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FAIRY TAIL: the untold story

Novel By: Skeamstroke
Fan fiction

The whole new dimension of Fairy Tail, a new girl... or perhaps a Dragon Slayer appears? The story behind her will take you to confusion, sadness, happiness, or who knows you might even be shocked?
This is the untold story of FAIRY TAIL. View table of contents...



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My father was a rich business man, my mother a wonderful and beautiful singer. Both love me as much as I love them.

Father would read me stories, mother would sing me songs. Together, both would sing stories.

It was the dream family any kid could dream of.

My parents were both powerful mages, but my parents quitted a guild because of me.

Mother would teach me Celestial spirit magic, Father's magic is too powerful for me to use.


"Huh what's this?" I asked.

"This is a Celestial spirit key, the key of Tarus." Mother smiled.

"Whoa! COOL!" I clapped.

"Remember, spirits aren't just bodyguards, they have feelings, and also treat them as friends okay?"


From that day on, each month mother would give me golden Celestial Spirit keys which are the most rare ones. I earn the silver ones which you can find in stores with my pocket money.

And then one day, Father decided for me to be stronger. So, he hired a magic tutor for me.

When he came through the golden gates, I wasn't sure what type of magic he uses.

His face had metal screws; his eyes were as sharp as a pencil.

"Hello, my name is… well actually my name is quite long, just call me metalica for short." I was surprise by his attitude despite the fact of his looks.

I nodded shyly.

My parents were right beside me greeting and chatting with Metalica.

"So what's your name?" Metalica asked.

"My name is…" I gulped, "Lucy."

Yes, that's right, my name is Lucy Mondia, or it so use to be.

My hair was blonde, I had the chubby look making people pinching my face.

"What kind of magic do you use Metalica?" I asked sitting on his lap.

"I use," All of a sudden his whole arm turned into a pillar of iron, "Iron dragon magic. But if I teach you, that would make you into a dragon slayer."

So, from that day onwards., everyday Metalica would teach me Iron Dragon Magic. While Mother also teaches me celestial magic.

But I had a twin brother, who was older than me by 5 minutes. His name was lash Eric Mondia.

Father never thought of getting lash a tutor, thought he was already strong enough.

Since Father thinks he was so strong, he thought he could do magic already. But actually, he knew none.

Mother was forbidden to teach celestial magic to lash. But I secretly teach him little iron dragon magic.

Still, that wasn't good enough.


"MOM! SPEAK TO ME!!!" I screamed.

I kept shaking her, hoping she would wake up.

"HARD FIST OF THE IRON DRAGON!" I punched onto my mother's stomach.

"STOP! You're just making it worst!" lash tried to pull me back, but I pushed him back instead.

It was a nightmare.

"YOU TWO GET OUT." The low tone shouted.

It was the tone of my father.

lash and I walked out quietly. I knew it was no dream, it was reality.

My Mother had died.


Before she died, she gave me all her celestial spirit keys telling me to take good care of them.

Although with Father it was different.

Right after mother died, he asked Metalica to take us with her, or should I say live with her.

"Hmm, I see with a new person in the family!" Metalica sniffed.

"Ye…es, My name is lash. I would really love to learn Iron dragon magic! I want to be a Iron dragon slayer!"

I was astonished by lash's attitude. I had never seen him so happy and excited.

"Is that so? Well, don't worry you and your sister will learn all the magic you need to know!

"Hey lash," I whispered, " Metalica is actually a real Iron Dragon!"

"Whoa, so cool!"

"Hey, I can hear you guys." Metalica hissed.

"Iron dragons have very good hearing."

And from that day on, Metalica taught both of us the power of the Iron Dragons.


"Hey lazy heads." Metalica flipped over the bed making us fall onto the dirt ground.

"Eat up you have a big day coming." With that he gave us pieces of Iron.

"HUH!?" We said in unison.

"What? Iron Dragons have to eat Iron you know." Metalica bit into a piece of rusted iron.

"Eww, I think it would taste horrible." I gulped.

But it was worth a try.

I bit into the piece of iron. TO my surprise it tasted amazing.

lash also agreed.

"I tried biting iron before, but it didn't taste nice. So why now?" lash asked while chomping into his iron.

"Well, as you train becoming a Iron dragon slayer, your body starts getting use to iron."

"Wow, such magic power."

It really was. Dragon Slayers need to eat the element they are to refill energy. If you're not careful, and eat the wrong element, you can't move for a week.

"Hmm, I don't feel comfortable with your names." Metalica said.

"Feel free to change it." lash shrugged.

"We don't mind." I smiled.

"What about… lucy your name will be Glageel Redfox, and lash your name will be…"

Klash peered up.

"Gajeel Redfox."

Natsu: Oi Happy! This is Skeamstroke's first fanfiction, WHY AREN'T WE IN IT!? *burns down laptop.

Happy: AYE!

Skeamstroke: Well... uh... that's cause... YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!

Natsu: Really!? Hear that Happy? I'M ALL FIRED UP *burns skeam's pants*

Happy: AYE!

Skeamstroke: BAKA!


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