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My Breakout With Cons - 1 Pilot

Script By: JellyWinchester
Fan fiction

A girl disguised like a boy is thrown in Fox river. Find out how she escapes with the gang. Michael/OC.

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My breakout.



She sat there looking at the blood in her hands. She wanted it clean. But she's washed her hands many times.

ROSE: Then why do i still see red?

She looked to her left and her saw her mother's dead body. She stood up and went to her kneeled beside her. Took her in her arms

ROSE: "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you mama. I love you more then anything."

Rose kissed her mother's cold cheek and went to the kitchen to wash her bloodied hand again. She then calmed herself and took her mother's boyfriend's keys that were lying on the kitchen counter and walked to the front door.

Before she walked off she saw her mother's boyfriend, Marcus, lying dead with the kitchen knife sticking in his throat. She then kicked his face and walked out of the front door to Marcus's car.

To surrender to the police fot the murder she had committed.


JUDGE: "Now,this case won't leave this room. It'll stay within this four walls between us. And since you do not have a lawyer, would you please repeat what you told the officer?"

The Judge asked looking almost unintrested in the case.

ROSE: "I stabbed him with the knife. I killed him."

The Judge looked at Rose with stern eyes.

JUDGE: "Please do enlight us with this plot of yours!"

Rose bit her lip not wanting to scream at the Judge. She took a deep breath,

ROSE: "He was abusing her. I came back from my work place to find him hitting her face with a vase. I wanted to save my mother. Then he charged towards me and i ran into the kitchen and to protect myself I held onto the knife. I didn't mean to stab-"

She was cut of by the Judge.,

JUDGE: "If you wanted to safe your mother or protect yourself from him, Mr Marcus Evan, you should have called the police or shouted for help. Not commit a murder or wait until your mother has died."

ROSE: Is she freaking serious? "By the time I came to my mama she was dead. I didn't know what to do!"

Rose raised her voice. The Judge glared at her.

JUDGE: "Mr Irondot! I will not tolerate such a tone in my courtroom."

ROSE: "It's Mis-"

JUDGE: "Mr Irondot, I am not done speaking!"

ROSE: It's Miss Irondot you crazy bitch!

JUDGE: "The officer's have gotten the statement from your neighbours"

ROSE: Yeah, the nosy nut job.

JUDGE: "They have given their statement against you and-"

ROSE: "What? No!"

JUDGE: "Mr Irondot, please refrein from interrupting me! As i was saying your neighbour Mrs Tomato have said that you and your mother have had countless arguments about almost everything. You have openly declared that one day you will kill Mr Evans."


ROSE: "Mama! This has got to stop! He doesn't love you!"

KATIE: "I think i'm old enough to know what is right and what is wrong Rose. I'm you're mother. And Marcus and I love each other."

ROSE: (Angrliy stomps to the front door) "If he loves you then why the hell does he hit you or kick you? Or, or call you a cunt? Enlight me Mama!"

KATIE: "He's just stress about lossing his job. Stay out of this Rose."

ROSE: "Stress? He worked as a cleaner at the mall! What's so stress about that?"

KATIE: "Enough Roselinda! You will stay out of my affiars!"

ROSE: (Opens door and steps outside of the house) "ONE OF THESE DAYS I'M GONNA KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH MAMA!"(Slams the door and waslks pass her nosy neighbour Mrs Tomato who was gardening in the evening.)

End of flashback

JUDGE: "And Mrs Tomato wished to stay out of the court and I gladly respect that. Do you have anything you wish to say?"

ROSE: "No, You Honor."

JUDGE: "Very well then, given that you were trying to protect yourself you will not get a heavy punishment. As for the term of your sentence, I'm setting it at seven years."

Rose blinked back her tears. This was it. Her 21 years of hardworked life will be gone. Her dream of becoming a computer software engineer was gone.

JUDGE: "Mr Irondot, you'll not be eligible for parole in half that time. You will be sentenced to Fox River State Penitentiary. Sentence to be carried out immediately. Court dissmissed!"

ROSE: (Eyes nearly popping out) Did she say Mr Irondot? Did she say Fox River State Penitentiary? "Your Honor! There's a mistake!" She raised her voice.

The people in the courtroom looked at her sadly and left silently while an officer handcuffed her. The Judge ignored her and was about to leave.

ROSE: (Struggling with the officer) "I'M A WOMAN!"

The Judge stopped dead at her tracks and the officer released the hold on her evenly shocked as the Judge.

JUDGE: "What did you say?"

ROSE: "Your honor I'm a woman! Look at me. Look at my name. It's Roselinda! I'm a 21 year old woman. You have to change this verdict!" (In tears)

JUDGE: "Officer will you please escort Miss Irondot to my office. I will be there in 5 minutes."

The Judge said fearfully as the Officer nodded and dragged a crying Rose to the office.


The officer cuffed Rose to the chair and stood by the door waiting for the Judge. Rose was weeping , fear of what might be the outcome. She certainly didn't want to be thrown in a Male Prison. The door creaked open, in came the Judge who was looking worst then Rose.

JUDGE: "Miss Irondot, I believe there has been a mistake."

ROSE: Ya think?

JUDGE: "I mistook you for a man for your boyish looks. I apologize." (Nervously)

ROSE: "It's alright Your Honor. Please do tell me that you're giving me another verdit."

JUDGE: "Miss Irondot. I need your help."

ROSE: (Nervously) "Your Honor?"

The Judge then signaled the Officer to step out of her office.

JUDGE: "I've been on this line for 12 long years. I've never give a wrong judgement in my years. This is the first time I've done such a thing. And i turly apologize for my actions."

ROSE: "Your Honor, i don't need your apology, I just need you to give me another Verdit. I didn't say this in the courtroom, Marcus is a very bad man. He not only abused my mother but he has abused me too."

JUDGE: "Miss Irondot, whatever do you mean?"

ROSE: "Yes ma'am, I've been sexually abused by him. My boyish looks is the only way i can keep him outta the way. I dress like this. (Looking down at her skater boy clothes) And i've been keeping my hair short. This is the only reason why I look like a BOY!"

JUDGE: (Facepalm) "If this mistake gets out I would be penalized."


JUDGE: "I said the sentenced to be carried out immediately. You will be taken there today."


JUDGE: "Miss Irondot, please calm down. The warden in the Fox River State Penitentiary is a classmate of mine. I've sent my criminals there and they have turned to a good leaf. (Deep breath) What i'm saying is that the warden, Henry Pope, is a good man. He will look after you in there and-"

ROSE: "Are you crazy? You're placing me in a male prison?" (Furious)

JUDGE: "Now look Miss Irondot, you are still a criminal in my eyes. Please corporate with me."

ROSE: (Crying) "What's going to happen to me?"

Judge remained silent. Then there was a knock on the door and in entered a plum looking man with grey hair. The Judge rose from her seat to give a welcome hug to the man.

JUDGE: "Miss Irondot, please meet Mr Henry Pope."

Rose looked at Pope crying.

POPE: "Hello Miss Irondot." (Sad smile)

ROSE: "Hello."

JUDGE: "Henry, you have got to help me. Please, if this gets out my whole life will be gone."

POPE: "Rebecca, Please understand what you're telling me to do or i must say commit. Placing a woman in a all in male prison will ruin HER life."

ROSE: Finally, there's hope for me.

POPE: " Fox River, is NO place for any woman."

ROSE: "Yes Mr Pope, please. You've got to help me. I know, i killed him. I deserve punishment. I know, but not there. I'm a woman. Just because i look like a random staker boy on the street doesn't make me less of a woman."

JUDGE: (Bursts out crying) Please. I can't let this get out. Please. I know you will be able to get a transfer from a prison to another. Henry, you can transfer her to a woman's prison. I don't have the authority to do so."

POPE: (Looks at both the crying woman in front of him.) Well i could get you a transfer in the fastest way."


POPE: "Now, now, Miss Irondot, please calm down. I can arrage you the safest cell. And have guards watch you 24/7. Fox River may not be a place for a woman but it is the safest way to keep you from the others."

JUDGE: "Please Miss Irondot. I'll visit you. I'll send you an approval letter for a parole. Please."

ROSE: (Crying) "How safe is Fox River WARDEN?"

[EXT-For River Sate Penitentiary-Joliet,illionis-Day]

POPE: "Now Miss Iorndot, I mean Mr Irondot, Do you understand me?"

ROSE: (Looks at Pope.) THE STUPID BINDS ARE MAKING ME HARD TO BREATH YOU ASSHOLE! "Yes Warden, I understand. Erm question."

Rose looking down to her new prison uniform. A dark navy pants with a long sleeved grey shirt and a light blue button down shirt. Black boots , White socks, men underwear boxers and a white hanky .

POPE: "Go on." (Smiling)

ROSE: "Where do i change and shower?"

POPE: "Oh, don't worry about that. You are give the old staff shower room that has been lockdown for quite some years. I've told the maintenance to fix the heater and the water taps. You'll get to shower twice a day. Morning and evening before the locking of the cell. 20 minutes only."

ROSE: "Sounds fair. Erm may i request to have my own erm-"

POPE: (Embarrassed) "Your own stuff. I understand. You, erm, allowed. Your own undergarments too. But you must not let anyone know that your a-"

ROSE: "WOMAN! Yes, I know. Letting others know me being a girl is the last thing i want. So how to i serve my sentence?"

POPE: (Chuckling) "Morning wake up siren will be at 7am sharp. Shower, breakfast at 8-9 then you go back to cell or you can hangout at the yard. At 11am-1pm lunch-"

ROSE: "Erm, stay in cell and do what?"

POPE: "You can sleep. Maybe borrow books from the friendly man, Charles Westmoreland, who is in the cell beside your's. He's been here for a very very long time. Or you may walk around outside maybe visit the other prisoners for a chat-"

ROSE: "The cell won't be locked?" (Worried)

POPE: "Well, (Nervously) Yes, it won't be. You see Rose, Erm we have to get you another name."

ROSE: "You can call me Ross."

POPE: "Ross! Of course, sounds manly already. (Giving rose his million dollar smile) As I was saying, the cells won't be locked. People in here are prisoners not salves. "

ROSE: "Okay, alright, erm continue with the timetable or something."

POPE: (Chuckling) "Yes, yes. After lunch you can go back to your cell or the yard again. The Weather here is always nice. Sometimes windy sometimes sunny but not sunny like buring sunny or anything. Snowy too. (Smiling)"

ROSE: Big deal!

POPE: "Dinner served at 5.30pm sharp and ends at 7.30pm sharp. But you will be allowed to return to your cell if you're done eating, of course. (Smiling, hoping it would make her feel better)

ROSE: "Okay."

POPE: "Cells lockdown at 9.30pm sharp and lights out at 11pm. Any questions?"

ROSE: "Is there someone, or some people that i should keep away?"

POPE: "Well, this is the prison you have to keep out of everybodys way. (Chuckling) Erm, there's a few men you should be wary of. John Abruzzi he's the-"

ROSE: (Gasp) "John Abruzzi? The mob boss? He's in THIS prison?!?"

POPE: "(Nervously) "Well, yes, please be calm Rose, I mean Ross. If you stay out of his way, He'll stay out of yours. Well he won't stay out of it but it'sll be easier for you to spend your time here till i get you the transfer."

ROSE: (Almost in tears) I'm so screwed. "Others?"

POPE: "Well there's another man. Theodore Bagwell also known as T-Bag. Whatever you do Rose, you have to keep out of this man's way. He is a very dangerous man. Bagwell was sentenced to life in prison for six counts each of kidnapping, rape and murder. He has raped many woman before he was finally arrested."

ROSE: (Wide eyes) I'm so screwed.

POPE: "Since he has been in here for quite long and there are no women, (Nervous again) He turned his attention to the younger men well young boys for his needs."

ROSE: (Gasp)

POPE: "But don't worry. All my C.O's are aware of who you are. You are watch 24/7. If you feel the need to scream for help, do so."

ROSE: That's comforting!!!! Ugh!

POPE: "As i was saying, Please do stay out of his way and try on to be scared in front of him."

ROSE: "Do the other inmate have, i mean, do it, you know willingly?"

POPE: "There are one or two but mostly he has raped his younger inmates, BUT don't worry. You'll be kept save. I assure you, I'm working on your transfer. If you spend the 2 weeks here i'm sure i can get your transfer by then."

ROSE: "Okay. I hope there's no one eles. Right?"

POPE: "Wrong. There are more but John and T-Bag are the two that you should stay out with. Lucky for you, the batch of fresh newcomers arrived today. You don't have to worry about beng the odd one out."

ROSE: "Even if you don't say it. I am the odd one out. A she wolf surrounded by Alpha males."

POPE: "Now Rose, I did read about your case and I am truly sorry for your loss. You have to be strong. Alright?"

ROSE: "You're a good man, Warden." (Smiling)

POPE: (Blushing) "Well i think so. By the way please do call me Henry. And I've told my wife about you. She told me that she might want to meet you for tea sometime."

ROSE: "Does she realise that i'm a prisoner who murdered a man?" (Smiling)

POPE: (Laughing) "She's quite brave. She's sort of the reason I'm working in Fox River. Says that it's would bring out the man in me."

ROSE: (Bursts out laughing) "Okay I really didn't have to hear that."

POPE: (Embarrassed)"Sorry. Well I believe you've met our Doctor right?"

ROSE: "Doctor Sara Tancredi? Yes. I've given her the medical form."

POPE: "Good, good. Is there any illness that i should be informed of Rose?"

ROSE: "Nothing serious, just Thalassemia."

POPE: (Confused) "A what?"

ROSE: (Smiling) Thalassemia, blood disease. I said no to blood transfusion. Not really intrested in those so Tancredi suggested that I take the Iron tablets to keep me in line."

POPE: "That kinda sounds serious Rose."

Rose smilied sadly and the was a knock on the door.

POPE: "Come in."

A bulky looking round man with a frown on his face came into the room.

POPE: "Ahh yes! Rose meet Captain Bellick. The Captain for the O.C's. He will also keep a close eye on you, won't you Bellick?"

BELLICK: (Grunt) "Yes Warden."

ROSE: Okay, he doesn't sound nice.

POPE: "Now Rose, pardon me, ROSS. Bellick will escort you to your own cell. Do not worry about the toilet facility, the bunk beds would surely hide the toilet and you can (Nervous) erm go erm without any erm."

ROSE: "I understand Henry. Thank you so much."

POPE: "You're welcome, now listen Ross, you can tell me anything you want. Do not be scared. Okay?"

ROSE: "Yes sir."

POPE: "Alright Bellick, you can take her to the yard now."

BELLICK: "Yard time's almost over. Time to get in the cell Pope."

POPE: "Why, of course, sure sure. Go on now."

ROSE: (Stood up nervously) Kepp it cool Rosie. You can do this. You work in a room full of men before. 'Well a room full of geeky men who were fousced on the comuputer software.

BELLICK: "Move it." "(Hand cuffing Rose and gripping her left form arm tight and pulling her out of the room.

ROSE: Oww, that hurts you freak!

BELLICK: "This is the way to walk from the office to the cell, remember it. I can't be babysitting you 24/7."

ROSE: So much for 24/7 on watch.

BELLICK: (Stops and grips her tight and forces her to look at him. "When I'm done talking you say 'YES BOSS' clear?"

ROSE: (Glup) "Yes Boss!"

BELLICK: "Move it. We got two commandments and two only. The first commandment is you've got nothing coming."

ROSE: "What's the second Boss?"

BELLICK: "See commandment number one."

ROSE: Big deal "Yes Boss."

She entered a big room which was full of cells.

ROSE: Oh my god, I'm so screwed.

BELLICK: "Open on 79!" (Yells)

Rose: Does he realize he's freaking annoying?

BELLICK: "79's your's Irondot. There'll be extra 3 CO's here cause of you. You otherside cell mate is the ole Westmoreland. (Uncuffing her) Get it.You're own personal cell Irondot. (Shoving her into the cell and walking away.)

Rose rubbed her wirst and her arm which were gona leave bruises. She quickily Look out seeing a big digital Clock that said 15:17 PM. She looked around and seeing no one she quickly rushed to the corner to where the toilet bowl was.

Rose quickily undid her pant and sat on the bowl and pulled her shirt down to desperatly hide her thigh skin. After she was done, she quickly wiped herself and flushed and wore her pants and zipped. Then she let out the breath she was holding not realizing how terrified she was.

She move two steps to the sink and washed her hands and suddenly she felt her face getting wet. She looked up to see the small square plate size mirror showing her face. Eyes full of tears.

Rose bend over the sink and stared splashing water and wash away the tears.

ROSE: I need you here mama. I'm scared. Please stay with me.

All of a sudden she got a warm feeling in her chest. She someewhat felt comforted.

CHARLES: "Hello."

ROSE: (Loud gasp. She turned around to see a old prison man dressed neatly holding onto a grey cat)

CHARLES: "I'm sorry, didn't mean to startle ya." (Politely smiling)

ROSE: (Deep breaths) Okay Rosie, he's a prisoner. Don't get on his bad side. Be nice. Make a friend. (Making sure her voice is a little deep) "Hello Sir."

CHARLES: (Chuckling) "Please drop the Sir my boy! I'm Charles Westmoreland, you must be Mr Irondot am i right?"

ROSE: Oh, the one that Pope was talking about, well he's nice. "Yes, Erm, Ross Mr Westmoreland."

CHARLES: "Oh please call me Charles or Moreland." (Stepping forward and sticking out his hand for a formal handshake)

Rose slowly shook his hand.

CHARLES: "Pope told me to guide you with the places, I'd be glad with that, you okay with that Boy?"

ROSE: "Yes Charles. Erm, What's his name?" (Pointing to his cat)

CHARLES: (Chuckling) "Her name is Marilyn."

ROSE: "Oh, how did you get her in here?"

CHARLES: "She's a grandfather, back in the days when prisoners were allowed a creature comfort or two."

ROSE: "That's nice. Would you like to sit?"

CHARLES: "Sure thanks boy."

And the both sat on the bottom bunk bed.

ROSE: "How long have you been in here?"

CHARLES: "Thirty-two long years." (Smiling sadly)

ROSE: "That sucks. Wow!"

CHARLES: (Chuckling) "Yes, WOW! Tell me boy, how old are you?"

ROSE: "21."

CHARLES: "Whatever did you do boy?"

ROSE: (Looks at Marilyn)

CHARLES: "It's okay boy, I won't force you."

ROSE: "Thanks Charles."

Then there was a loud siren. Rose flinched and stood up.

CHARLES: (Chuckling) "Relax and sit boy. It's just the alert. It's 3.30 already. The other will be coming back from the yard."

ROSE: "Others?" (Gulping)

CHARLES: "Relax boy, the CO's are always here. Don't worry. We can talk till 5.30. Here i bought you this book. Hope you like it."

ROSE: (Looks at the book that was now in her hand) A Series of Unfortunate Events; BOOK 1 'The bad begining.' "Thanks Charles."

CHARLES: "You're welcome. Now, it's time for Marilyn's bath. I have to wipe her. I'll be back later. Okay boy?"

ROSE: (Glup down, fear of being alone.) "Sure Charles, Take your time. Bye Marilyn!" (Petting the cat) I'm so screwed.

Charles nodded and left her cell only to go to the next one. That was when Rose reaslized how stupid she was to be scared when Charles was only next door, Well next cell. Take deep breaths to calm herself she removed her shoes and placed them on the floor.

She moved back into the bed and curled to the corner facing the cell gate she sat indian stlye and began to read the story about three unforunate children. Her eyes offtern snapping up to the gate to whom ever walked past.



SUCRE: "What's another word for love?"

MICHAEL: "What's the context? (Looks at him)

SUCRE: "Oh you know, the I love you so much I ain't never knockin over another liquor store again context. Except, you know…but classy."

MICHAEL: (Amused) "Hmmmm."

SUCRE: "I'm proposin to my girlfriend if you gotta know."

MICHAEL: "In a letter?"

SUCRE: "You gotta better way?!"

MICHAEL: "Face to face works pretty good."

SUCRE: (Turning to look at Michael.) "This place ain't exactly the romantic spot. I'm gonna have her get on the Stanton Island ferry. Then once she's near the Empire State building she opens the letter." (Gets excited and snaps his fingers.) "It's almost like being there." (Michael smiles bemusedly at him.) "Except for the fact that I won't be there." (Turns back to the letter.)

MICHAEL: (Looking out again, he sees the pet lover/D.B.Cooper walking out of a cell to the cell beside. Going in and placing his pet in the sink) "Try passion."

SUCRE: "Oh passion, that's dope." (Sounds it out.) "How do you spell that? P-a-s-h."

MICHAEL: (Shakes head) "Uhu." (Looks at the other cell to see someone sitting indian style but he couldn't see the whole body and turns away)


[INT-Roes's Cell-Day]

Rose read and read. The more she read about the unfortunate children, the more fortunate she felt. After reading about ten pages Charles came back and they began chatting about how life would be in prison.

As they were talking there was the loud siren again.

CHARLES: "Time for dinner boy."

ROSE: "I've never had dinner this early."

CHARLES: "Most newcomers tend to get hungry in the middle of the night. They would give you a fruit and a cream cracker. Don't eat those. Just stuff them in your pocket and when you get hungry at night you can eat them."

ROSE: "Oh, thanks for the tip." Should i ask him if i could sit with him during dinner? 'NO! Don't go all clingy! That's not how guys behave!

Rose quickily slipped on her shoes and fastern the laces. Then she followed Charles to the prison cafeteria. Slowly she got into a line. And a buff looking CO smiled at her and passed her a plastic tray.

Rose smiled back. She then noticed then Charles was moving past. Thinking quickliy and not wanting to make the people behind her yell she moved quickily and a palm size loaf fell on her tray.

Moving on the people who were probably the cooks, on of them placed a plate on her tray and another one droped a big scope of chicken with gravy. She smiled and moved to a obese looking man scope a big portion of fried rice with mixed vegetables on her plate beside her chicken.

ROSE: What kind of combination is this? Loaf with chicken and gravy, where does the rice fit in?

Rose walk over to have an CO place an apple and the packet of biscuit on her tray. Finally she moved to the last person to have him pass her a mineral water bottle. She grabbed it and moved to the futherest table and placed her tray and bottle on the table and sat.

Looking around to see Charles eating his food, and Marilyn eating in another plate. She picked up her fork and spoon and scoped a small side of the rice pushed away the mushy looking peas and took a bite.

ROSE: (Eating) This isn't that bad. Lets try the chicken.

She began eating not noticing how hungry she was. She pinched a small portion of a the bread dipped it in the greavy and ate it.

ROSE: A little sour but it's okay. Not good but okay.

Then someone came and sat at the table she was seated at. A slightly buff looking african american. She found herself thinking hard.

ROSE: I know this guy, i've seen him somewhere! Where?

C-NOTE: "Whatchu lookin at freshy?" (Frowning)

ROSE: "I know you!"

C-NOTE: "It's Fox River Freshy, Everybody's gonna know eveybody!" (He then continued eating)

ROSE: "No shit! You're Franklin!" (Almost happy)

C-NOTE: (Annoyed) "You're god damned point."

ROSE: "You're Franklin's father!"

C-NOTE: "What?" (Confused)

ROSE: "Dede! That's it! Dede Franklin's Dad? Aren't you?"

C-NOTE: (Smiling) "You know my lil girl?"

ROSE: "Yeah I know her. Mrs Franklin let Dede with my mom so that she could go to work. I've seen you're picture in Dede's purse."

C-NOTE: (Smiling even bigger) "Really? That's awesome man. Hey you can call me C-Note like everybody eles."

ROSE: "C-Note?"

C-NOTE: "Name's Benjamin Franklin! Ya know the guy on the cash note."

ROSE: "That makes sense! I'm Ross Irondot."

C-NOTE: "Why you in here freshy?"

ROSE: (Looks at her food)

C-NOTE: "Alright man, don't go all emo on me. Chill, how long you got?"

ROSE: "Seven years. What about you?"

C-NOTE: "Eight fuckin years. This ain't cool man, it's like a shit hole here. Sometimes with the shitty race riots." (Talked witha full mouth)

ROSE: "Race riot? (Nervously) What do you mean?"

C-NOTE: (Laughing) "Ya'll know. Blacks and whites. Race man!"

ROSE: "Are you serious? Does the colour still matter in this century?"

C-NOTE: (Laughing) "Welcome to prison freshy."

After eting her rice she couldn't eat any more chicken. She stuffed her apple in her jacket pocket and her biscuit in her pants pocket.

C-NOTE: "Aren't you gonna finish that kid?"

Rose saw C-note point to her half eaten loaf and chicken.

ROSE: "You can have em."

C-NOTE: "Dun mind if i do." (And he began eating Rose's leftovers)

GUY: "Yo man, what you doin with newbie?" (An afirican american asked him. Behind him stood a told of four other afirican americans)

ROSE: Right Rosie, don't panic. Just stay out of their way like Pope said.

C-NOTE: "Kid's cool man!"

The guys laughing quietly.

GUY: "How cool?"

C-NOTE: "Freshy knows mah family, so he's okay."

GUY: "Cool! Yo i'm Bubble!"

ROSE: "Erm, I'm Ross Irondot."

BUBBLE: "Cool!" (Walking away)

ROSE: "See you C-Note."

C-NOTE: "You're cool Irondot! Yo mama took care of my lil girl, I got your back man! Chill!"

ROSE: (Smiling) "Thanks C-Note." Never in my life i thought i would meet someone i know in prison. Which is by the way a good news 'cause homies got mah back!' Okay Rosie, never talk like that ever again.

Walking out of the cafeteria towards the cells Rose saw an officer with the name tag Hudson smile at her. She smiled back and walked into her cell and removed her apple and biscuit and set it on the small table with had a small notepad and a pencil.

She took off her jacket and kicked of her shoes before placing them beside the table. She folded her jacket and put it on top of her grey box which contained her clothes and her girly panites and sanitary pads. She then sat o n her bed.

ROSE: My first day in prison. (Chuckling) That sounds odd. Well at least i didn't make any enimies. I made two friends. Charles and C-NOTE. God dammit Rosie! This isn't 5th grade where you go making friends. This is the goddammed prison!"

She laid in heer bed doing nothing and then finally she got bored she got off her bed and went and peeped out to see the time.


ROSE: Fuck! Only 6?! Ughh! I better go take a shower.

Rose stood by the gate hoping to catch some CO's eye and finally CO Hudson came.

BOB: "Is there a problem?" (Softly)

ROSE: "No, no. I just wanted to talk a shower."

BOB: "Sure, no problem. Just grab you're stuff and I'll take you to the ole staff loo." (Smiling)

ROSE: "Thank you." Rose went and took her new clothes and carefully roled her undies in the towel and placed it in the zip lock bag and took her took brush and bar of soap and placed it in the bag.

BOB: "Ready?"

ROSE: "Yes sir."

BOB: (Chuckling) "You can call me Bob."

Smiled and cuffed her and begin walking her to the staff's block. Just as they were reaching the door Bubble came.

BUBBLE: "Yo Badge, where you takin my homie?"

Rose smiled at Bubble.

BOB: "I'm escorting Mr Iorndot to the staff's building to use one of the staff's toilet."

ROSE: Is he for real? Why the hell is he explaining himself to a con?

BUBBLE: "Ya'll serious or what? What up man? Why you going to the staff's shit?" (Looking at Rose)

Unable to answer him, Rose was panicking.

BOB: "He has Agoraphobia." (Pulling Rose away leaving a confused Bubble behind)

When reaching the bathroom

ROSE: "Thanks for that back there Bob."

BOB: "No problem Ross."

ROSE: "What's agoragaphobia?"

BOB: "Agoraphobia! Not being able to stay in the same room with lots of people."

ROSE: (Laughing) "Thanks, i'm gonna have to remember that."

BOB: "20 minutes." (Smiling)

ROSE: "Thanks Bob."

After Rose took her shower Bob bought her back to her cell. It was like almost 6.50 by the time she came back to her cell. She arraged her stuff and stood near the gates. Watching guys have endless talk.

Then she felt someone staring at her. She looked staright to see icy blue eyes watching her. The man's eyes widened with suprise like he was caught. She felt so small under his gaze that she went back and sat on her bed and started reading until the 9.30pm cell lock.

She slowly went to the cornor and took off her pants and changed into the dark sweats almost two size bigger. She got on her bunk bed and took the pillow from the top bunk and kept it with her.

ROSE: "One for the head and one for huggies." (Laughing and realizing that she was talking to herself.

She got onto her bed and got ready to sleep. Rose was used to loud noise. She could sleep through an earthquake. The moment she closed her eyes she was out.


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