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Finding Your Lost Heart

Novel By: xthepaleshadowx
Fan fiction

Bella is a alone in a universe she used to think she knew so well. Then Edward left and north became south over night. Now Ms.Swan is laying at the bottom of the river near the Cullen's old house. Drowning. Will a shocking pair of hands rescue her, or will Bella let her life flow away with the current of the river? Read on, dear reader, read on.... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 22, 2011    Reads: 109    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Chapter 1:


Since he and his family had left, my world had darkened over the months to a smothering, choking pitch black. The winter storms outside my icy window showed my soul's condition perfectly. Wild, cold, empty, mourning, blue, blank.....

And that's when I made my decision. Tonight was my last night on earth. That would punish him if he ever came back. And I knew exactly how I would exit this miserable existance. Without a second thought, I jumped up, and hurried out of my dark, silent house. I raced to my car and started driving quickly. I'd never felt so much andreneline pulsing through my veins. A bubbling laugh made it's way out of my chest. Finally I got to my destination. It was the river that also ran by the...their old house. The blizzard was still going strong, which was perfect. Shivering already from the biting cold, I started stripping off my clothes on the bank of the rushing river. It would not take long for me to die once I was nude and submerged in -15 degrees water.

With my clothes thrown haphazerdly on the bank, I cautiously walked into the rushing water. It was difficult, but I kept down the scream that was begging to fly from my quickly-becoming-blue lips. Farther and farther I walked into the river, until I was up to my shoulders in what felt like ice in liquid form. The blizzard was getting worse. Ice and snow pelted my already pale face and raw, red cheeks. Screwing up my face, and working up all the will I had in me, I continued on my journey seeking death. Eventually, I was up to my nose in water. Taking one last breath, saying goodbye to the snow laden, empty world around me in my mind, I dove. My mouth welcomed the liquid ice flowing into it, clogging and freezing my poor lungs. I had never felt so good.

As darkness started to take over my vision, I saw a flash of something extremely pale. My oxygen deprived mind screamed stupidly, 'EDWARD!' Then the dark took over....freezing dark.


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