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Henna is a werewolf from Florida. She was born in La Push, Washington. One day she goes back for a visit. But the visit turns into a life-changing journey. And it all starts with the Cullens.

Read on....this is an adventure you don't want to miss!
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Henna's POV:

My four furry legs carried me quickly through the large, dark forest that almost swallowed the small town that was at it's feet. That small town was called Forks. Forks, Washinton was almost always hidden under a thick layer of fog and it was usually quite rainy there. This was my home. I had lived in Forks as a child and I had never stopped loving it, even when my family had moved to Orlando, Florida. I was small town girl with a love for dark forests and clean, rainy air. Nothing could change that.

The reason why I was running in the huge Forks forest was because I was here to visit. I had been shut in the city for too long. I needed to go somewhere where I could be myself. Somewhere, where everyone knew everyone. Plus, the forest was a great place to stretch my legs in. As I ran, I could breath in the sweet, damp smell of wet trees and other plants. I could hear the birds call to each other in slight alarm whenever I startled them by silently running by. This was my heaven.

All of a sudden, an unbearably sweet smell hit my nose with full force. The retched smell was so sweet, I almost barfed up my last meal. One word flashed into my mind: vampires. They were in the the area. Many of them. I would of groaned and started cussing loudly if I had been in my human form. Vampires were just what I needed right now. Now, I wasn't a smartass when it came to being a werewolf. I had only started tranforming last year, on the day of my sixteenth birthday. But I knew enough to know that vampires+werewolfs= disaster. Usually it meant a very bloody fight and many lives taken. So, you can guess how I felt when I smelled a lot of vampires close by. I was pretty much going insane with anger, sickness (from the stench), and worry.

I was glad that I had tied a bag of clothes to my leg. I quickly changed to my human form and got dressed. Then, I did the unthinkable. I started heading towards where the leech smell came from. What I saw when I got to the edge of the forest shocked me to the core. I saw a huge, white mansion. And the vampire stench was wafting from it in unbearable waves. But the house wasn't what shocked me the most. It was the fact that all those vampires (however many there were in there) could live together and not kill eachother. Judging from what I could smell (and, trust me, that was a TON. It made me sick, actually), there were about nine or more leeches living together in that one house. The thought blew my mind.

After I realized all this, I decided to spend the rest of the night spying on the leeches. Though the smell did make me puke once, after awhile I got sorta used to it. Only a few intresting thingshappened while I spied. At one point on that long, long night, a bronze-haired, handsome vampire male came out onto the porch of the big house and gazed up at the stars with a distant look on his face. I'm glad he didn't notice my smell.

Finally, when the sun was just about to rise, I fell asleep, standingup against the tree that I had been hiding behind all night. Sleep was always welcome to me, but on this morning particular, it was like the best thing evertohappen tome. I was sick, tired, and in pain. Sleep relieved all that.


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