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1. This is a test of the Emergency Broadcasting System. In the event of an actual emergency such as an all-out thermonuclear exchange between the nuclear powers, you would be dead.
2. What is Skynet?
3. Exactly why were we protecting John Connor?
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#18 Tests

In real life, you get tested first and if you survive the test and live you might learn a lesson from it. Only in school do you get the lessons first and then get tested to see what you learned. Oddly enough, very few students avail themselves of the opportunity to learn. Pay attention class. You are going to be tested on this material.

Cameron Phillips arrived in the past, located John Connor, and enrolled at the next school he would attend. Sarah Connor moved a lot and her son was dragged along.


a junior high school

In some school districts they were ninth graders and in other districts they were classed as seniors in Junior High or the equivalent of freshmen in Senior High.

Aside from cognitive and language development (academics), schools are meant to socialize young people (learn the social contract and develop an identity), help them develop interests and activities, and help them function within society (mostly by learning an occupation). Guidance counselors are supposed to detect those with impaired social interaction, restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior, and other types of impaired functioning such as schizophrenia, Rett's, autism, and Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Cameron made the best score possible in social intelligence.

Cameron Phillips went to the tryout for the cheerleading squad. Not to tryout herself but to support a friend. Cameron weighed nearly a ton and anyone who tried to lift her or catch her would be in a back brace for a very long time. Cameron helped her friend prepare because she knew all the routines and could do all the cheers, steps and dances.

Marjorie: "You should try out for the cheerleading squad too Cam."

Cameron: "I already told you that I'm too heavy and I don't want to ruin your chances by competing with you. There are only two openings and you're good. You should get one of them. Polly is the only real competition. Do you want me to break her legs?"

Marjorie: "No thanks. The committee might hear about it. You are joking right?"

Cameron: "Of course." Cameron laughs.

Cameron found herself wishing that the reprogrammers had bothered to give her an ethical and moral subroutine. It made social interactions difficult when she didn't know when she was being creepy or skanky. Future John had sent her to the past like a lamb to the slaughter. She was an infiltrator and emulated emotions to perfection. Her social skills were also perfect. But they would have been better still had they bothered to teach her morals and ethics. Cameron knew of this deficit and covered by picking up guidance in this area from adults and by picking friends who were a good influence on her.

Cameron Phillips lived in an apartment during the month that she waited for Sarah to move to town and enroll John in the same school as her. She observed John but kept her distance. Just as she expected John's arrival, she also expected the arrival of the terminator who would assassinate John. Therefore, she did not need the distraction of interacting with John. She did not know whether the terminator would be a student, the school janitor, the groundskeeper, a teacher, a cafeteria worker, the school nurse, the guidance counselor, a delivery man, or an assistant principal. Probably it would be a guidance counselor since guidance counselors took a fiendish delight in destroying the lives of young people.

John Connor (under an alias) was academically, emotionally, and socially limping through the end of the school year. He changed schools almost daily.

On the day of the assassination attempt, Cameron finally smiled at John and said hello to him. A substitute teacher turned out to be a terminator and the last anyone heard of Cameron Phillips, she had been shot dead and her body was missing. The shooter got away and so did John Connor under an assumed name.

Had Cameron been at the school another week, the scores from the battery of other tests she took would have been reported. Cameron was off the charts on cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills, emotional quotient, and speed reading in addition to her ceiling measure of social intelligence.

By contrast, John lacked in EQ and social skills. A consequence of being raised by Sarah Connor, changing schools twice a week, and not being allowed friends. Those who criticized John as "whiny" would do well to consider this before judging the boy so harshly.


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