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Why only 3 days? A Phantomhive Visit

Novel By: XxmimixX
Fan fiction

[COMPLETED] This is basically a fanfiction from the anime/manga series "Kuroshitsuji". Throughtout the story, they're going to be some switching of point-of-views.
There are at least two OCs (original characters) who are visiting the Phantomhive mansion for a three day visit since this is one of the only times during the year that they visit the place. Ciel's cousin Nel (one of the OCs) brought her adopted sister with her this time to get to know her other family members who were known for quite a few things. Within the three days, many things happen between Nel and her adopted sister that could loose their reputations in the Phantomhive family. View table of contents...


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~Rach's Hour~

As a child, I never had a real lovable family that looked like me. I've never met anyone that could look like me and say "You're part of us". I was adopted.

The family that I was adopted from was rich, English nobles that were even recognized by the queen of England. My background was from a poor, non-English family that wasn't as well known or anything. I came from another part of the world (America) and I was shipped here to be raised by them. Luckily, I made new sister name Nel who was really nice. Even though we didn't look alike due to our completely different features (skin color, hair, etc.), we grew our relationship with one another as if were always related.

The reason why my sister and I will be narrating back and forth is because this story revolves around us. I've never even visited my other family yet who we call them the Phantomhives. They were rich and something about them makes this really famous family unique (according to my sister). What I know is that my sister is cousins to the person who owns the home and she said that they never liked me.

We were going to visit them for some negotiations about the mansion and how should we all keep the fortune once Nel's cousin gets married with our sister Lady Elizabeth. Unlike Nel, she's short, has a flat chest, very pretty, has blonde curly hair, and is a spoil brat. She nearly gets what she wants and if Nel asks her parents what she wanted, she would just have to wait. Kind of silly but that was the relationship between the two. Matter a fact, Lady Elizabeth is getting married to the current headmaster of the Phantomhive mansion once they turn to proper age which is weird because they're also both cousins. Once we enter the house, things started to change within a matter of three days since we were spending the time with them.

It was November 4th, 1898. I was only about fifteen and the time and my sister Nel was a little older. Lady Elizabeth wasn't with us but she comes with Nel at a certain occasions, just not this time. I was wearing a long Victorian pink and red dress with rubber black gloves with rubies and my sister Nel was wearing the usual (brown knee-high boots, blue shorts, black and blue tales man coat, and the usual gothic attire). We were on a wagon with our mother who was sitting across from us looking very elegant and pretty.

I wasn't too happy to come along because I've never met these people before. My arms were crossed and I was not very happy about this trip. We live a few miles away from England and the trip wasn't all so exciting. Nel was looking forward to seeing her cousin again since it has been a while since they last saw one another. She had everything planned out and Nel wanted me to be extra good.

I pouted, "Sis, are we there yet? I'm hungry."

"Woman, calm down. You ate something before we went on this wagon." Nel was looking at me and at the window.

"Girls, be proper now. Nel, stay mature and proper and act like a woman when you see your cousin today. He would be looking forward to seeing you." Mom fixed her beret as she says this.

I was still complaining and getting frustrated because of the long trip. I wanted to go to my guess room and sleep all day. I didn't want to come to this business or whatever trip anyway but I did.

The wagon came to a halt and a gorgeous mansion that I couldn't recognized. It had a garden, trees, and even had vines growing on the buildings interior. I thought that I was in downtown London but I wasn't. It was really the Phantomhive's home.

The mom beamed, "Girls, we're finally here. Let's get out of here and go tell the Phantomhives that we're here."

The driver of the wagon got off the front and came to the right door that led out to the mansions entrance. Of course mother and Nel came out first but I stayed until someone could help me out of here. I needed steps because I was too scared and too big just to come out for myself.

Nel came to the entrance of the mansion and took a deep breath.

"Boy, I can't wait to see him again. I'm curious to know how his parents are." She turned her direction at me.

"Sis, I would send someone for help to take you."

As soon as she walked in, she looked down and saw a little old man drinking green tea. We call him Mr. Tanaka who was one of the servants. She was kind of confused but she was okay. Coming down the hall was a little short boy with a similar outfit that my sister was wearing. He had an eye patch on his left eye and never smiles. This was the owner of the mansion name Ciel Phantomhive.

"Well, isn't it Nel. I'm honored for you to come. And isn't it Auntie with her as well."

"Oh don't mention it. Nel isn't the only person here with us today."

Ciel said with an unpleasing attitude, "Is Lady Elizabeth with you again?"

"No, but she is supposedly going to come tomorrow and greet you."

Mom walked ahead of the two and greeted the servants. Their names were Mr. Tanaka, Maylene (who wore glasses and was a maid), Finny (who was the gardener), Bard the chef, and Sebastian Michealis who was the mansion's very handsome and interesting butler.

"Good day everyone, you all knows Nel from last year's meeting."

Nel walked in front of her mom and curtsied in front of everyone. She disliked doing it but she did it anyway.

'We have another visitor but I think she's having problems getting out." Nel giggled.

"Maybe I can send out one of the servants to go help her out and get to know her acquaintances."

Ciel walked up to Sebastian and asked him to go greet the visitor (literally me).

The butler replied, "Yes, my lord."

So the butler and Nel went back to the entrance to go help me out. Nel pointed out to Sebastian to where I was.

"Our wagon is just out this door obviously. She is waiting out there for assistance. Just call me if you have any problems with her because she's kind of not herself at the moment."

"Okay then. Thank you very much Lady Nel."

Nel went back to the group and waited with the others to be escorted to her new room. She didn't have to wait long because Ciel was there to help her out while I was being served by Sebastian.

"Nel, I will show you your room as soon as the other person that's with you will hurry up and come inside."

Nel replied, "Don't worry, she'll be fine. Besides, she has Sebastian with her so she should be alright."


I was still waiting for someone to get me but I got frustrated. The guy helped me down and I just gave him a look that made him not want to come back.

"Thanks for the help. My big behind was bothering me."

With my heels, I quickly but slowly (since I wasn't thin) went inside. "Nel, where are you? I've been waiting for the past ten minutes and no one to escort me."

Suddenly, I began to trip onto my dress and almost landed onto the ground. Luckily, I was caught by the very handsome butler. I didn't know him at the time but when I looked into those very dashing red eyes and black hair, I immediately fell in love. I suddenly went into thought.

Who is this guy and how can someone this gorgeous like him know Nel?

"Are you okay miss?" He said with his innocent look on his face.

My face turned red as he said those words. Then, I fettled with my hands.

"I'm okay thank you very much." I said nervously looking at his tall body.

He giggled, "Can I help you take in your things?"

I nodded. He grabbed the suitcases and escorted me inside with a bow.

"Right in this way Lady…"

"Rachel but you can call me Rach if you like." I said.

"Lady Rachel. That's a very pretty name for someone like yourself."

I smiled cheekily and took a curtsy at him. My face felt warm as his very attracting red eyes looked at me.

I thought to myself, I… I think I'm really in love.

As soon as I thought this, I saw Sebastian's figure walking in front of me. I looked at his very interesting back and blushed the whole way in. I was in for a very interesting three days with Nel.

To be Continued


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