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Be mine...Only mine!

Novel By: wikssitu
Fan fiction

• Park Kahi
• Kim Jung Ah
• Lee Jooyeon
• Kim Rebekah (Bekah)
• Kim Yoo Jin (Uie)
• Im Jin Ah (Nana)
• Oh Hye Rin (Raina)
• Park Sooyong (Lizzy)
• Noh Yi Young (E-young)
• Park Yoochun – Kahi’s boyfriend (ex-boyfriend in real life)

After School is having a hard time focusing on their up-coming album as appa and omma (Kahi & Jung Ah) fight all the time Jung Ah and Kahi have both confessed their feeling towards each other but they have to keep their very private forbidden bedroom life a secret from the outside world which included the others among After School, relatives, Pledis and most importantly Yoochun – Kahi’s boyfriend. But will their secret love proceed if their secret is brought up to the world’s eyes’? Will they show the world that love has no gender?
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Chapter One

The first time

The black silky sheets felt incredibly warm against the left side of Jung Ah's body. Maybe too warm for the middle of the summer, so she turned to her right side. As she found the right position for relaxing on a morning like that she felt a couple of wet places on the sheets. She didn't have to think or look at it. She knew where they were from. The memories of last night brought a smile on her face. She had never felt more excited, more turned on, more naughty, more beautiful, more… woman.

[Flashback: Last night]

-Appa, we're going to bed. - said Nana to her leader Kahi.

-I thought you guys were playing a game. Why going to bed so early? There's no practice tomorrow. - Jung Ah stepped in.

- We were but Jooyeon and Uie unnie went to bed already and it got boring. So we'll just go. - Lizzy said. - We'll stay if you wanna play.

- No, thanks kids. We're a bit old for that. Good night. - Kahi sent them off.

- Yaa! Who's old ?! - Jung Ah protested making Nana and the maknae burst in laughter while going into their room.

- You are! - Kahi teased the younger girl who had already calmed down.

The dorm was quiet. Bekah and Raina were asleep for a long time. Right after them Uie and Jooyeon started whispering into each others ears and giggling, but because the maknae Lizzy was studying, appa and omma sent them off to their room. When Lizzy finished her homework, Jung Ah omma went to tell them to come and play twister with the younger girls but the two were already asleep in each other's arms. And now, that Nana and Lizzy went off to bed, the living room looked empty. Jung Ah had gone to the kitchen to get a late night snack, leaving Kahi dancing around quietly with her headphones on, making up choreography for one of their up-coming MVs.
To the left ,to right, wave, to left, to the right.

-Kung! Kung! Kung! - Jung Ah's voice echoed in Kahi's ear through the headphones as she was tacked on the couch by the wild omma.

-SHHH! - Kahi sat on Jung Ah's waist covering her mouth with her right hand.- You're gonna wake the kids!

-I .Am. Bored. - Jung Ah whispered as she was set free from her unnie's tackle.

Kahi sat on the couch, took off the headphones and stopped the music on her IPod. She placed her feet up on the couch sighing. Jung Ah could there was something going on with appa.

- What happened appa? - the young woman asked.

- What do you mean? - Kahi replied.

- Oh, please. Kahi, you're the wildest person I know. We don't have practice tomorrow. Why the hell are you here?! - Jung Ah explained.

- It's noticeable, huh? - appa giggled.

- It's Yoochun, isn't? Tell me all about it. - her eye smile showed a little as she was laying her head in her unnie's lap.

Just as Kahi was about to tell something to the beautiful woman, Bekah walked in the living room. She didn't even notice her unnies sitting on the couch. She went straight to as the kitchen and came out two minutes later with her sleepy face covered in chocolate pudding. Even though she had already went back to bed the unnies had to cover their mouths so they wouldn't laugh but after all Bekah was half American so she probably had more appetite than the other members.

-When did we buy pudding? - Kahi unnie asked.

-I made it when you told me I was old. - Jung Ah giggled.

-Yeah, right. Like you would need a reason to cook. You love it when you cook for us. - Kahi claimed.

- That's not true! I don't like it that much. - the younger girl said.

- Oh, please! I can see that cute eye smile of yours when the kids say "Omma, this is so good", "You're the best cook.", "Thank you, omma" . You just melt down. - Kahi looked at her and poked her a little. - Hey, let's go to my room, so I can tell you what happened. The kids might wake up and overhear and I don't really want that.

The older unnie grabbed Jung Ah by the hand and dragged her to one of the bedrooms. Jung Ah hadn't been in Kahi's bedroom ever since she moved in it. The leader and the second oldest were the only ones with their own rooms at the time. Although Jung Ah's situation was only until the trainee makes her debut but she was enjoying her time alone for now. Even though secretly she'd stay in Kahi's room all the time. Appa's room wasn't big. But it was warm. Too warm.

-Wow! It's hot in here. - Jung Ah gasped.
- What can I say I like it hot… - the oldest laughed.

- Are you kidding me?! I'm already sweating! - Jung Ah said.

- Well then take off your clothes. - Kahi suggested.

She was laughing so it looked like she was joking but Jung Ah jumped at that chance and within seconds she jumped next to Kahi in only her black panties and sexy bra. Kahi gulped. The thoughts going through her mind were insane. They were crazy, they were rough, they were hot and before she knew it, she could feel herself getting wet. Is that all it was going to take? A look at Jung Ah's body in a panties to get Kahi all wet and turned on? Apparently…

-You're looking at me like I'm something to eat. - Jung Ah laughed and shyly covered her upper chest with her arms.

Omma's head was also full of thought and expectations. She expected appa to jump at her the second she undressed but the older unnie had control. She knew that if the other members found out things would get weird. And what if Yoochun found out? She really liked him and wanted to see in which direction things would go. Kahi unnie but her lip for a second. She looked omma in the eyes and smiled, showing her cute dimples. She found her eyes investigating Jung Ah's body again. There was something about the younger girl's panties that made her laugh a little.

-Are you getting wet? - Kahi asked.

Omma looked down at her underwear and saw a wet circle. She was shocked, embarrassed and didn't know what to do. She stood up from the bed and went to the corner of the room wrapping her body with her hands.

-Hey! It's okay. I'm hot. It's normal. - Kahi laughed a little.

-It's not funny, okay! - Jung Ah shouted. - You don't get it!

-Jung Ah? Are you okay? - Kahi got serious.

-Kahi… - Jung Ah turned around to reveal her eyes overflowing with tears.

Appa jumped to her in a second and hugged her almost naked body.

-I… I love you. - omma whispered.

Kahi felt her own heart beating incredibly fast. She had waited for over a year to hear those words… But what now? Should she just let the love of her life cry like that? Or should she just…take action? Just this once. Just to comfort her friend. As the older unnie was thinking she felt a tingle…on her lips. It was that touch she had dreamed about. Jung Ah's lips pressing against hers. Kahi stepped back, sat on the bed and bit her lips…only this time a couple of times. Omma knew what she wanted. She wanted her unnie! And she wanted her NOW! HERE! So she took action…She went straight to appa pushed her down on the bed and started kissing her neck.

-I know you want it, unnie! I know you want me! Just let this go. Let's just do it. Just this once. - omma said as she was taking deep breaths between the kisses.

The unnie just couldn't say anything. Whatever she did would be wrong. If she let it happen she would cheat on her boyfriend. If she let it happen, she would cheat on her true feelings…her true self. So she just let it go.

-Can you make me cum like I've never cummed before? - she quietly asked omma.

Omma didn't answer. She lifted her head up to see Kahi gasping. She was already feeling more turned on than ever and Jung Ah knew it. A motherfucking sexy smirk took its place on her face as she looking down at the helpless unnie. The undressing process went faster than Jung Ah had ever thought. For her surprise, appa wasn't wearing any underwear. Jung Ah's underwear wasn't taken off. Kahi ripped it off with her teeth. Jung Ah was the active one that night. She really took her time. She had dreamed about this many many times. She knew what she was doing. She teased the unnie a lot. The main reason was - she wanted to get punished by the unnie.

She started going from the neck down. The already erected nipples were easy for omma to spot with her tongue without even looking. She was playful, but also rough. She went slowly, but also hard. Jung Ah didn't take her eyes off of appa. She could see how she was making Kahi feel. She felt good too. She was pleasing her unnie, her leader. And she was doing it well. She started going down. Unnie's abs were incredible. They weren't hard and muscled like a man's. They were perfect. As her tongue was going down she felt Kahi s piercing. That was just another opportunity for Jung Ah to tease the older girl. Finally, she got to the point. Kahi was already soaking, so Jung Ah stopped with the teasing and got to the pleasing. She inserted one finger and saw Kahi's expression change. She inserted the second one and this time she finally heard that moan. No, not just a moan. The loudest, hottest, most turning on moan she had ever heard. And from appa. She wanted to make this last longer, so she decided to finally put her tongue skills in action.

Kahi couldn't believe it. A woman…making her feel that wet. But it wasn't just a woman. It was Kim Jung Ah. The love of her life. She felt omma's tongue licking and sucking and...aahh. Jung Ah's lips shaped into a smirk. After a couple of deep breaths Kahi looked down and saw omma licking and sucking on her even though most of the cum went straight into her mouth but Kahi couldn't feel it that well as her pussy was pulsing so much.

-You taste amazing. Better than I would've ever expected. - quietly said Jung Ah as she was placing her whole body on top of Kahi's and gently kissing her.

- The older unnie smiled in reply. When Jung Ah finally rested her body fully on top of Kahi's, the leader took advantage, grabbed the younger's shoulders and moved their bodies so she could comfortably sit on top of Jung Ah.

- You teased me a lot, you know. It's time for a little revenge. - Kahi said to her as she slapped hard omma's thigh which made Jung Ah scream in both pain and pleasure.

[End of flashback]

-Jung Ah? Are you awake? - a soft voice came from behind.

Omma felt two arms wrapping around her naked body. Ah, those arms. Kahi unnie…Jung Ah moaned a little.

-I love you too… - appa whispered.

Jung Ah turned around pressing her pelvis against Kahi's. She was just about to kiss her when…

-Appa! Appa! - Jooyeon and Nana were knocking on the door.

-Just a second! - Kahi jumped from the bed.

Omma was scared. What now? What if they get caught? With her eyes widened, Jung Ah looked cuter than ever.

Kahi smiled at that face, winked and whispered :

- Get in the bathroom.

- I love you.

Kahi couldn't answer, because Jung Ah ran to the bathroom and she stared at her glorious naked body. Appa got back into bed and covered herself up with the sheets.

- Come in!
- Appa, sorry if we woke you. Breakfast is almost ready. - Nana smiled.
- Ok, kids! We'll…I mean… I'll be there in a sec.


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