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Teen emo- chapter 3

Poetry By: blackwriter13
Fan fiction

This story took me hours to finish and well because thier was sooo many distractions. Man am i happy that i am finally done. I worked really hard to finish this so the least my readers can do is enjoy it. PLZ!! do that 4 meee!
sorry its so short..chapter 4 wont be as short trust me..

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When i went to school that day I caught Dylan leaning on the school building smoking a cigarette.
For a second or 2 in my head i began to think how lucky i was to not sit alone in the lunch room.
As I walked up to him, I accidentally bumped into a chic.
"I'm sorry i should have seen where i was going" I apologized, helping her up.
I had just realized that the girl standing in front of me looked very familiar to me.
"Its okay, hi I'm... Noah. Do i know you?" She said, her blue crystal eyes examining my face.
'Don't i know a Noah. Wait...Noah sparks?!' a though rushed through my head.
"You're Noah Sparks! Remember we used to go out in the 5th grade. Man we were one of the best couples ever" I laughed scratching the back of my head.
"Oh, Randy Evans!" she giggled " I remember i used to have a crush on you"
"Wow, you look amazing. What are you doing here at black cherry high?" I asked.
I was right Noah did look good. Her dark brown chocolate hair was in curls, and her eyes buried in makeup. She had definitely lost weight, her thin tan skin looked brighter. Her red lips juicer than ever, and kissable too.
"Oh, me i come here. Its my first day" she smiled, showing her bright teeth.
"Awesome i guess ill be the one that will be your guide in the school" I smiled, excitement shocking through my body.

~Later, in Arizonian park~

"Who's that?" Noah asked, licking on her ice cream cone. I looked over to the place where she had been talking about.She was pointing to the girl, who i still hadn't recognized her name.
"A pain" i muttered under my breath, licking away some vanilla that began to melt on the cone.
"What?" she turned to me, her hair blowing wildly in the wind.
When i caught the girl's eye's on us i knew i had to do something. So guess what i did?
"You have something on your face, here lemme get it off"
I licked away the vanilla cream that rested on her lips, i didn't know what i was doing but i knew i had to do something quick.

Noah's P.O.V (point of view)

GUESS WHAT?! Their i sat with my ex-boyfriend in Arizonian in broad day light...to end up kissed by him. Well not a real kiss, ...just a peck on the lips.
I felt kind of embarrassed and hot when our lips touched. When his warm lips pulled away from my own crummy lips, i noticed that everyone in the park was watching us or smiling with evil expressions.
"Now its gone. Delicious by the way" he smiled, his hazel eyes watching my lips.
I could have sworn that i was blushing, really hard.
Then suddenly a mysterious girl walked up to us and stared dead at me.
"Can i help you?"
"No, i saw that kiss and well..it should have been mine" She snapped.
"And your name is?" I asked, i was not about to let this girl diss me.

" Fantasia" she chewed noisily on her pink bubble gum.
Then when she said this, Randy took a stand for me arguing back.
" Fantasia, whatever your name is..Cant you see that my friend and I are trying to enjoy ice cream together?!" He yelled to her face.
In an instant her cold hands had slapped Randy's face.
"That kiss was supposed to be ours..You promised! Jerk!" tears began to roll down her face.
I was really confused about what was happening, so i grabbed Randy's arm and pushed fantasia out of my way.

When we arrived down the block I stopped in front of Randy.
"Are you okay?" i asked removing his hand which revealed a purple bruise.
"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow" He said, straight to my face.
I knew not to argue with Him when he was angry so i said my goodbye's.

Randy P.0.V

That night
Dear journal,
Today was pretty hectic. First of all, I met Noah, and old friend of mine back in fifth grade.
Second, I kissed her on the lips too!
Third i got slapped in the face. =[
Also i finally figured out the girl's name...its fantasia!
Man, i never experienced a day like this in my whole 15 years of living.
Oh wait hold on i have to check my mail. Brb or whatever.

P.S..It's kind of weird how im talking to you like a best friend would talk to another friend.

You have a Text Message.
It said on the top of my laptop in bold red letters.
I clicked enter to show the message that someone had sent me.

'Hey, im sorry for today about the scene i caused in front of your girlfriend. She's probably mad at me lolx.'

I replied:
It's OK, i guess. Hey look she's not my girlfriend. She's my ex..and well you're probably right she was kind of mad to see me hurt.

A few seconds later she replied:
o.o Oh im sorry i thought she was your girlfriend. And again im really sorry i would have told her i was sorry or something but i don't have her cell or name. Lets just forget what happened. And you're probably wondering why i like you all of a sudden. Well you may not know but i used to attend the same school as you in the 5th grade. i would sit in the back seat of the class so you never noticed me..and well i liked you ever since then. Sorry if i caused damage. Maybe we can talk and get to know each other.

After reading that short story i felt something ease inside the pit of my stomach.
So i texted back :
Wow..im speechless... maybe..

After that chat we had, i felt good about this girl..but not completely...


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