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My Breakout With Cons - 2 Allen

Script By: JellyWinchester
Fan fiction

Read Part 1 - Pilot, before reading this.

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KATIE: "Rose."

ROSE: "Mama?"

KATIE: "Be strong."

ROSE: "How? You're dead mama. You're dead."

KATIE: "Fight back."

ROSE: "I can't mama. I need you. Miss you."

KATIE: "Miss you too love."

ROSE: "I'm in prison."

KATIE: "I love you."

End of dream

Rose gasped and woke up. She heard the loud siren and the opening of the cell gates. She let out a breathless sigh.

ROSE: Wish the dream was longer.

Rose got out of bed and went to brush her teeth. She looked at the table and saw her uneaten apple and biscuit.

ROSE: (Softly) "Apple still looks good."

The she heard footsteps.

BELLICK: "Irondot. Hurry it up. I'm takin ya to the loo."

ROSE: "Yes boss."

Rose quickily wiped her face and grabbed her stuff. Bellick cuffed her hands and started pulling her. While she was walking she banged into someone.

T-BAG: "Watch where- Whoa, Newbie?" (He asked with a sickly smirk)

Rose immediately knew that he might be one of the troublemakers.

BELLICK: "Move it T-Bag."

Rose's eyes snapped to Bellick then to T-Bag.

ROSE: This is T-Bag? Oh great, I'm so screwed.

T-BAG: "Whoa, hold up Boss, just tryin to be friendly ya know. What's ya name kitty?"

ROSE: (Frowning) "Not kitty."

And he gladly let Bellick pull her away. While walking,

BELLICK: "Ya know, many people keep out of T-Bag's way. Didn't Pope tell ya bout him?"

ROSE: "He did boss, I just didn't like him calling me that."

As they reached out the toilet, Bellick uncuffed her.

BELLICK: "Bad news Irondot, ya just made his badside." (Pushing her into the toilet) "10 Minutes"

Rose shut the door with a srewed up reaction. She quickly took her shower and went out with CO Bob waiting for her and they begin walking.

ROSE: "Morning Bob."

BOB: "Good morning Rose."

ROSE: "Better not let anyone hear that."

BOB: "I'm sorry."

ROSE: "Oh no. Don't be. It's okay."

BOB: "You know, you only a year older then my daughter."

ROSE: "Really? That's nice. Thanks for escorting me back. You know I'd be happy if you're escorting me instead of Bellick." (She said as she reached her cell)

BOB: (Shyly) "Thanks Rose, er Ross."

Rose smiled to Bob and from the side of her eye she caught T-Bag looking at her. Her smiled dropped. Just as Bob was about to leave,

ROSE: "Bob!"

BOB: "Yes?"

ROSE: "Stay here please."

BOB: "Sure, is there a problem?"

ROSE: "Yes."

BOB: "You want me to call for back up?"

ROSE: "No! Just stay here. Don't turn, but T-Bag's looking at me."

Rose said softly and saw a flick of sudden change in his face.

ROSE: Is he scared? "Bob, you alright?"

BOB: "Yes. I'm okay. You can go in. I'll wait out you cell."

ROSE: "Thank you Bob." (Moving into her cell)

Rose began washing her dirty landry when she heard,

CHARLES: "Morning Ross!"

Rose turned and saw Charles looking neat as ever holding onto Marilyn.

ROSE: "Morning Charles. Have a seat."

CHARLES: "I saw Bellick draggin you. Then i saw you bump into T-Bag. Everything okay son?"

ROSE: (Looking at Marilyn) "Yeah, Bellick got him away from me but told me that i just made T-Bag's bad side."

CHARLES: "Don't worry boy, you'll be fine. Be brave. Where did Bellick drag you to?"

ROSE: "To the old staff toilet. For my personal shower." (Before Charles could ask her) "I have Agoraphobia. Can't stay beside people on certain extends."

CHARLES: (Smiling) "Understandable. But why is the Badge outside near our cell?"

ROSS: "I'm kinda also being on a 24/7 watch. I told the Badge that T-Bag's looking at me so he said he'll said he'll wait out."

CHARLES: "You're on a lot of trouble boy."

Rose let out a small laugh.

ROSE: "Oh yeah, I also wanted to thank you for your book. It's an awesome story."

CHARLES: "Oh that's alright. You know the rich people donate their books in prison and Pope always lets me have them. This book doesn't end here, there's 12 other books continuing this."

ROSE: "Really? That's great. May i?"

CHARLES: "Sure boy. You'r welcomed anytime."

After endless of talk both of them left for breakfast.

ROSE: God i'm starving!

GUY: "Wassup lil guy?"

Rose turned to see a very tall guy standing next to her. Beside him stood another two. She recognized them as they were C-Note and Bubble's friend.

ROSE: "Morning."

And the four moved to get their breakfast. She saw the guys asking the prison cooks for extra toppings. It was funny how scared the cooks were and they would just pile up the guys plates.

Rose politely asked for two slices of bread and the a packet jam and packet butter. Just then she saw Bubble come over and stand beside her. The guy who placed the Jam and Butter on her tray took another Jam packet and placed it on her tray.

She smiled widely to Bubble and he just punched her shoulder. She staggered back a few steps only to be caught by someone. She turned and saw the blue eyed guy looking at her and the blacks.

ROSE: "Thanks."

MICHAEL: (Nods) "Welcome." (Walking away)

GUY: "Later lil guy."

ROSE: "Wait! Guys wait!"

The guys and Bubble all stopped and looked down to her. She gave a small uneasy laugh.

ROSE: "Never got your names. Except Bubble."

The guy who called her lil guy introduced himself first.

COCO: "Names Coco."

BIG-ELMO: "Yo I'm Big Elmo." (Ross nodded)

ROSE: "I'm Ro-"

BUBBLE: "Ross! We know homie. Yo mama got C-Note's lil girl's back we got yours man."

ROSE: "Thanks."

COCO: "Just stay in your cell when the riot's up."

ROSE: (Eyes wide) "What riot?"

The guys just burst out laughing making the whole cafeteria turn and look at them. Rose felt her cheeks heat up when she saw the blue eye guy looking at her. She her attention to the guys and,

ROSE: What's so funny about a riot guys?"

BUBBLE: "Chill man, nuthin's funny bout riot, you're the funny one. See lil guy, this riot is between us and the milks."

ROSE: "You mean white and blacks? Like a race riot?"

She got a couple of 'yups' and 'yeahs'.

ROSE: "What's is up with everyone and skin?" (She asked sadly)

ELMO: "It's prison for you man. Later homie."

She nodded bye and scanned the cafeteria for an empty table only to catch T-Bag looking at her giving her the suggestive smirk. She glared at him and saw Charles and marilyn. She walked over there and,

ROSE: "Hey Charles, mind if i join you?"

CHARLES: "Hey, no, sure sit son!" (After Rose sat, he looked at her tray and smiled) "You sure you'll be fine with only bread kid?"

ROSE: "Erm, yes. I never really used to breakfast when i was out."

CHARLES: "And why is that?"

ROSE: (Laughing) "Well i would always get up late and i would always rush to school, no time for breakfast" (Biting onto her bread with Butter and extra Jam) "I'd mostly have a cup of milk only. Sometimes no even that."

CHARLES: "Well that ain't healthy. Tell me son did you go to college?"

ROSE: "Yes!" (Proudly) "I excelled in high school and i got into an computer engineering course. I went to Harvard University and got my Masters."

CHARLES: "That is big kid. You're parents must have been proud."

ROSE: (Smiles sadly and looks at her jam.)

CHARLES: "I'm sorry boy, I didn't mean to."

ROSE: "No, it's alright. They both not alive. My dad was a firemen. He died saving 20 people's live."

CHARLES: "I'm sorry. You must be proud to have a father like him."

ROSE: (Nods) "My mama." (Looks up to Charles) "Her abusive boyfriend killed her. I came back home to find him hitting her with a vase. Then he charged towards me. I kinda ran into the kitchen and before i know it i wad stabbing him everywhere." (Looks at tray) "Then I surrendered to the cops."

CHARLES: "And they throw you in here for self-defence?"

ROSE: ( Smiling) "Judge seem to hate me." She still does.

CHARLES: (Laughing) "Judges hate everyone except thier judgement."

ROSE: (Laughing) "True! True!"

CHARLES: "Say boy, I can' help but notice, you friends with the black inmates?"

ROSE: "Please tell me you're not racist?"

CHARLES: (Smiling) "I'm not. They kinda push away all they inmate who have light skin."

ROSE: "I noticed. But they're nice. Tall but nice."

CHARLES: (Laughing out loud) "You're short boy."

ROSE: Acually girl. "Yeah. I'm like 5'1"

MICHAEL: "That is short." (Coming and standing beside her with an amused look)

ROSE: (Wide eyed looking at the tall figure)

CHARLES: "Hey Michael. Ross this is Michael Scofield. Scofield, this Ross Irondot."

Michael then held out his hand to Rose. Rose slowly slipped her hand into his. She felt her hand small against his. Just as they gripped she felt some kind of current flow into her spine.

She pulled back her hand and saw Michael with a shock expression in his face.

ROSE: Did he feel it too?

CHARLES: "You okay boy?" (Asking Michael)

MICHAEL: "Yeah, You up for a game later on?" (Eyes on Rose)

CHARLES: "Sure Michael. I see you later."

MICHAEL: "Later." (Eyes on Rose before walking away)

Rose felt full.

CHARLES: "You comin to the yard boy?"

ROSE: "No, I'm going back to the cell. I kinda want to read the book." (Smiling) "So i guess i'll see you later?" (Standing up)

CHARLES: "Later son." (Conitnued eating)

Rose walked towards the cell and when she was about to reach someone banged into her. And that person dropped something. Rose bend down to pick up something that looked like an ID Card.

She passed it to the muscular looking middle aged man. John Abruzzi looked somewhat surprised to see a little boy pick up his PI Card for him.

JOHN: (Taking the card) "Thanks kid. I didn't watch where i was going. What's your name son?" (Walking together with Rose)

ROSE: "I'm Ross. Ross Irondot. Yourself?"

JOHN: "John Abruzzi."

ROSE: "Abruzzi? You're the Mob Boss?" (Wide eyed)

JOHN: (Smiling) "Glad to know i'm still famous. How old are you boy?"

ROSE: (Smiling) "21. What's a PI?"

JOHN: "Prison Industry. Work program for us cons. I kinda run it now."

ROSE: "Run it? Like incharge?" (John nods) "What kinda of work?" (Stopping outside her cell)

JOHN: "Ohh you know like fixing, painting, cleaning and carrying stuffs. You intrested kid?"

ROSE: "Well it would be nice to do something rather then staying in the cell all day." (Smiling politely)

JOHN: "I can get you one of these" (Fanning the card) "And you can work."

ROSE: "You might fire me 10 minutes to the job John. I can't even lift a stack off rice when doing the stupid groceries out there."

JOHN: (Laughing) "You can do the small jobs little fella." (Patting on the back)

ROSE: "Do you trust me enough to get me a job?" (Confused)

JOHN: (Smirking) "I know the good guy to the bad guy. I'll get you one of these kid." (Walking off)

ROSE: "Thanks John." (She called out and when into her cell took off her shoes and jacket and sat on her bed and started reading the book about the unfortunate children.

After reading and reading she finally reached the middle part of the book. Closing it she began to think, why in the world people would want to tortue children.

That book made her heart swell even though she knew it was fiction. She sighed loudly and started thinking about her life.

ROSE: Second day in prison and i've already manage to catch T-Bag's eye. What a creep? Effin hate that loser. I'm never really against people for their gender or sexuality, but this guy! He raped children and still do raped younger men in prison.What a creep! Like hell i'm even talking to him.

ROSE: And this JOHN! He was the boss. Why is he okay with me? It's like he trusts me. This is fucked up!

ROSE: And C-Note and his friends. The only reason they're even talking to me is cause i knew his family and my mama babysat Dede.

ROSE: And Michael! I don't even know where to start with this guy! The way he looks at me. Ugh. He like freaking gorgeous. BUT he's a convict too. I mean i can start to feel something for him.

ROSE: He might be straight! I'am straight too which is why he wouldn't look at a girl in disguise of a boy. But if he does look at a girl in disguise of a boy, which is me, then he's not straight. BUT i'm straight. It's like i can't have him either ways.

ROSE: Whoa! Wait a minute! Have him? GOD NO! Rosie! You're not liking this guy. You're in prison! So is he. Which means he's a PRISONER! Bad guy. Convict. You're not supposed to think of anything about him. Just stay away from him.

ROSE: Okay now i'm really bored! I should go to the yard. I mean i've never been there. Hope it's not to scary.

Rose stood up and streched. She went near to the toilet and quickily did her business and changed into her long sleeve grey shirt and wore she blue shirt. She slipped onto her shoes and left her cell.

CO: "Yard?"

ROSE: (Turning to see a CO. talking to her and she nodded) "This way right?"

CO: "Yes. I'll inform the the Badge in enterance of the gate that you'll be coming."

ROSE: (Smiling) "Thank you." Well at least they're keeping an eye out for me.


Upon reaching the yard, she saw that it was such a happening. She walked over to the cornor enjoying the limited sun shine. She sat at one of the bench again enjoying the wind and sun.


Rose quickily slipped onto her clothes running and grabbing her skateboard and running into the kitchen. Ripping the fridge open to get herself orange juice. She took off the cap and glupped down the juice.


ROSE: (Sprays out the juice) "Mama! Don't do that!"

KATIE: "How many time do i have to tell you? Use a cup!"

ROSE: "Right, right, gotta go mama. Love ya!"

KATIE: "Love you too, wear a jacket!!!"

Rose doesn't answer as she ran out of her house and started skateboarding until she reached the skatepark.

SPENCER: "Rose! You're late again man!"

ROSE: "I know, i'm here now okay!"

SPENCER: "Does alarm clock ring a bell to you?"

ROSE: "Are we gona talk or skate?" (Smirking)

Rose looked around to see the place full of her friends. They owned this park. She saw half-pipes, quarter pipes, spine transfers, handrails, funboxes, vert ramps, pyramids, banked ramps, full pipes, pools, bowls and the snake runs stairsets.

Smiling widely she made her way to the Vert ram. Upon reaching the top she looked up and felt the hot sun burning as well as the strong wind. She steadied her footing and dropped in.

End of flashback

Rose snapped back to reality when she heard someone talk to her. She looked up and saw none other than T-Bag and another funny looking guy tagging on his pocket.

ROSE: Great! Just effin great.

T-BAG: "Hey kitty. Why you sitting here all alone?"

Rose didn't answer him. Instead she folding and unfolding her hanky.

T-BAG: "Now, now don't be sad. You know you can always join me over there." (Pointing to the other side of the bench)

Rose looked over to where he was pointing and then ignored him again.

T-BAG: "Now, come on. Don't be quiet."

ROSE: "What do you want T-Bag?"

T-BAG: "It's not what i want kitty, it's want you can have."

ROSE: (Confused) "Have what?"

T-BAG: "Protection of course my dear kitty. From the Rugheads of course."

ROSE: (She felt herself going pissed) "What did you say?"

T-BAG: "Ya know, those bunch of African Americans. They got the numbers alright. So they think they can do as they please. We got one thing they don't. Surprise!"

ROSE: Is he serious? Rugheads? My ex boyfriend was a hot black!!! How could people like him still exsist? No wonder people hate him. Racist bitch!

T-BAG: "We gonna take them real soon. It's gonna be nasty for a first timer like you SO that's why i'm offering the protection Kitty."

ROSE: God! Get him away from me. Where's C-NOTE? Where's Bubble and the guys? Where John the BOSS??? Where are the fucking CO.'s???

T-BAG: "All you gotta do is take this (Slaps the Maytag's hand off) pocket right here and your life'll be peaches and cream. (Maytag reclaims the pocket) I walk, u walk with me. Keep real close so no one up in here can hurt you."

ROSE: "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm keeping out of this riot."

T-BAG: "Oh no sweet kitty, no one can keep you outta this riot unless you have back up."

ROSE: "Look T-Bag, I know what you're offering and let me say this clearly okay? I'm not intrestred. I'm straight. I've a girlfriend back home" That's a total lie. "I don't want anything to do with you. So just leave me alone."

MAYTAG: "Don't talk to him like that ass!"

T-Bag slaps Maytag in the face then ruffles his hair and smirks at Rose.

T-BAG: "You don't know what you're lossing here Kitty. I'm sure i'm better than your girl."

ROSE: (Sighed loudly) "Go away T-Bag, just go away."

T-BAG: "Or what kitty?"

BUBBLE: "Or i'mma bust your ass Homo!"

Rose looked up to see Bubble, Elmo and Coco standing tall and looking at T-Bag and Maytag.

ELMO: "Yo lil guy, this homo bugging you?"

COCO: "I'mma shove my foot down your milky ass if you don't get the fuck outta here!"

T-BAG: "Just making a friendship bond with the newbies boys, no need to feel jealous."

Rose stood up and stood in between the two of them and also catching the eyes of Michael and Charles who stopped playing their games and looking over to Rose.

ROSE: "Guys please. Don't fight. Go away T-Bag."

BUBBLE: "And take your girlfriend with you."

That did it. Rose let out a stiffled laughter only to see T-Bag and Maytag glaring down at her.

T-BAG: "You watch out kitty."

Rose's eyes widerend.

BUBBLE: "Yo man you gotta problem? Wassup man?"

T-BAG: (Walking over to the other side of the bench) "I'm coming for you kitty!"

C-NOTE: "Get the fuck away dickfuck!"

T-Bag glared at everyone before walking away with Maytag tagging with him.

COCO: "Yo lil man, you okay? Your shakin!"

Rose look down to herself to see that she was terrified. She then let out a laughter.

ROSE: "You guys really got my back." (Smiling nervously)

C-NOTE: "Relax kid." (Laughing with the guys)

ROSE: "Hey Benjamin, how do i stay out of a race riot?"

The guys just burst out laughing. COCO was the worst. He was rolling on the floor. Everyone was looking at them.

BUBBLE: "You can't man. You beat or you get beaten man."

ELMO: (Calming himself) "Or killed."

ROSE: "I' don't want to fight."

C-NOTE: "Damn i didn't notice that. Just stay in your cell kid." (Smiling)

And that set the guys out again.

ROSE: "Boooo, you guys are mean."

BUBBLE: "Mean? Man what are you chick?"

ROSE: (Froze) "NO! See what i mean?" (Smiling)

C-NOTE: "Damn kid. Later."

ROSE: "Bye guys."

Rose sat back down enjoying the sun again when

CO.: "Alright, back up everyone. Back to the cell."

ROSE: Great.

[INT-Rose's Cell-Day]

Rose sat on her lay on her bed doing nothing for the last 20 minutes. She propped up her pillow and saw the other inmates. They were also locked in. Some were talking, playing, exerising, reading and even dancing.

She looked straight to cell number 40 to see Michael looking at his hand. She set up on her bed looking closely only to notice that his hand was heavily tattooed. She was using a mirror to look at his elbow.

ROSE: "What the hell?"

Then Michael took something that seems like a pen and started writing it down in the notepad. Then she saw him talk to his cellmate who ran to the gates and looked everywhere before running back in.

Then suddenly there was this loud siren heard and the inmate in most of the cells started throwing out stuff. She saw Michael's cellmate to the same. She saw him say something to Michael and he went and took something underneath their table.

It looked like some kind of a sharp took. She got off her bed to see the pathway to her cell was full of contrabands. She look straight to cell 40 to see Bellick approching it with full force. She was about to yell to Michael 'don't' when Michael and his cellmate were caught redhanded by Bellick.

She waited and saw them talking wishing she could know what was going to happen. Then she saw Pope walking to Michael's cell and talk with them.

ROSE: God, why am i worried? I should care what happens to them, to him. Right?"

BOB: "Hey Ross!"

ROSE: "Hey Bob, what is going on?"

BOB: "Spot check on inmates. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about."

ROSE: "No, but what's going on with Michael's?" (Pointing to cell 40 only to see CO. escorting Michael's cellmate out.)

BOB: "They must have kept something. Contraband maybe a tool for the riot everyone's talking about."

ROSE: "Oh."

BOB: "Right, I'm gona have to check your cell."

ROSE: "Sure Bob."

Bob opened her cell and gave everything a quick check.

BOB: "All clean."

And locked her back before leaving.

Soon after everyone got a anouncment about the lockdown with no food till next morning. Rose smiled to herself as she saw her untouched apple and biscuit packet.


ROSE: (Mummbling) "Breakfast again."

Grabbing a tray she walked aover to the futherest side and got herself s bowl of cerel and milk with a juice cartoon and sat at an empty table and stared eating.

MICHAEL: "Mind if i sit?"

ROSE: (Gasp) "Whoa! Er sure, yeah."

MICHAEL: (Smiling) "Sorry."

ROSE: (Blushing) "It's okay. Maybe a little warning would be nice."

MICHAEL: "You friends with C-Note."

ROSE: "Yes, he's a nice person."

MICHAEL: "Nice?"

ROSE: Crap! "You know. Like okay."

MICHAEL: (Amused) "How old are you?

ROSE: "21. You?"

MICHAEL: (Tying to hide a smile but failing) " 31"

ROSE: "What's so funny?" (Confused)

MICHAEL: "You. I'm mean you're like, being polite. Chicks talk like that."

ROSE: "People don't have to be chicks to have manners."

MICHAEL: "There you go again." (Smiling and eating)

ROSE: "You're mocking me."

MICHAEL: (Serious) "No." (Smiling) "Yeah."

ROSE: (Smiling) "Jerk!"

MICHAEL: "Did you know that if you had long hair and maybe you wear pink, you gonna be mistaken for a girl."

ROSE: Holy fuck! Shit shit shit! "Now you're just being rude."

MICHAEL: "Sorry, just sorry."

ROSE: "It's okay."

MICHAEL: "So why they put you in Fox River?"

ROSE: "Doing something against the law." (Mummbling)

MICHAEL: "That's why everyone's here. Did you mug someone?"

ROSE: "Did you?"

MICHAEL: "Robbed a bank." (Proudly)

ROSE: "You wanted millions?"

MICHAEL: "Sort of. How about you?" (Smirking)

ROSE: This is not the time for my heart to beat so loudly. "You're not letting this go until i tell you right?"

MICHAEL: "Nope!" (Still with the beautiful smirk)

ROSE: (Sigh) "I killed a guy. They throw me here. End of story."

MICHAEL: "Sounds fair. You're also with picking on sides?"

ROSE: (Rolling her eyes) "Are you serious? The color of human skin is just a beautiful creation. People who use this as an excuse to divide themselves like cats and dogs are just stupid and brainless. Beneath the skin, we all have the same blood.People need to realise that." (Continued eating)

MICHAEL: "Very wise, Ross." (Impressed)

JOHN: "Very well said kid." (Joining them)

ROSE: "John, hey. Erm this is-"

JOHN: "Scofield!" (Slightly glaring)

MICHAEL: "Abruzzi." (Smirking)

ROSE: "Okay." (Awkward)

JOHN: (Looking at Rose) "I've asked Bellick to get you into PI, kid. You won't have to be lazyin round after that." (Smirking at Michael)

ROSE: (Looking at Michael's smile gone) "Thanks John."

JOHN: "Later kid."

ROSE: "Bye." (As John walked away)

MICHAEL: "He's getting you in PI?"

ROSE: "Yeah. I told him i would get bored and he said that he runs this PI and he might eb able to get me in. I even told him that i might not last long on the job but he said that he'd get me one."

MICHAEL: "Hmmm."

ROSE: "What's going on between you both?"

MICHAEL: "What makes you think there's something?"

ROSE: "Even a blind man can sense the tension between you two! So what's going on?"

MICHAEL: "You'll find out soon Ross."

ROSE: Even a fake name sounds nice when it's coming from him.

MICHAEL: (Sees Rose staring at him) "You okay?"

ROSE: (Blushing) "Yeah, I'm okay."

MICHAEL: "What happened yesterday? Saw a crowd with you."

ROSE: "Just some guy trying make me take sides.

MICHAEL: "Are you?"

ROSE: "No."


ROSE: "I'm done. I'll see you later i guess."

MICHAEL: "Yeah sure." (Continued eating)

ROSE: (Standing up) "Erm Michael?"


ROSE: "Look out T-Bag. He's dangerous." (Walking away going to the yard)


Rose sat at the same place and enjoyed the view. Then she saw Michael coming in view. But then he headed the other direction. To T-Bag's bench.

ROSE: What the fuck?

She saw him as he tried to act normal like he was just relaxing in a new spot but she could see that he was nervous. Very nervous. He got to the top site and sat. Waited. The she noticed his right hand was moving. Like he was working or tapping something on the bench.

Rose saw another inmate talk with him. But that didn't stop him from doing whatever he was doing. Then she saw T-Bag with his girlfriend approching him. Some words were exchanged and Michael stand up only for T-Bag guesturing him to sit back.

ROSE: Michael! What the hell are you doing? Didn't i tell you to watch out for T-Bag? Ughh that creep is never gonna leave you now because of your gorgeousness. Ughhhh!

Rose saw T-Bag slap of his girlfriend's hold on his pocket and show his other pocket to Michael.

ROSE: Don't take it Michael!He's a fucking creep! He's raped many people! Don't let him touch you!

She saw them exchange more word then finally she saw Michael stopped moving his hand on the bench and walked away from the crowd. The she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

CO: "Irondot!"

Rose turned and looked at the CO that called her.

CO: "Infirmary! Move it lets go!!"

Rose sighed and followed the CO.


Upon reaching the infirmary she saw doctor tancredi writing down some notes.

SARA: "Hey Rose! Ross! I mean Ross."

ROSE: "It's cool doctor tancredi."

SARA: "Please call me Sara, Ross. Now are you sure you okay with the tablets? Cause from what i've read and your reports a blood tranfusion sounds like a better idea."

ROSE: "No. I'm very okay with pills." (Nervously)

SARA: "Alright." (Hands her the pills)

The rest of the day went hazy with Rose. She just remember having lunch with Charles and Marilyn. Then going off to take a shower. After the shower she was walking back to her cell when she saw C-Note hang his hand around her.

C-NOTE: "Follow me." (Quietly)

A few seconds standing in the quiet place Rose saw Michael come in the picture.

C-NOTE: "Cha, what's up snowflake? (Moves in to give him a friendly hug, but shoulder punches him to the wall instead. Rose lets out a gasp His men come out of nowhere and materialize to hold Michael there. Michael struggles, scared.)

ROSE: (Scared)"Benjamin what are you doing?"

Michael looks at her for a second but turns his attention to C-Note.

C-NOTE: "You think I'm a fool?"

MICHAEL: "What are you talking about?"

C-NOTE: " I see you out there with the arryies. You know, I gotta good mind to slash you open right now."

ROSE: "Erm guys, can we not fight."

C-NOTE: "Lil guy, this snowflake ain't gotta be trusted. He's groupies with T-Homo-Bag."

ROSE: (Disapointed) I can't believe this. "Michael, is he telling the truth?" Why do i feel hurt?

MICHAEL: "No Ross!" (Pleading eyes) "It's not what you think. He's got something I need."

C-NOTE: "Now see that's funny, cause I got something you need too." (Shakes the bottle in his face) "You want Pugnac fish?" (He uncaps the bottle and pours the pills into his hand) "Right here baby." (C-Note throws the empty bottle onto the floor) "Look white boy, your luck just ran out. You choose the wrong side."

Michael gets a slap on the cheek from Coco as they leave.

C-NOTE: "Later kid."

Rose nods to them but stays. Michael looks at the pill bottle, and then turns around, pissed off. Unable to control it, he punches the bars.

ROSE: "You okay?"

MICHAEL: "I didn't choose sites. And even if i didn't, it won't be with T-Bag." (Looking at Rose)

ROSE: Why do i feel like he's telling the truth? "From what i can see, it's not easy to gain trust Michael. C-Note may seem a little aggressive but he'll help you if you don't damage the trust he puts in you."

Michael doesn't saw anything but looks to te floor.

ROSE: "What's Pugnac? Why do you need it?"

MICHAEL: "Nothing important to you Irondot." (Walking away)

ROSE: Oh wait a minute, I try to be nice and you walk away? You freaking jerk! I can't believe i felt sorry for you! C-Note must have punched you in the face you dick! (Walking towards the other direction)

C-NOTE: "That was nice words you put in there for me kid."

ROSE: (Gasp!) "God dammit. Don't do that! What is it with everyone sneaking up on me?"

C-NOTE: (Laughing) "I didn't scare ya, you're just a girl!"

ROSE: (Smiling nervously) "Haha."

C-NOTE: (Serious) "Cut the act girl. My wife told me everything."

ROSE: "What are you talking about Benjamin?" (Acting normal)

C-NOTE: (Looks at her) "I have links everywhere. Even with Pope Roselinda."

ROSE: (Stood there frozen as ever) I'm so screwed.

C-NOTE: "Relax kid. I promised my wife i'd look after you."

Rose looks at him confused. C-Note motions her to walk with him.

C-NOTE: "Yo mama not only took care my Dede but she has give up $3000 for her hospital bills. Pope told me about yo screwed up Judge girl. I'm sorry about yo mama. You want anything? You ask okay kid?"

Rose hugs C-NOTE blinking back her tears. C-NOTE akwardly pats her back.

ROSE: "Thanks Benjamin."

[INT-Cell Block-Night]

CO: "Heads up cons. Stand at your gate."

Prisoners slowly but surely emerge from their cells. Rose went outside slowly. She knew IT was gonna happen now. She didn't know if the guys really had her back. She was very scared.

There are tense, hard eyes all around, especially between C-Note and Michael. Suddenly one stands forward.

CO: "C-Note! Get back on number."

Rose turned to see Charles backing into his cell. Some of them were. She wanted too but she stayed cause she saw Michael out. CO repeats the order, while another calls for backup. The fight breaks out.

Rose watches in slow motion to see Michael thrown over the railing. Some convicts were going hard at it. Others stay in their cells. Rose felt herself being pushed around. Before she knew it she was running to Michael.

She runs past to see T-Bag slices a black guy's throat. Maytag rushes over to Michael with his arm raised, brandishing the bolt. In fear of what might happen to Michael she moves even faster with her heart pumping loudly.

Rose yanks up Maytag by his hair hard enough for Michael to fight him to the ground and straddles him, trying to get the screw back. He does then and looks up to find C-Note watching them. He knows what he has to do. He circles with Maytag, almost boxing match like.

Rose goes behind Michael and hides herself.

MICHAEL: "Your cell now Ross!"

ROSE: "Not leaving you!" (Clutching on to his shirt)

When Michael was about to strike, C-Note's home boy Bubble, comes in and stabs him right in the heart. Maytag looks down as the blood begins to flow from his chest and falls forward reaching out to Michael, who grabs him. He gives Michael a look of panic and fear.

MAYTAG: "Help me!" (He dies and Michael looks around, breathing heavily with Rose frozen holding onto him)

T-BAG: "Scofield!" (He sees the situation and looks horrified)

Smoke cans are dropped and all the prisoners return to their cells. T-Bags cries of outrage can be heard. Michael felt Rose push him away and they both get back to their cell, coughing.

T-BAG: "You're a dead man Scofield, you hear me? You're a dead man!"

Rose sat on her bed kicked off her shoes and brought her knees to her chest and cried. She was shaking in fear.

[INT-Cell Block-Night-]

POPE: (Walking on the bottom level) "I really don't know what to say to you gentlemen. I try to give you the benefit of a doubt."

Rose stood up and walked over and sat on the floor hoping to catch Pope's eyes. She then look to Michael's cell only to see him take off his bloody shirt and throws it to the side.

POPE: "I try to treat you with respect. But you can't respect yourselves. So there's going to be a forty eight hour lockdown. No showers, no visitations. And I strongly suggest that you all learn to get along. Otherwise the next time it's going to be a week and after that a month. Think about it." (He exits the cell block)

Rose watches Michael as he begins to shape the bolt by scraping the end against the cement floor.

ROSE: Why is that so improtant?

She didn't know for how long she just sat there watching him. She just did. Michael never once stopped shapping his tool.

T-BAG: "You in there pretty?"

Rose felt herself shiver in fear. She saw Michael stop and then continue again.

ROSE: What the hell is wrong with him?

T-BAG: "I know you're there."

She saw Michael stop and look at his cell gate and look straight to her. She felt her stomach burst into sparks.

T-BAG: "Just want you to know that I'm comin for you. You've got nowhere to run. You're trapped in that little hole of yours. Trapped like the pig" (In a menacing whisper) "that I'm gonna slaughter." (Raises voice again) "And you little kitty."

Rose felt her heart stop. She and Michael locked gazes never moving an inch.

T-BAG: "You're a bad kitty in a lot of trouble, Kitty cat."

Rose's eyes tear up and and turned away and wrapped her arms around herself and cried without making any noise. She felt Michael's eyes but she didn't dare to look at him.

After what felt like hours she went to bed.


SARA: "Who are my one o clock's?"

Kathy: "Scofield and Irondot."


Rose sat back at the bench with Bubble, Coco and Elmo. While watching C-Note and Michael talk from far. She saw C-Note dropping the pills in Michael's hand.

CO: "Irondot! Scofield! Infirmary! Move it!"

Rose walked toward the gate ans joined Michael.

ROSE: Or should i say Scofield?

She was still mad about him walking away from her. While she was walking she saw Michael throw about three pills in his mouth swallowing hard.

ROSE: Holy fuck! Don't tell me i got a crush on a druggie?


Dr. Tancredi takes Michael's index finger and she swabs it, getting ready to administer the test. She punctures the skin, drawing blood and applies a testing pad to take the blood.

MICHAEL: "How long does this take?"

SARA: "It used to take hours, but we've come a long way with the new glucose kits. This'll take us ten seconds." (Michael looks apprehensive) "Slide this strips into the meter then we're ready to go. I'm sure you know this but, the average glucose for a non- diabetic is about one hundred milligrams per deciliter. We see a number like that here and we know you've been misdiagnosed."

Michael looks ill, fidgeting. He glances over at the grate in the corner, then rubs his temples.

SARA: "You seem nervous."

MICHAEL: "(Acting surprised) "I do?"

ROSE: "You're sweating like a pig!" (Annoyed that he was giving his attention to Sara)

MICHAEL: (Smirks at Rose) "Must be needles. Never got used to them."

The processing finishes.

SARA: "Somehow, with diabetes and that tattoo, I find that hard to believe."

Michael hides his frustraion and pulls down his sleeves.

ROSE: "May I go? I took my pills already."

SARA: "No! I told the badge i'll sent you both out. Not alone. Sorry."

ROSE: GREAT! Just effin great.

SARA: "Ah. Bad news I'm afraid. (She shows him the meter) one hundred and eighty milligrams per deciliter. You are definitely diabetic."

Michael, forgetting himself, smiles a huge smile of relief.

ROSE: That has got to do with the pills.

MICHAEL: "Do you need anything else from me?"

SARA: "Just an arm to stick a needle in."

MICHAEL: "Okay."

SARA: "You both can leave. Bye."

Rose immediately started walking away only to have Michael pull her back to him.

MICHAEL: "What's wrong with you?" (Frowning)

ROSE: (Glaring) "Nothing."

MICHAEL: (Trying not to lose control) "Then why are you in here for pills?"

ROSE: (Whispering) "Why are you in here when you're not diabetic?"

MICHAEL: (Calming himself) "Just tell me PLEASE."

ROSE: "Thalassemia. Blood disease." (Walking away)

Rose glared at the pathway walking or rather stomping her feet. She knew she was acting stupid and all angry. She just felt frustrated with Michael keeping secrets from her. And the worst he gave Sara his attention.

ROSE: Oh who am i kidding?Even if he knows i'm a girl he'd still go after Sara. I mean who would want to be a tomboy like me. Sara is so pretty. With her looks she could win any men's heart with just a blink.Ow!

Rose felt a sharp pain abdomen. She bit her lip and went to her cell. Then she felt something sip in her underwear.

ROSE: You've got to be kidding me! Not now! Fuck my life!!!!

Rose quickly went to her box and took out her STUFF and hit near the toilet bowl and changed out of her stained panintes and wore the clean one. After she washed her panites she hit the went piece of cloth back in her box.

ROSE: "I'll hang them to dry later when the gates are closed."

Then again she felt the sharp pain. Sitting on her bed. She cursed and glared at her shoes. She was having her period in a male prison. She couldn't even believe it. It's all because of the stupid judge.

ROSE: Maybe i should go to Sara and get me some Asprin.

Getting up slowly she made her way out of her cell.


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