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The Betrayal Knows My Name

Novel By: Zexion
Fan fiction

Umi and Scarlet Crosszeria were from a duras(demon)clan that was labeled as traitors. As soon as a offspring is born into the Crosszeria clan they are marked with a double 'X' that is placed on there left shoulder. Normally duras don't get to see their family but Umi and Scarlet were never parted at birth. Though the two looked alike they are not twins. Umi grew up to be a slave to the Demon King and there is where she met Luka and befriended him. Scarlet world for the Demon King as a general ranked officer with Luze'. Scarlet fell in love with Luze' but he betrayed her in the end. When Luka left Infernus (demon world)Umi followed shortly after and Scarlet followed her, feeling like there was no point to staying Infernus. Umi and Scarlet were separated from Luka to only be brought back together by Yuki....then years passed. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2: Lovers Hardship

The night Luka touched my arm was awkward but Scarlet never messed with him again. Nothing happen that night and I'm glad it didn't too because I was tired. All that happen was Luka said sorry, kissed my forehead and left, I'm glad he did too because I passed the hell out. The next morning when I woke Hotsuma was yelling something like 'why the bloody hell did he leave without eating' I guess he was talking about Shuusei. As I got up I found that Shuusei didn't leave the house but waited by my door.

"I thought you left already for school"My voice was sharp and rude.

"I wanted to see if your ok, Luka said you passed out last night" he said watching me, but soon he looked away with his face soften.

"I'm fine Shuusei" I said walking away.

I walked down the stairs into the kitchen. As I looked along the face at the dinning room table I found a new person, a boy who looked surprise to see me. I watched as Takashiro walked into the room with Scarlet. The boy looked surprised to see Scarlet as well. Scarlet walked over to me and we stood by Luka.

"Y-Your both duras like Luka" the boy said.

"Yes we're duras but we are nothing li-" I cut Scarlet off saying

"Shut it Scarlet, you have no right to talk to Yuki like that" and I knew I caught her off guard because she looked at me and back at the boy several time before she spoke again

"This boy is Yuki?" Scarlet asked looking at everyone.

"Yep this is Yuki-Chan" Tooko said hugging the boy. A smile grew on my face before I walked out of the room.

"Does the blue eye duras hate me" I heard Yuki ask than I heard "Are the two of them twins" He must of been talking to Luka because I didn't hear anyone answer him.

I walked to the library where a piano stood in the middle. My hands laid on top of the piano before I sat down to play. I soon found myself closing my eyes and listening to myself play.

When I opened my eyes again I found Luka and Yuki watching and listening to me play. I stopped and was just about to get up when I heard

"Oh no please don't stop because of us, your playing is beautiful" I smiled at Yuki and nodded my head as I started to play again.

Later Hotsuma came by the tell Yuki they had to go to school and they left. I stopped playing and looked at Luka.

"It hurts me to see you play for anyone" Luka said and caught me in his arm when I tripped over the stand of the piano. As I pulled myself up I looked over Luka's shoulder and saw Shuusei watching us. When I went to tell Luka,Shuusei walked away. I moved away from Luka and walked out the door. I spent most of my time in my room until my cell phone went off.

"Umi I want you to pick up Yuki" I heard Takashiro's voice over the phone when I answered it. I shut my phone to tell him ok in away.

I grabbed my motorcycle keys off my desk and walked down stairs and out the door. I moved my motorcycle more than Luka sometimes. It was 1903 Harley but even I was still older than it being a duras and all.

I arrived at Yuki's school to find people staring at me. Yuki walked over to me and I handed him a helmet. I watched Yuki take the helmet and put it on as I got onto the Harley.

"What is your name" he asked getting on the motorcycle.

"Umi....Umi Crosszeria" I said starting the Harley and driving off down the street.

We ended up stopping for something to eat on the way to Twilight Hall. I didn't have anything, plus Luka met us there. I watched how Yuki's face light up when he sat down next to him. Luka looked at me in the eyes.

"You can leave now Umi I'll take care of Yuki from here on" he said looking at Yuki than back at me.

"Sorry Luka but Takashiro put him under my protection and 'm not going to leave him" I said, I thought I saw a small smiled from Yuki but I don't know since I blinked my eyes.

"Luka its ok if Umi watches me really" Yuki said looking out the window. Then that when I caught it Luka's eyes turn purple before going back to sliver.

I jumped over the table and grabbed Yuki while pushing 'Luka' away.

"Luze' what the hell are you doing on earth" my voice was sharp as I watched his eyes turn back to purple.

"Well well Umi your smarter then you look, but you saw right through me like a mirror" Luze''s' voice was lower then Luka's voice was, and the only way to tell them apart was that and their eyes.


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