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Ka is a Wheel

Poetry By: Km2
Fan fiction

Roland misses his friends and longs for the Dark Tower in this fan-fiction poem that I wrote and have been dying to post. But I had been waiting for a contest to pop up that it would work for, then I saw SGAuthor advertising for her first contest and thought this should work pretty good for it. So now it's up.

Submitted:Apr 7, 2013    Reads: 36    Comments: 8    Likes: 5   

Roland sat pondering, dreamily of his beloved, yet hated, quest for the Dark Tower.

The man in black had eluded him, crossing the desert, but in turn, and in time, Flagg led him to the throne of the Crimson King.

A billy bumbler cried out in the night. Roland then turned his ear to it, wonderingly and happily.

The Crimson King was mad. Madder than the maddest hatter. Blind with his lunacy.

Blind with rage.

Ka is a wheel, after all.

Ka is a wheel, Roland thought, deeply, leaving the bumblers and again looking and longing, greatly, for the Dark Tower.

If he concentrated hard enough, he could clearly see it, and almost feel it...

A huge, ebony monstrosity, reaching as high as the highest mountains in the land (though none were around to compare) towered over and showered the land in shadows. Turning everything to darkness that was unable to escape from it's treacherous grip.

A dark, barren monument, thrust upwards towards the sun, at times almost seeming to grow in size, it's immense shadow draping outwards, seemingly forever.

Covering a section of the acres and acres of longstem red roses, that completely surround the Dark Tower, protecting it, it's shadow blanketed the field in a cloak of darkness, seemingly.

Running through the fields, Roland can almost picture his ka-tet bumbling through the acres of roses. He can almost make out Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and even Oy.

They can almost be seen clearly, in his vision. Slowly coming into focus, in his mind.

Where are Eddie, Susannah and Jake?, the gunslinger questioned, thoughfully to himself.

"Where have I ended up? What foul place is this, that I've been banished to?"

I've got to get back on track. Locating and tracking the beam. Listening to the voice of the Turtle. I've got to find my way, and come back around again.

Coming completely full circle.

Ka is a wheel.

The Crimson King sits atop his throne, deep inside the Dark Tower, smiling and laughing to himself; crazy. Drunk on his own POWER.

He sits and waits patiently, knowing Roland, for the gunslinger to arrive, one day.

Sending orders unto Flagg, or Walter, and this is what, roughly, they did say: The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

Ka is a wheel, that fills your heart, when everything else is hollowed.


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