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It's a fan-fiction for The fallen series by Lauren Kate and it is also my entry for Shirley's contest of Misery. When Heaven and Hell were divided, the angels had to choose sides. But there were also those who never got to choose. And then there were others, who made an entirely different choice.

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Luce's Untold Misery


Thousands of years ago, when Lucifer revolted for the right of free will, there was a discontent among heaven and hell. All the angels were asked to choose sides. While some sided with the throne, some chose Lucifer but there were others too. The angels who never got to choose and the angels who refused to side with anyone. Among all those angels was one angel Daniel who startled everyone with his choice because he chose his love for Lucinda. As a result for his choice, Lucifer put a curse on them that every time Daniel would meet Luce and she would come closer to her true self, she will burst into flames. And then she will be reborn again and again, only to lose her love in every life time. They can't stay apart and they can't stay together.

The curse destroyed Daniel and ripped his soul. Every angel sympathized with him but no one could do anything. Luce was born as a human and all her memories were lost. When Daniel met her, she instantly fell for him, only to burst into flames whenever he kissed her. Years passed by and Luce was reborn again and again. Every time Daniel saw her burn, his heart would bleed and he would fall into abyss. He tried to stay away from her, but she would find him anyway, without even knowing what was the connection between them that brought them closer.

Gabriel, Arianne, Roland were tired of seeing him like this. They cared for him too much to see him devastated like this. Daniel's condition was getting worse with every time he lost her. But still in his heart he knew that if he had to choose again, he would make the same choice. His love for Luce was bigger than any curse.

On the other hand, what about Luce? Everyone saw Daniel's misery but Luce was going through the same phase. Every time she met Daniel, she fell for him, only to lose him along with all the memories. She was the one who burst into flames. She was the one who was ripped of all her memories and she was the one who was unknown to her true identity. But nobody noticed her misery. Even when Daniel lost her, he remembered her face, her words; he had the memory of their time spent together. But for her, it was more difficult. Living for years as a human, not knowing herself, not knowing Daniel and having no memories of him. And every time she saw him, she would get the feeling that she knew him, but no memories came to her. And then she would die and be born again with same blank mind and a clean slate. It was worse because she didn't even get to choose. She was never even asked if she wanted to side with heaven or hell, she was bound by the curse for a choice that she never made. And still, her misery, her pain, her helplessness went unnoticed. No one could say how hard it was for her not to know anything about her past, not to know the reason she was being punished. This is the story of two star-crossed lovers Daniel and Luce, bound by love and ripped apart by the Lucifer's curse.

"Daniel," Luce whispered in his ear.

"Yes?" They were sitting in the cemetery near Penn's grave. Penn who was Luce's friend and who had just died, actually killed by a psychopath teacher who was actually not a real teacher.

"Will you tell me what's going on?" she demanded. It was getting really weird not knowing something that everyone else knew.

"I wish I could." He spoke with such politeness that Luce couldn't force him.

"You don't know how hard it is, not knowing. Every time I see you I feel like I've known you for too long but I can't remember, there's this block on my mind that I can't remove."

"It's better this way," he said caressing her cheek.

"It's making me miserable. I have weird dreams and every time I reached out to touch you I would burn." Luce knew it seemed crazy but she thought that somehow he would understand.

"I hate it, not being able to tell you everything. I really wish that things would be different. But you should know one thing Luce."


"I love you."

"I know and I love you too." She moved closer to him and kissed him slightly on the lips. The kiss grew deeper, hungry and passionate. Not a few second passed that she was caught into the fire and she burned. Huge flames surrounded her and Daniel saw as she screamed in pain.

A teardrop slid down Daniel's cheek and he whispered, "See you in another lifetime." The angels Gabriel and Arianne came to him and reassured him that one day things would be different. He knew that it wasn't true but it calmed him anyway. But yet again, Luce's pain and her sacrifice went unnoticed. Would it be different some day? They tried to stay apart, they tried to stay together. They begged the throne for mercy, they tried to fight Lucifer's curse. And what was their fault? That they chose love instead of heaven or hell. If ever again, Lucinda and Daniel were given the same choice, they would have choosen love again. They would have gone through the same pain and misery for another thousand years, then to be away from each other.

The End.


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