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The Hunger Games (Glimmer's POV)

Novel By: tika123love
Fan fiction

Tags: Violence

The Hunger Games, set in the future, in a world where there are 12 Districts that are required to offer up a young man and woman to be sent to an arena in the Capitol to fight to the death against 23 other tributes. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 30, 2012    Reads: 74    Comments: 1    Likes: 2   

I stood in the boiling sun while Mrs. Audriuss fished her pale

hands in the big clear bowl. Taking forever to choose the future

male tribute's name. She cleared her throat "Daniel Markis!" She

squealed. I looked to the side and saw a young boy, maybe thirteen

shaking. Obviously the Markis kid. I heard a slightly older voice

yell "I volunteer," Of course. He ran up to the stage next to Audriuss

with a proud look on his face, and shook her hand. My turn, I thought.

She shoved her hand in the girls' bowl and quickly pulled up a name.

"Sabrina Hartman!" She yelled. I looked to the right of me and saw an

older girl. Seventeen. I know her, I thought. "I volunteer," I said, looking

at her. She stared me in the eyes and mouthed: Thank you. I shrugged

and walked up to the stage and stood next to Audriuss. She took my hand

and shoved it at the boy's. "Shake hands, child." I glared at her for less than

a second and took his hand. I gave it a quick shook and noticed him looking

at me. What? I mouthed to him, annoyed with how slow the day was turning

out. He shook his head as if to say something. Okay, I thought. And we

were pushed into the building. Not much happened, I was visited by one

person. Surprisingly. It was that Hartman girl. Sabrina, I think. She thanked

me multiple times. I just nodded. Didn't she see that coming? The Careers

are from District One and Two. Someone would have volunteered for her.

Maybe. I went straight to the train. My mentor, Patrick, sat in a chair nearest

to the train door. It looked like he was doing a crossword puzzle. I walked passed

him with Audriuss as she led me to my room. "Thanks," I said. I opened the door

and hooped to the bed accidentally slamming the door behind me. I let out

a long breath into my pillow as I sat up. I heard a light tap at the door just as I

began to get off the bed. I jumped up and answered it only to see the boy who volunteered.


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