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The Amazing Spider-man #1.5 Comes Great Responsibility

Script By: Peter File
Fan fiction

The second half of my Spider-man modernization. Enjoy!

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(Man's voice)
Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. We proudly present to you the amazing Spider-man!

(In big theater Spider-man swings over audience. All audience members have amazed look on their faces. Spider-man sticks to backdrop & turns around to face audience. Spider-man flips down onto stage & takes bow. Audience cheers)

(Spider-man performs amazing show. Highlights include him lifting large dumbbell w/one hand him using his webs to pull toupee off audience member him sticking & walking on ceiling & him avoiding many dodge balls being thrown at him. Audience oohs ahhs & cheers throughout. At the end of show Spider-man exits the same way he came in. Swinging over audience)

(Backstage people w/ backstage passes clamor around Spider-man. Spider-man tries to get away from them)

(Person 1)
Spider-man! How about an interview?

(Person 2)
Hey can I get a picture with you?

(Person 3)
When's your next show?

Sorry folks but the spider has left the building. Thank you. Thank you very much.

(Spider-man leaves room w/ many people still after him. In hallway Spider-man talks w/ manager)

Spidey. That show was beautiful. You my friend are a star.

Hey thanks a lot. So uh when do I get paid?

It won't be too long. Just need to see how many tickets were bought. I'll call you in about a week or so.

Alright man. Sounds good. Hey I gotta bounce or swing. I'll check you later.

See ya.

See ya.

(Spider-man & manager part ways. As Spider-man walks down hall his spider sense tingles)

(Spider-man thinking)
There's that tingling again. Something's behind me.

(Spider-man turns around & sees security guard resembling Steve Ditko chasing after burglar)

Come back here! You! Stop him for me!

(Spider-man allows burglar to pass by him & enter elevator)

Shoot! What the heck is wrong with you? You could've stopped him!

Hey that's your job. Not mine. I'm done letting people push me around. From now on I'm looking out for number 1. Me.

(Spider-man walks away. Guard looks on in disappointment)

(Reuse first scenes in previous issue before flashback w/o narration)

Uh um just a sec aunt may. Just gotta straighten up a bit.

(Peter quickly puts on civilian clothes. Peter opens door & allows aunt may & uncle Ben into bedroom. Aunt may has hands behind back as if to hide something)

(Aunt May)
We saw how well you did on your test.

Oh yeah?

(Aunt May)
Yes. And we're very proud of you.

(Uncle Ben)
So proud in fact that we've decided to give you an early birthday present.

But my birthday's not until another

(Uncle Ben)
I said it was early.

(Aunt May reveals microscope from behind back. Peter has excited look on his face)

No way! Are you serious?! The XT Scopal! Thank you guys!

(Aunt May hands microscope to Peter)

(Aunt May)
You're very welcome dear. We know how much you've been wanting this.

(Uncle Ben)
Peter. If you keep this up you just may become the world's most powerful scientist.

Oh yeah. And this microscope will definitely help out with that.

(Uncle Ben)
But remember what I always say Peter. With great power-

I know I know. Comes great responsibility. You guys are the best.

(Show many scenes of spider-man being huge sensation across country. Highlights include Spider-Man on front of many newspapers him giving more spectacular performances him getting over 999999 Internet hits & many people including mother of small boy who saw Peter climbing up side of building for the first time talking about Spider-Man & his powers. David Letterman makes joke about Spider-Man's wall crawling ability)

(One night Spider-Man swings home from performance. Spider-Man hides behind tree & changes to Peter Parker. Peter emerges from behind tree & walks rest of the way home. Peter notices police at his house. Peter runs home w/ panicked look on his face)

(Peter thinking)
Why are there cops at my house?! I hope Aunt May and Uncle Ben are ok!

What's going on here?!

(Police chief resembling Stan Lee approaches Peter)

(Police chief)
Are you Peter Parker?


(Police chief)
I'm afraid I've got some bad news kid. A burglar broke into your house a few hours ago.

Well what about my aunt and uncle? Are they ok?

(Police chief shakes head)

(Police chief)
I'm sorry kid. Your aunt's fine. But your uncle tried to attack the burglar. The burglar was startled and shot and killed your uncle.

(Tears begin to stream down Peter's face. Police chief puts hand on Peter's shoulder)

(Police chief)
Don't worry kid. We'll get him.

(Woman's voice)
Dispatch to 108. Suspect has entered abandoned warehouse at waterfront.

(Police chief)
10-4. Suspect in abandoned warehouse at waterfront.

(Peter runs into house w/ angry look on his face & tears still streaming down. Aunt May is sitting in chair crying)

(Aunt May)
Oh Peter.

(Peter ignores aunt may & runs upstairs into bedroom. Aunt May resumes crying)

(Peter enters bedroom & slams door. Peter screams & hits table w/ science stuff on it)

(Peter thinking)
Uncle Ben dead! No! I can't believe this. I will have my vengeance. I'll avenge my uncle if it's the last thing I do!

(Peter becomes Spider-Man & quietly sneaks out bedroom window just as police are leaving. Spider-Man swings across ny following police to warehouse)

(Spider-Man thinking)
That old warehouse has been abandoned for as long as I can remember. If the cops went in there they'd never make it out alive. But he won't stop me. Not after what he's done.

(Police pull up to warehouse & exit vehicles. Police chief holds megaphone up to mouth while everybody else has guns drawn)

(Police chief)
Freeze! This is nypd! We have the place surrounded! Come out with your hands up!

(Shot from gun fires. Police duck)

(Officer 1)
I think that means no.

(Officer 2)
So whadda we do now? It'll be a massacre if we go in there.

(Police chief)
I don't know. We need a plan.

(Unseen by police Spider-Man sticks to side of warehouse & crawls inside window)

(Inside warehouse man w/ gun carefully looks outside window)

I'll sneak out when those clouds cover the moon.

(Spider-Man's voice)
Not if I can help it.

(Man turns around w/ scared look on his face. Man sees Spider-Man on wall)

Who or what the heck are you?!

Who am I? Your worst nightmare!

(Man fires gun multiple times. Spider-Man dodges every shot while climbing down wall. Spider-Man lands on floor webs gun pulls it away from man & webs it to ceiling. Spider-Man punches man in face knocking him to floor. Man throws knife at Spider-Man. Spider-Man dodges knife & it sticks into wall. Man gets up & attempts to attack Spider-Man. Spider-Man dodges & counter-attacks every move man makes. Spider-Man punches man in face again & knocks him against wall w/ knife in it. Spider-Man picks man up & throws him across room. Man groans in pain. Spider-Man approaches man grabs him by shirt collar & holds him up in moonlight to see his face. Man turns out to be same man who robbed wrestling stadium a few weeks ago. Inside Spider-Man suit Peter has shocked look on his face. Flashback to when Spider-Man let burglar pass him & enter elevator. Close up of burglar's face as elevator door closes. End flashback)

Oh my God. No. It can't be you. It can't be! No! No!

(Spider-Man webs up man & pushes him into window breaking glass. Police look up startled)

I should drop you. Drop you right now and take what you took away from that poor old man!

(Spider-Man drops man. Man screams as he falls. Spider-Man shoots web line to man's back & sticks other end on edge of broken window thus suspending man in air)

But I could never stoop so low.

(Police look w/ curiosity at webbed up man. By the time police shine light in broken window Spider-Man has already snuck out & swung away)

(In nearby ally Spider-Man w/o mask sits against building crying)

(Peter thinking)
I'm so sorry uncle Ben. So so sorry. This is all my fault. I should've stopped him when I had the chance. Now you're gone. You were right all along uncle Ben. With great power comes great responsibility. I understand that now.

(Peter looks up to Heaven)

(Peter thinking)
I'll make this right uncle Ben. I'm not quite sure how yet. But I will make it right. I promise.

(Peter stands up wipes tears from eyes & puts Spider-Man mask back on thus fully becoming Spider-Man. Spider-Man somberly swings home)

(Peter narrating)
New York City. My home. My playground. My gymnasium. And now I know that it's also my responsibility.


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