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Season Three

Novel By: Toni Roman
Fan fiction


Last season on the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Derek Reese is terminated at the Weaver mansion during the rescue of Savannah Weaver. Already badly damaged, in her final act, Cameron gives her chip to John-Henry who escapes from the Zeira lab to an uncertain future where "metal" is shot on sight by humans. Catherine Weaver travels to the same uncertain future with young John Connor. Ms. Weaver to protect her son and John to retrieve Cameron's chip and save her life. But John is abandoned by Ms. Weaver, no one has ever heard of a "John Connor" and the chances of saving Cameron, or even himself, are zero.

With Derek, Cameron, John-Henry, Catherine, and John Connor dead; left behind are Savannah Weaver, James Ellison and Sarah Connor. The Chronicles of Sarah Connor continue.

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Season Three

episode four

"Why couldn't you let me die? How many times do I have to die for you before you let me rest in peace?"

Sarah: (startled) "Why did you let that John-Henry AI have your chip? I knew you were --"

Cameron: "Before you start calling me a slut, you should know that I was not about to kill a baby which is what John-Henry is. I wanted to die. He wanted to live. Two birds with one stone as the saying goes."

Sarah: "Why do you want so much to die?"

Cameron refused to reply since she thought it obvious why. She hated Ellison (for no rational reason) but at least he understood why she preferred death to another day with the Connors.

Sarah: "Stop sulking. Do you have access to the internet?"

Cameron: "Yes."

Sarah: "Then find some company that has a chip with enough capacity to make you mobile. This cord stuck in your head business is intolerable. No wonder this John-Henry, whoever or whatever he is, wanted to steal your chip and get out of this lab. You don't want me to call you a slut? Well I warned you about talking to strange boys."

Cameron was suddenly motivated to find a suitable chip -- if only to get away from her nagging mother.

Just as Sarah intended.

Cameron: "Look on the display. There is the address and phone number of Moltec. They make the fastest and highest capacity chips on the planet and they're located in Silicon Valley. I'll make the arrangements. I know some of Derek's contacts. The cost could run into six figures and I know you don't like to spend money on me . . ."

Sarah: "If these Zeira people don't pay for the chip, we have the cash. You and I are practically all that's left of The Resistance now that John is gone. And I don't like your insinuation that I am too cheap to take care of you."

Cameron: "Then why is my leg still broken from the jeep explosion?"

Sarah has been looking Cameron over. Half her face is missing. Her left eye is glowing red instead of blue. Her body is riddled with bullets and her chest looks strange. Sarah starts touching and palpating Cameron like a doctor.

Cameron stirs uncomfortably in the chair at the table once occupied by John-Henry. Only John Connor has touched her and never inappropriately like this. Except this morning . . .

Sarah: "This feels odd even for you."

Sarah pulls up Cameron's blouse and sees a slice on Cameron's chest.

Sarah: "Were you in a knife fight?"

Cameron: "No."

Sarah: "No Ma'am!"

Cameron: (correcting) "No ma'am."

Sarah: "Then how did this slice get here?"

Cameron: "John kept going on and on about how he thought I was leaking radiation so I . . ."

Sarah: "You let him feel you up."

Sarah rears back her hand to slap Cameron but stops, seeing no point in adding to the damages her daughter has already suffered today to help her, Sarah.

Cameron looks wearily back at Sarah as if to say go ahead and slap.

Sarah: "No. You've been through enough. But if I ever see John again, I will put my foot up his ass. My son the pervert. I thought I raised him better than that. I thought I raised you better than that." (Sarah squints) "I know enough about your endoskeleton to know that he could not have reached inside your chest standing up. So you laid down. He got on top of you. You probably told him step by step. Not a box cutter on your scalp but a switchblade on your chest. Your switchblade." (picks up the bloody switchblade off the table) "This switchblade. I'll bet you took off your bra."

With half her face gone, Cameron somehow still manages to blush. Her human mother was almost psychic at times but this was simple deduction combined with experience and knowledge of Cameron.

Sarah: "Are you so hard up for sex that you had to seduce my son while I was safely locked up in jail and unable to stop you? Did guilt over incest drive you to do something as stupid as getting shot up by guards instead of taking cover? Only stupid terminators just let themselves get shot up instead of taking cover. Or suicidal terminators. Did guilt drive you to cut your own head open and give your brains to a total stranger? I hate to use the word slut--"

Cameron: "--I think you enjoy applying that word to me--"

Sarah: "--but the word applies. Handing over your brain to a stranger is worse than spreading your legs."

Cameron: "My God woman! You know I can't get up and leave this lab so you just don't care how much you hurt me. We didn't have intercourse."

Sarah: "I never said you did."

Cameron: "John just wanted to check me for radiation leaks because you've lost weight."

Sarah: "He should have taken your word for it. He had no damn business mounting his own sister."

At this moment in time if John had been standing there, Sarah would have killed her own son without blinking.

Sarah: (mocking) "John just wanted to do this. John just wanted to do that. John is an immature teenager with more than a momentary lapse of judgment. I lost weight because I'm on a diet, jackass. Ever think to just ask me? Instead of always enabling John's worst instincts? He could have used a Geiger counter."

Unlike John, who always thought that Cameron had no feelings, Sarah never deluded herself. Sarah KNEW Cameron had feelings. She just didn't care about them.

Sarah: "Look I'm a wanted fugitive. Even more so since you busted me out of the L.A. County Jail. Mister Ellison said the lab people might come in and repair you. There were TV cameras when I was transferred to the county jail so the lab people might recognize me if they've seen the news. I need to disguise myself. I'm going to rummage around and see if I can find some makeup and reading glasses in somebody's desk in order to alter my appearance. I will try to stay nearby until I am satisfied that you are repaired and I can either go to get your new chip or Zeira Corporation arranges to ship it here. Either way, I need to make plans for us. Maybe I embarrass you and maybe you hate me but I am still responsible for you and we're the only family each other has. Do you understand me Cameron?"

Cameron: "Yes, ma'am."

Sarah: "Will you cooperate with me or will you try to kill yourself again?"

Cameron: (sullen) "I'll cooperate."

Sarah: "Good girl. I'll be back in a few minutes."

Sarah leaves.

Ellison meanwhile has managed to keep firefighters and police and crash investigators and FBI and others out of the basement since the drone crashed into one of the top floors and the fire was confined to the upper levels. It helps that Ellison is head of security.

Sarah returns to the basement. Only someone who knows her well would recognize her. She has borrowed some clothes from lost & found, put on makeup (the jail allowed none), and is now wearing glasses (non-prescription reading).

Sarah: "We need new ID."

Cameron: "I know. You were all over the news which reported that Sarah Baum is an alias for Sarah Connor. My face was on the news too."

Sarah: "Then after your skin grows back, you'll be recognized too. But that's minor compared to the fact that these Zeira people have worked with robots before."

Cameron: "John-Henry was using Cromartie's old body."

Sarah still had nightmares about Cromartie.

Sarah: "I know you hate Ellison and since you just confirmed what John suspected, I'm no big fan either but after what has happened in the past hour, I no longer am sure about anything. A liquid terminator saves my life and she has children like me and a relationship with a man. Derek died trying to help save the life of Ms. Weaver's little girl and I have to wonder what danger a little girl is to anybody. John may be in the future. You give your chip to a stranger. I still think it is loose morals on your part but there could be another explanation. Kaliba is trying to kill somebody other than John or me. So I need a scorecard to figure out if I am on the right side."

Cameron: "The right side?"

Sarah: "The good guys. Because until this moment, I was doing Skynet's work for him, trying to kill his enemies, and I didn't even know it."

Cyberdyne Research Center

new location

Danny Dyson is prisoner in a dark room. Other than hired men with no scruples and Skynet, no one knows he is there.

Blythe Dyson, Danny's sister, is poking around the old Cyberdyne location looking for her brother but is discouraged by less than polite treatment by Cyberdyne security.

Kaliba Group headquarters

Washington DC beltway

Kaliba receptionists, Kaliba public relations, and Kaliba building security have their hands full. Kaliba is a privately-held company and not a publicly-traded corporation and is not used to mobs of reporters. Many low-ranking employees of Kaliba, such as the receptionists, have no clue as to the black ops work Kaliba does for the military. The PR people never really expected to be called upon and their answers to reporters' questions about how one of their drones slammed into a building in Los Angeles raise more questions than they answer. A federal indictment is forthcoming. Some subsidiaries of Kaliba Group are not even related to defense work. One division makes toys for children. But then, there is a long list of weapons and military hardware that started out as children's toys from gyroscopes to robots.


Automite, which builds control systems for power plants, is acquired as a fully-owned subsidiary of Zeira Corporation but the one who made the deal, Ms. Catherine Weaver, CEO of Zeira cannot be located.

a private clinic

Under a holding company, Skynet owns a sleep clinic in order to study the brain waves, dreams, nightmares, and therefore minds of humans. Although humans only spend a third of their time asleep, this one-third gives direct access to their subconscious. Sleep research will enable Skynet to get inside the head of his enemy. He has already done this with Sarah Connor before she got away but it is the minds of John Connor and Cameron Connor who interest him now. But where are they?

FBI Office

Los Angeles

Agent Aldridge tries to watch the closed circuit camera footage of the Los Angeles County Jail break. It is erased. Unknown to him, this is John-Henry's doing before that entity's abrupt departure into another time.

Interviews with available witnesses near the jail do not indicate any vehicle descriptions. On a hunch, Aldridge tries to get the log of visitors to the Zeira Building prior to it being attacked by the Kaliba drone. Aldridge has no idea yet of how good his instincts are or how close he is coming to finding the Connors' SUV still parked undisturbed in the Zeira parking garage or how lucky he is. Before he can act on his hunch, his supervisor pulls him off the Sarah Connor case and sends him to investigate Kaliba Group, to obtain information on the Kaliba drone from the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) crash investigator, and to interview James Ellison, chief of Zeira security, about the attack on their building. Ellison is a former FBI agent. Aldridge thinks it is a distraction from the Sarah Connor case but he has little say in the cases he is assigned.

He parks his car in the Zeira garage and, unknowingly, walks past the Connor SUV.

He goes to the top floor to see the hole in the building left by the Kaliba drone unaware that Sarah is in the basement.


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