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Vampire Knight: Keysa Kuran's Story

Novel By: Zexion
Fan fiction

By now you know that Kaname and Yuki are brother and sister and we all know that Juri and Haruka has a first born before Kaname and Yuki. But what if that first didn't really die

Keysa Kuran is the first born to Rido Kuran and love to Kain Akatsuki and step-sister to Shiki Senri. But what will happen when Kaname and Keysa find out the truth be hide one another.... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 20, 2012    Reads: 297    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

Keysa Kuran


Yuki Cross


Kaname Kuran


Zero(left) andIchiru(right) Kiryu


Headmaster Cross


Shiki Senri


Kain Akatsuki


Chapter 1: First Night

It was a cold night when I arrived at Cross Academy. I couldn't really feel the coldness because it was warm under my blanket in the horse and carriage. My family was old fashion. We had no cars or heat. We did have water and power though.

As I stepped out of the carriage I was greeted by, the Headmaster, and a boy by the name of Zero. The boy looked at me coldly. I wanted to hit him but I just keep smiling and talked to the Headmaster.

"Its a pleasure to have you with us Miss Keysa" He said and reached out his hand.

"Please just Keysa is fine with me Headmaster. Now is the old teacher's dorm clean and ready so I can stay there and not with the other night class students?" I asked not shaking his hand.

"Why yes it is, Zero here will take you there" He said putting his hand back to his side and walking off.

Zero grabbed the suitcase and walked off as I followed behind him. We crossed the bridge and walked inside the door to the dorm. Zero set my stuff on the stairs and turned around to look at me in the eyes before he spoke.

"Why are you here pure-blood?" He asked so coldly. I smiled so big that I watched his face turn cold to I'M-so-going-to-kill-you-if you-don't-tell-me look.

Why does it matter to you, your just a weak hunter who thinks he can play around.....Well I'm sure not here for you little Yuki so calm down. I'm here for Kaname's head on a plate" I said looking at him, I frowned at him when his face soften.

"Keysa where did you run off to when you dropped me off here when I was little" he asked looking away from me. I wish he would just forget about that. I was his friend way before he found out who and what I really was.

"That is a memory that you don't need to know Zero. Yes we were friend once but not anymore" I said heartlessly and moved so he can walk off. As Zero open the door I saw Kaname, Shiki, and Kain walking to the dorm. Zero held the door open for them as they walked inside, I sadly watched Zero leave as the door closed slowly.

Kaname looked at me when I watched Zero leave. My face displayed a cold and emotionless tone. Shiki and Kain moved closed to me and bowed respectfully.

"Lady Keysa we welcome you to the night class. You don't have to stay here by yourself" Kain said standing straight up looking at me.

"In fact Lord Kaname has order us to stay with you as protection" Shiki said looking pass me but enough to look like he was looking at me.

"Keysa accept these two, and I'll accept your own night class filled with people you picked" Kaname said staying back like he hated his own kind. I sighed and looked at all three of them, but then I looked at Kaname in the eyes and the dorm lights went out.

"I'll accept to your terms Kaname but I won't return these two boys unharmed" I said as my voice got cold and deep to only return back to normal when I was done talking. The lights turn back on their own, as Kaname left leaving Shiki and Kain in my hands now.


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