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What Goes Around, Comes Around

Novel By: ZFanatic
Fan fiction

Hermione Granger has sent her son to Hogwarts School
thinking she is doing the right thing; however, she doesn't realize that both of her sons father is now the Headmaster of the school. Now Severus Snape must decide whether to be part of both of his sons lives. View table of contents...



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*A/N: Sorry guys it took me so long to upload :/ I've been pretty busy these past few years and well, I'm back lol I wanted to rewrite this story and I've been working on many others. So please stay with me and another thing is I wanna thank you to those who were being very patient with me :) You guys rock!*

Now on to the next...

Severus Snape's Sons

Severus Snape sat at the table in the middle looking down at a bunch of students or dunderheads as he liked to call them.

Each year it seems to get worse and Severus was wondering how much more of Hogwarts can he take. A lot has changed since the war, he was no longer the potions master but the Headmaster of Hogwarts. After the end of the war and his name has been cleared he was offered the position as Headmaster. He took nearly two hours to decide if he was going to take the position, he would have to fill the boots of his previous professor: Albus Dumbledore. His mentor, teacher, tormenter, friend, and father figure.

He took the position and after the rebuild of Hogwarts, he took up the position as the first Slytherin Headmaster since Salazar Slytherin. The school re-opened nearly a year after the end of the war and Headmaster Snape welcomed the students.

It had been nearly ten years since that moment and he had been the Headmaster for eleven years. He had to admit he missed brewing his potions but he did not miss teaching.

He liked being the Headmaster after all he was paid more, much more and he had private rooms; however, being Headmaster came with a price he was busier then he was when he was a teacher.

The sorting hat was beginning and Severus looked at the new students, they all looked nervous waiting for their name to be called. Professor McGonagall was stood by the chair holding up the hat which would decide their fate. This would be her last year doing this Severus had practically begged her to stay but she refused telling him she was too old to teach now, which meant Severus would have to find a new teacher to fill that position and he knew that would be a hard post to fill.

Minerva stood holding the hat and the list in her hand and read out the first name.

"Avery, Allen." she said holding the hat up.

A small boy who looked no more then eight walked up to the stool and sat down, Minerva put the hat on top of his curly head and waited for the hat's decision.

"A half blood...I think you'll suit." the hat mumbled.

"Hufflepuff." Severus mumbled.

"Hufflepuff!" the hat shouted and the hufflepuff table cheered.

After listening to twenty more first years, Severus lost interest until Minerva called out the one name that shocked him.

"Granger, Tobias." she said looking up to see which boy would step forward.

Toby Granger stood out of the crowd and walked up the steps. He was tall for his age taller then his mother had been at that age. He had dark hair which was curled on his head and slightly frizzy but controlled unlike his mother's. His face was round like hers but his chin was not. He had a button nose and almond shaped eyes which reminded him of the boy's mother. The boy looked up at the staff table, as he walked to the stool, Severus' eyes widened and when he saw the color and intensity of his eyes. It was black...like his.

Toby sat on the stool and looked out to the Great Hall, everyone was staring at him, he got that a lot with his mother being one of the Golden Trio that killed Voldemort when she was in school. He was always getting asked questions and asked if they could meet his mother, it got rather annoyng.

Minerva placed the hat onto his head and looked back at Severus who was leaned forward looking at the boy, clearly interested in him. "This could be very difficult indeed...a Gryffindor mother and a Slytherin father." the hat said.

So his father is a Slytherin. Toby thought. His mother would never answer questions about his father whenever he asked.

"You are indeed brave like your mother but you are loyal to those around you. You have a lot of power, no surprise there as both your parents fought in the war."

So his father was a war hero? "I think you should be put in...Slytherin!" the hat shouted.

The Slytherins stood up and cheered while the staff table looked on as the Granger boy walked to the Slytherin table. All the staff was shocked to see Hermione Granger's son in Slytherin and that he looked very much like the Headmaster.


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