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Sara Blake's Challenge- Black Butler

By: ShaunaLeigh

Page 1, Okay so this is for Sara\'s challenge (her first one-so proud to take part) and I was given a picture which i immediately recognised as Kuroshitsuji! So of course this is about the Black Butler Sebastian who serves Ciel.

Murdered in cold blood
Brow covered in guiltless sweat
Teardrops run down one cheek
The other sees only black
A night that still haunts me
A thought I wish to forget
My soul stands before me
And so now we begin the plot
A demon or a servant
Whichever way he’s seen
He is here to serve me
Together we’ll get it back
What I once held dear and near
Duty calls underground
I’m still plotting my pay back
Unravelling a rope
So twisted my fingers bled
Call upon my partner
My darkness and my guide
Gothic curtains cannot hide
The rage that burns within
Let me have revenge.

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