fire erupted from the dragon's open mouth and engulfed her shield. It glowed brightly for a second, then another shield appeared, and the fire rebounded towards the mighty dragon who dodged it, then raising its powerful wings, flapped its way above her. She dropped the shield and became invisible for a second, then her form appeared behind the dragon. The dragon spun around and shot a jet of fire at her. Her body burned to dust and the crowd gasped as another Fleur appeared beside the golden egg and clutching it hurried out of the field while the dragon gaped at her as he sniffed the air around him once more.

Then Cedric entered the field...then Victor...then Harry. Cedric dug a huge pit below the dragon and it fell into it, while Victor created an illusion of another dragon destroying its eggs and running away, with his appointed dragon chasing after it, leaving the real eggs to his hands.

Then the fourth champion entered the arena and the whole field turned into water, then freezed, trapping the dragon while Harry encased the ground near the eggs inside a translucent pyramid of rolling mist, then calmly lifted the golden egg from the ground and walked out of the field.

All four of the champions got full marks, and they were congratulated by the crowd as the memory ended and Mrs. Dowers and her family reappeared in their cottage.

Harry returned to his bed and fell asleep after chatting with Hermione and reading a book on old headmasters and their portraits. He felt his head loosening up and then a peculiar dream started...


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