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overly robsessed

Novel By: teamedward4life
Fan fiction

when a 13 yr old girl named kaitlynn gets hit by robert pattinson's car, he panics and takes her to his house and takes care of her, she does not remember much, accept for her age, month of bith- and that robert pattinson has her in his home, and is talking to her, kristen stewart finds out, and offers to help View table of contents...



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kate's pov

omgomgomgomg!! Im standing ten feet away from robert pattinson's friggen car! oh wait! no!! he's leaveing soon! i just HAVE to his ag! i thought as i walked towards robert"s
car. i kept walking, and i saw his face, as he started the engine. Wait, robert! i called out, but i didn't get to say anything else because i felt his car hit me full force, and i landed on my back, screaming as my head hit the pavement with a sickening crack. as i fell into the darkness, i saw robert pattinson, right above me, freaking out. the last thing i saw was his face, and then i saw black.

Rp's pov:

Oh, shit! i muttered as i ran to my car. Screaming fans everywhere, the smell of popcorn, and a giant headache. greeeaattt,now i have to start beating off girls with a stick, once again, beause im me, and they are them. please let me through! i shouted out my car window. i started to back out, when suddenly, i heard wait, Robert! Huh? who was calling my name? i woundered, as i felt the backend of my car hit something, followed by a scream, then a sick crack. I didnt think, i got out of my car, and i saw a young girl on the ground, blood comeing from her head. oh, Crap! i said. picked the girl up in my arms, and looked at her head, whitch had blood dripping from it. I carefuly moved some of her hair out of the way,showing the small slash in her head, which the blood was comeing from. i looked at her, and she had brownish blondeish hair, just like me. she had a twilight shirt on, which said, ''bit me, cullen...just do it''. i placed the girl in the back of my car, and drove home. When i got there, i carried the girl up to my bedroom, and placed her on my bed.

Then, i got a washcloth out from my bathroom, and got it wet, the i used th washcloth to gently wipe away the blood on the girl's small head i sighed, and went downstairs, and started to cook up some macaroni and cheese. I hope she isn't allegic, i thought. when the macaroni and cheese was done, i dished some up in a glass bowl, and grabbed a bottel of water from the fridge. i went back upstairs, to find the girl awake. Hello,i said politely. im very glad your wake. The poor girl looked confused, and scared. What am i doing here? she asked, glanceing around the room. i hit you with my car by acident, i explained. Well, what i doing here? why didn't you take me to the hospital, you dumbass? i wanted to see that you were ok, you know, in person. Wait a sec...YOUR ROBERT PATTINSON!!! OH, MY GOD!!! yes, i am roert, the fameous heartthrob. now, tell me, what is your name? i asked kindly. i...uh...i don't know...she said. How about you name me? oh, umm... you look like.. a kate to me, what do you think? if you ike it, then i like it she said.

umm, here i cooked you up some mac ''n'' cheese. thanks, i love macaroni and cheese! she said. Im glad, because it's the only thing that kristen stewart taught me to cook. Kate giggled. sooo... i heard you two are lovebirds...she giggled. Oh, ummm yea, umm.. i really, really like kristen. kate giggled again as i handed over the bottel of water and M& cheese.

As she ate, i turned on the tv, to songebob. well, it was already on that channel. oh, my god, do you whach spongebob all the time? kate giggled. ummm, yeah kristen comes over, we turn on spongebob, and we color, and put puzzles together..and make out... Kate giggled again. Sounds like a good night to me, she said. yeah... after midnight the makeing out sometimes turns ''naughty''. ROBERT! EWW! YOU AND KRISTEN FUCK??? hey umm, i wouldn't use that word. but yeh sometimes. don't worry, we haven't for a while, those sheets are clean. Gross, said kate. i laughed. how long do you think i need to stay/ she said. Do you remember where you live? she looked thoughtful fo a moment, then, she sadly shook her head no, and began to cry. oh, shh it's ok, i'v got you. i said, pulling her into my arms. i remember the month i was born, she said. oh, and what month is that? october, she replied. well, lets assume your b-day is around th middle..so october 20th, i'd guess. i think so too,she said. suddenly, there was a knock on my bedroom door. hello? hi baby, it's me. oh! hi, kristen, umm be prepaired when you come in shhesh, are you naked again?she laughd. umm, no. but don't say aything like that right now, come in.

what are you taking about? just come in, i need your help. ok, im comeing in she said as the door flung open. Robert, when did you get the kid? i hit her with my car, i need your help, kristen. i named her kate, and her bday is around october 20th, please don't kill me yet, i still have 50 more years of life, at least. im takeing care of her for awhlle, and i need your help. Kristen looked at me like i was crazy. ok, ill help. but only because i love you, and because there is a little girl involved she said. Hey! im not that little, am i? im probly around 13, just so you know, bella. awwww, that is so cute! she called me bella from that twwilight flick we did. i rolled my eyes.she can call me edward, then Bella. kate giggled. i'm just tease'n she said. you are kristen stewart, also hopefully in th next 2 or 3 years from now, kristen patinson. Kristen and i both blushed. Why, robert, is that your embarresed blush, or are you thowing in your ''sexy face'' for kristen? ummm, no comment? kristen and kate both laughed. so, what do we do with her now? i know! make her go to sleep! aww, but im not even tired, kate complained. oh, trust me, you need some more sleep, you shuold see your eyes! your pretty for your age, so get some beauty sleep! and don't worry about anything! ok, she said andput her head down on the pillow, and soon fell asleep. awww, that's cute. said kristen. now ge your ass downstairs beore i kick it there! ok, gosh, you little vixen, im going, im going!


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