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The Betrayal Knows My Name

By: Zexion

Chapter 1, Umi and Scarlet Crosszeria were from a duras(demon)clan that was labeled as traitors. As soon as a offspring is born into the Crosszeria clan they are marked with a double \'X\' that is placed on there left shoulder. Normally duras don\'t get to see their family but Umi and Scarlet were never parted at birth. Though the two looked alike they are not twins. Umi grew up to be a slave to the Demon King and there is where she met Luka and befriended him. Scarlet world for the Demon King as a general ranked officer with Luze\'. Scarlet fell in love with Luze\' but he betrayed her in the end. When Luka left Infernus (demon world)Umi followed shortly after and Scarlet followed her, feeling like there was no point to staying Infernus. Umi and Scarlet were separated from Luka to only be brought back together by Yuki....then years passed.

Umi Crosszeria

Scarlet Crosszeria

Luka Crosszeria

Luze' Crosszeria

Yuki Giou

Takashiro Giou

Reiga Giou

Tooko Murasama

Tsukumo Murasame

Hotsuma Renjou

Shuusei Usui


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