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The Betrayal Knows My Name

Novel By: Zexion
Fan fiction

Umi and Scarlet Crosszeria were from a duras(demon)clan that was labeled as traitors. As soon as a offspring is born into the Crosszeria clan they are marked with a double 'X' that is placed on there left shoulder. Normally duras don't get to see their family but Umi and Scarlet were never parted at birth. Though the two looked alike they are not twins. Umi grew up to be a slave to the Demon King and there is where she met Luka and befriended him. Scarlet world for the Demon King as a general ranked officer with Luze'. Scarlet fell in love with Luze' but he betrayed her in the end. When Luka left Infernus (demon world)Umi followed shortly after and Scarlet followed her, feeling like there was no point to staying Infernus. Umi and Scarlet were separated from Luka to only be brought back together by Yuki....then years passed. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: So We Meet Again

I found myself sitting on the castle-like part of the mansions' wall. I was looking out onto the garden, until my sister Scarlet walked up to me with a smile on her face.

"Yuki is coming here to Twilight Hall tomorrow" she said with one of those I-know-something-that-you-didn't looks. I didn't say anything like I normally do not. Scarlet sighed walking away with a frown on her face. She must of ran into Shuusei because he came to talk to me next.

"Are you hungry? Is that why you look so sad and hurt?" he asked looking at me.

"no, I'm waiting for Yuki to come home. I miss him badly...." I said looking at Shuusei "I might not be a zweilts like you and the others but Yuki means a lot to me, Scarlet, and Luka" I continued before looking out onto the garden.

"Well at least your not missing Infernus" he said smiling. I looked at him and laughed

"I will never miss that hell-hole of a world ever again in my life" I said taking in the details of his face and hair. He had hair that was brown and golden-brown eyes to go with it, I never seen anything like it on a human.

Shuusei stood up and looked away from me and the garden.

"Umi if you ever get hungry my necks open to bit down on" he said walking away. A smile grew on my face but it quickly disappeared.

I got up and walked to the tower of the mansion. As I walked into my room and noticed most of my room's colors are black and purple. The bed is king sized with dark purple sheets and a black comforter with purple pillows. The sofa and chairs were black famed in golden vines. The blinds covering the window was black as well. The walls and carpet were purple.

I walked over to my bed after shutting the door behind me. I laid down on my bed thinking that I never had a bed like this in Infernus. The only person to know my pain is Luka. We were both slaves to the Demon King growing up.

I closed my eyes as I sighed"Luka...". I maybe slept for 20 minutes before I felt a hand on my shoulder. My eyes flickered open and I sat up in bed.

"What?" I whined still feeling tired. A soft and low sigh came to the right of me. I turned my head as the person sat down next to me. My head found his shoulder. i felt his hand running through the back of my hair.

"Umi you haven't ate in 3 weeks. Are you ok?" Luka's voice was low and filled with concern. I moved my head away from him to look at him in the eyes.

"No, I'm tired 24/7 and I feel like my soul fading away quickly" and as soon as I said that Luka cut his neck with his fingernail.

My mouth instantly found the cut and I sucked his blood. See female duras(demons) has to have blood to live in the human world I feel so foolish to forget that. As I drank Luka's arms wrapped around my waist to pull me closer so that I can bit deeper down into his neck.

When I was done 'feeding' from Luka I moved away a little to look at him. What caught me by surprise is that he was looking at me as well.

"L-Luka?" my voice was soft and quite. I watched as Luka's hand moved the hair out of my face. His touch was somehow warm to me. As he leaned in I moved quickly away. The frown on his face wasn't a surprise, he always frowns.

"I'm sorry Luka but I know you like Yuki and not me"

"Calm down Umi I just wanted to lick the blood off your mouth" he said sticking his tongue out and licking the blood off my mouth and than he kissed me. As I kissed him back his arms pulled me closer. I knew it was wrong that I was just a play thing because Yuki was a boy and not a girl like last time, but the sweet taste of his lips were to good.

It all ended when my sister Scarlet walked through the door. We both moved away from one another quickly as possible Scarlet walked over and sat next to me.

"Feeling better since you feed off of Luka Miss. Virgin Grumpy Gills" she said smiling and giggled. Sad fact is she right I'm still a virgin, kinda ironic being a duras and all. My face displayed anger but inside I was embarrassed because Luka was in the room.

"Yea I'm feeling better, but you didn't have to call me a virgin" I said coldly and cruelly. Scarlet sighed and moved closer to Luka. Her hand on his groin and her mouth on his lips. I watched as my younger sister totally controlled Luka, but I soon found myself looking away because I couldn't bear to watch anymore.

Luka pushed Scarlet off of him, he hated when Scarlet teased him in front of Umi. He loved Umi and Yuki but Scarlet was just using him because he looked like Luze'. Luka groaned and looked at Umi, she looked disgusted by all this.

"Scarlet leave this room and stop using me as a sex doll because I look like my brother" he said and touched Umi's arm as Scarlet left the room.


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