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Game Show-Cullen Style

Novel By: twilightandsoftballfan15
Fan fiction

Emmett was just being himself one day and made the whole Cullen Family lose their allowance for a month! Now they need their money somehow so they sign up for Silent Library.

I do not own Twilight or Silent Library. I wrote this for you and my entertainment!! View table of contents...



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"Emmett you and your siblings are just going to have to get your money a different way for a month" dad chanted.

I huffed and crossed my arms across my chest. "Dad that's not fair! Everyone's going to kick my butt!"

"You should of thought of that when I warned you not to break another thing in the house and you went off and did it anyways. Now not only you have to pay for your punishment your siblings do too." and with that said he walked out of the living room telling me the conversation was over and I couldn't do anything about it.

I knew when my little brothers, sister, and wife got back, I was going to have to tell them they wouldn't be receiving allowance for a month. I was going to get in so much trouble. Of course Alice and Edward already knew but if they told Rosalie and Jasper, I don't know. Hopefully yes!

I sighed. I was so mad at my dad. All I did was accidentally break Esme's favorite vase by playing with my Star Wars life saber and it might of accidentally been my enemy and I might of slashed in half.

Ok fine, fine he was my opponent and he just dropped his life saver and I sliced it in half. No biggie right?

Well I guess it was a biggie because I ground the whole family because of it. Well on the good side I kicked the vase's ass!

Boo to the ya! Boo ya!

Well technically it was dad's fault. He's the one who wouldn't play with me so I had to use the useless vase for my opponent. He aid he was reviving a patient from a coma or something like that. He thought that was more important than his son. I'm offended!

So now what was I going to do? My saber was taken away too, as another addition to myself which really stinks. I hate it!

So I decided to watch TV. I plopped down on the couch and turned it on. It was on Oxygen. Isn't that channel soap operas and everything? BORING! Lets change it to MTV. Maybe Jersey Shore's on!


Ok I'm good. I punched in the channel and this dude showed up.

"Hello. I'm Zero Kazama. This show isn't a game show...this is Silent Library." he said.


I relaxed a little as I saw people and their names and all that other information pop up. then they explain the rules. If you get the "safe" card you are good. If you get the skull and crossbones has to ensure a punishment.

Ha punishment? Yeah right how bad could it be? Oh yeah there's one more rule. You have to be silent through the whole thing or you don't get the money for that round.

Wait a second...this is a game show! Zero lied!

Which means...

Just then the front door opens and slams shut. I know it's my siblings and wife so I flip off the TV and smiled as they walked in. I was greeted with a hard hit on the back of my head from Rosalie.

"Emmett you dumb ass! Thanks a lot!" she said as she crossed her arms across her chest.

I pulled her down on my lap and told her everything will be ok.

"No, no, no Emmett we are not going to do that." Edward growled.

"Doing what?" Jasper and Rose said at the same time.

"I know what to do to get us money for the month." I said.

"I will do anything to get money" Alice said.

"We go on a game show!" I smiled.


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