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This story is about two girl's that are bi and love each other very much. But one was taken and one was not. They went to school together at Leesburg High and had some classes together. Hope you enjoyed.

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One day two girl's Kaitlyn and Alyssa were hanging out. And they started talking about how they love eachother. But Kaitlyn is taken and Alyssa isn't. They live in a world where everybody is bisexual. The rules are, you are not suppose to love a different gender or you will be punished. So Kaitlyn and Alyssa botth said let's just be bestfriends for now. They talked to eachother constantly to see how they were both doing. And they were doing excellent. It's the Summer and the girl's went to the beach together. When they got there they just stopped and stared at eachother. Alyssa's mom Meredith was looking at the girl's. Meredith said come on girl's. So the girl's went with Meredith. For one hour they went tanning. Then got in the water. Alyssa was thinking about Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn was thinking about Alyssa. The ice-cream truck came and all three girl's went and got ice-cream. When they were done, they built a sand castle. Seven hour's later, they left to go home. The next day, Kaitlyn called Alyssa around one o'clock. Alyssa smiled and said 'I'm wonderful. Had a blast yesterday at the beach.' They both hung up. They were going to go to Leesburg High School together. Alyssa just hoped that she would see Kaitlyn around a lot. Later that day they were on facebook and Kaitlyn told Alyssa that she still loved her. Alyssa told Kaitlyn that she loved her too. They have been their for eachother since day one. The next day, Alyssa went to church with her nanna. After church she went to Denny's with her nanna and some church member's. When she got home she got on facebook and to see if Kaitlyn was on, and she wasn't. So while she waited two more hour's she was reading and drawing. So in two hour;s she went to see if Kaitlyn was on, and she was. Alyssa said "Het Babygirl!" . Kaitlyn said "Hey Babycakes!". So they talked for hour's and hour's. They always talked about how they love eachother and alway's will. Their bisexual parent's finally met eachother. Kaitlyn, Alyssa, and both of their bisexual parent's went out to eat. They went to McDonald's. Then they went to Alyssa's families house and went swimming. When they were done swimming, Kaitlyn and her parent's went home. Alyssa went and told her parent's that she had a blast. Her parent's told her " Well that's good to hear. Just remember you need to like your own gender. That's the rule." . Alyssa said okay. For the next six week's they kept on talking and hanging out. There was good new's that Kaitlyn had to tell Alyssa. The new's was that Kaitlyn was moving in next door to Alyssa. Alyssa was vey happpy and excited. When Kaitlyn moved in it was like a dream come true. Kaitlyn's parent's were really please with Alyssa and her families manner's. Later that night Kaitlyn and her family went over to Alyssa's for dinner. After they had dinner, they all ate dessert. Then they played a board game. Finally they all said thank you for the food and went home. The following day, Mary and Judy (Kaitlyn's parent's) caled Meredith and Susan (Alyssa's parent's) and told them that they could come for dinner. That night when Alyssa and her family went to Kaitlyn's, Kaitlyn held out two dresses. Alyssa asked Kaitlyn who the dresses were for. Kaitlyn said for me and you. We are going somewhere special. Alyssa smiled and took the dress. The next day they went to their own prom. Alyssa and Kaitlyn had some friend's over. The two girl's had a blast. Two month's later, was the first day of school at Leesburg High. They got past the day. Finally it was the last day of school. It turned out Alyssa still wanted to be with Kaitlyn. And Kaitlyn still wanted to be with Alyssa. Over the Summer Kaitlyn and Alyssa got together. So year's and year's past and they were still together. They never gave up on eachother.

Quote of the story - Never give up on the person you love.


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