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The Second Round Of The Rings

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Chapter 1, What if it were true, that the Dark Lord Sauron had a backup plan, and forged two more rings, just in case one of them failed him. One ring forged to rule them, another to find them, and one to bring them and in the darkness bind them!

The Second Round Of The Rings

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
Three for me, the Dark Lord, on my dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, and One Ring to find them,
and One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them


Gandolph and Elrond walked hurriedly in the pouring down rain and both of them breathed a sigh of relief when they came upon Tom Bombadil's cabin and found the lights on.

Gandolph extended his staff and rapped three times on the door before it opened.

Gandolph, Elrond, do come in and out of the storm, it's getting worse by the minute.” Tom said as he stood back to allow them entry into his home.

You have no idea, or perhaps you do!” Gandolph replied as he removed his pointy hat and set his staff in a corner near the fireplace while Elrond removed his wet cloak to hang it on a coat rack.

What ever brings the two of you back here, to the old forest? Tom asked as he walked over to put a tea kettle on the fire.

Tom, I'm going to come right out, and beat around no bushes with you!” “Did you, or did you not know, that there are two more rings hidden away from us, here in the land?” Gandolph asked as he took a seat in front of the fireplace and propped both of his feet upon a footstool while Elrond chose to stand.

Did I hear you say, two more?” asked Tom as he stood by the fireplace waiting on the tea kettle to come to a boil.

Yes.” Elrond answered for Gandolph as he walked over to face Tom Bombadil.

The both of you know that things have happened, do happen and will happen for a reason, and the reason for them to have happened, happen now and will happen, is the reason why the two of you are here.” Tom said as the kettle whistled to life.

Chapter One

You may have won the war, but you have not won the battle!”

When I forged the ring to bring you to me and in the darkness bind you, that I have done.”

What you did not see, or know, is that in your absence from the place of forging, I forged two more rings, just in case one of them failed me.”

One of them failed me!”

Now, the one ring to find you, has been used, thus I shall return in a storm of fury that shall cover the earth, to destroy my enemies, once and for all!” a voice yet strong and powerful, whispered out across the lands.

Gandolph, did you hear what I...

Yes my friend, that I did, but it just can't be, it can't!” Gandolph said as he gazed upon the oncoming rain clouds before turning back to Elrond.

All these years, we have been led to believe that only one ring was made to do the ruling, the finding, and the bringing...

A lie Elrond, a lie from the Dark Lord, to deceive us all!” Gandolph replied as he slammed his fist into one of the Great Porch columns.

How could we have known that Sauron had backup plans in place?” Elrond asked as he gently placed his right hand upon Gandolph's left shoulder.

We must go back and find those last two rings Elrond, or...

That we shall do my friend, that we shall do, but who has possession of the ring that has found us?” Elrond replied as he let his hand drop from Gandoplh's shoulder.

It has to be a Gamgee!” Gandolph thundered as a flash of lightening lit up the evening sky in Valinor.

Whatever we do, we must be quick about it, for if the ring to rule us is found, we are doomed indeed!” Elrond replied.

We have been played the fools in Sauron's game, Elrond.” Gandolph said as he hung his head as if in defeat.

A very dangerous game we have played thus far, losing many and gaining many in the first round, that we've won.” Elrond said as another flash of lightening followed by a great boom of thunder shook the land.

We must gather the others here and make haste back to the Grey Havens!” Gandoplh said as he raised his head and faced his Elf friend.

No, just you and I.”

The others will be needed here to make their stand, in the second round of the rings.” Elrond explained to the puzzled, but understanding, White Wizard.

The others were not as understanding as Gandolph, except for one, Bilbo Baggin's, who sat with his hands folded, thumbs to his lips, as if in deep thought.

Frodo, Sam, and the rest of you, just listen to yourselves, all bickering like a bunch of hens in a pickle over the prize rooster!”

Not that I was, mind you all.” Bilbo said as he placed both hands, still folded upon his lap.

No, I don't suppose that you were.” Frodo replied before he burst out in a short laugh.

What I want to say, I must say, and if I don't say it now, I won't, because if I don't, I'll forget what it was I wanted to say!” Bilbo said as he now rose up and out of his seat to stand before his family and friends.

We went on our adventure, and we found our ring, and we completed our journey, but now we must let others have their adventure and their journey without us, as I let Frodo have his, alone, without me.”

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