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More Than Meets The Jai

Script By: AJ Benjamin
Fan fiction

A script written for the Home & Away Frankie Monroe Scriptwriting Competition 2009.

Submitted:May 31, 2009    Reads: 123    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

More Than Meets The Jai
Jai is actually a female who disguises herself as a boy and her/his secret has been unintentionally revealed to Ruby, who previously walked in on Jai getting changed. Ruby was utterly shocked but now that she has calmed down, she wants to talk things out with Jai.
INT. The kitchen of Leah's house.
Ruby is sitting at the table, while Jai stands at the sink with her/his back to Ruby.
Ruby (unable to look at Jai)
What makes you think you can get away with this?
I'm not trying to get away with anything.
Well why are you doing this then?
It's just who I am now. You've got no right-
Ruby (finally looking at Jai)
What about Annie? She thinks you're a guy.
Jai (turning around)
What about everyone?! They all think the same.
How can you do this to her? You're her boyfriend, or girlfriend or whatever. She's going to be so… disgusted and-
Ruby, stop. Listen, you don't understand what I've been through.
Ruby (standing up, mildly angry)
And that gives you the right to lie about your gender to everyone, even your own girlfriend, does it?
I'm not lying. No one even suspected, it wasn't until you-
So because everyone expected you to tell the truth, it's okay? It's not being someone you aren't?
Just let me explain. <Pause> Okay, I know that it was wrong to pretend I was a guy, but you have no idea what it's like to be an orphan in Thailand. Especially a girl orphan. I knew I didn't have a chance unless I disguised myself as a boy and tried to get a job in a sweatshop. Boys get paid decent money and I'd at least be able to feed myself.
Okay but that doesn't-
I lost everything in that wave Ruby; my house, my family, any records of my birth. I could start all over and no one would ever know who I was before. When Miles took me in, he knew me as Jai, the male orphan, I couldn't just tell him I was really a girl. He'd think I was lying about everything.
Miles is a good guy, he'd understand if you just told him the whole story.
I've just been Jai the boy for so long… I'm used to him.
Ruby (puts a hand on Jai's shoulder)
I think you should tell Miles, and just come clean about everything.
I guess. When the time's right I suppose.
How are you going to tell Annie?
Annie is suddenly present in the doorway.
Tell me what?
Ruby and Jai exchange worried, confused looks.

This script won the 16 & Under category! The link above is the official web page which announces the winners. =]


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