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One Night in Bradie Country

By: aurorablack

Page 1, Ever wanted just one night with the sexy drummer, Bradie Webb? This girl just might...

Dammit! Why? On the one night I didn't want this to happen, why?

Shania stared at the blank look that stared at her back in the mirror, eyeing a single spot right underneath her nose. A pimple. And a massive one at that.

She leaned underneath the counter and pulled out a small tube, squeezed out it's substance and smeared the lot onto the large lump just resting under her nose ring. After chucking the tube back into the drawer under the sink, she stripped off and took a long, hot shower, massaging her hands through her scalp and brunette hair with the new shampoo and conditioner she had brought earlier that day. After soaking it all out, she turned the water off and dried every speck of water she could see. After that, she threw on her underwear, bra, a pair of black jeans, a charcoal singlet that read in blood red 'Bat Country is my Planet...', some white socks and a pair of her favourite leather boots with the metal base. She then looked back at the mirror, disgusted with the bulging pimple that rested under her nose. Trying to ignore it, she pulled out her hairdryer and began to move her fingers through her hair, getting in all places and trying to dry her hair as best she could. After several minutes of drying, straightening and styling, she then began to work on her make-up. But as soon as she was just finishing putting on her foundation, a knock on the bathroom door occurred, with her mother yelling, "Shania! Jess and Beck are here!"

Cursing under her breath, Shania smothered some lip gloss on her lips, thinking that she had no time to be thinking about mascara or eyeliner. She grabbed the leather jacket she had and then walked out of the bathroom and down the hall to where two of her best friends were arguing over her family photos.

"No, no, no! You're wrong! This is Kat and this is Shania!" Jess shouted at Beck, pointing at the small photo frame that had the picture of Shania and her older sister, Katherine.

"Bullshit! There's no way that's Shania, she looks too young," Beck shouted back.

"Shania, please help us out here." Jess grabbed the photo and made Shania inspect it.

Shania looked at the photo. Yes, it was hard to tell her and her 1-year-older sister apart, they looked so much alike.

"What if I said that it wasn't me or Kat?" Shania teased her friends. Beck's blue eyes lit up, but Jess said, "Then I would call you an alien."

Shania shook her head, placing the fame back on the shelf just as a horn outside sounded.

"Mum!" Shania shouted through the house. "I'm leaving now!"

"Be careful!" Her mother shouted back, really unaware of where she was shouting from.

"I will!" Shania yelled, then shut the door behind her and her friends.


"Oh, come on," Jess moaned. "How much further?"

"It shouldn't be far now," Beck said, but truth be told, she didn't even know herself. The three girls continued to walk to the end of a rollercoaster like line, which could've led itself around the block 3 times.

When they had finally reached the end, standing behind two brunette girls with cat masks, Shania sarcastically said, "Oh my God, after 3 whole minutes, we finally made it..."

"Shania..." Jess warned.

"I mean, I thought we would take at least the whole day, but 3 minutes! That's like, a new record..."

"Shania, stop or I'm going to rip you're head off," Jess said through her teeth.

"Oh, come on, Jess. She's just having fun," Beck said.

"Fun or no fun, it annoys the crap out of me when she does that!"

"Jess, please don't do this," Beck asked kindly. "We came to have fun, not to argue all night."

"Guys," Shania jumped back in.

"Yeah?" Beck answered.

"I really have to pee." Shania really did have to go, she was even crossing her legs to show it.

"Just jump out of line and go in," Jess suggested. "We'll mind your spot for you."

Without a word, Shania ran out of the line and down the rest of in, running into the club, only to find another line leading out of the girls toilets.

"Oh, hell no," She shook her head, then headed through the club, keeping an eye out for another set of toilets. Finally, she found some. Running in, she relieved herself as she sat down on the toilet. After flushing, she washed her hands and then exited out, only to crash into someone on the way out.

"Ouch," she nearly yelled, as she fell backwards. "Can you watch where you're going?"

But as soon as she looked up and saw who it was, she took it all back.

"Bradie?" She said to him, making sure she wasn't just imagining it.

Bradie held out his hand and helped Shania to her feet, to which she could've just fallen back over, if he wasn't keeping her stable.

"I-I'm sorry," he said to Shania.

Shania just kept staring at his face, into his eyes. She could hardly believe that the most gorgeous person on the planet was staring back at her.

"Uh, hi," he finally said, making Shania do a double take.

"Hey, Bradie," she said back.

"Are you here to see us play?" He asked her sweetly.

Shania couldn't fallen over backwards if she really wanted to, but she couldn't escape the warm feeling of being 3 centimetres away from Bradie.

"Yeah, I'm like, you're biggest fan," she came out and said.

"Oh really?" Bradie said, with a sly smile on his face. He began to circle her, looking her up and down, saying, "You know, a lot of girls have come across and said that to us."

Stopping in front of her, he said, "But none of them really had a chance to prove themselves."

Shania's body shivered as Bradie ran a hand up her arm, then she spoke out, "What would us girls have to do to prove it?"

Without warning, Bradie's hand wrapped around Shania's arm and pulled her forward, their faces inches away from each other. In his other hand, a black pen, writing down something on Shania's arm. When he pulled away, what was left on her arm was a number. 57.

"That's the number to my hotel room," he told her, walking away. "Come by after the show, at The Hilton Heights."


Shania came out of the building with Jess and Beck. All three girls were sweating and hot to prove it.
"My God, Shaun is a God!" Jess said, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand.
Beck and Jess were talking about the concert, while all the while Shania just thought of what Bradie said before she entered the concert hall.

They had reached the car before Shania said, "I'm meeting up with someone."

"What?" Beck said, jumping back out of the car. "I thought you said you were coming back with us to Jess' house."

"Yeah, but I can't," Shania lied. "Mum already organised for me to stay with my auntie in a hotel."

"Whatever," Jess said, sounding real pissed off. Beck and Jess hoped into the back of the car and Jess' brother drove them off, without saying goodbye to Shania.

Shania sighed, then headed off down the road as everyone cleared off to go home. She walked across the street, eyeing out every hotel that rested on the road. Finally, she saw it, a huge sign saying 'Hilton Heights'. A tall building that looked as though it rested in the dead middle of Sydney. Shania walked up to the building, walked through the double doors into a classy lobby that seemed to be completely lifeless. The only sound that was in the room was the sound of Shania's heels clicking the tiles as she walked towards the elevator and pushed the button to open the doors. A she stepped in, it occurred to her that she didn't know which floor she was going to. So, she clicked the first 5 and waited. When she had reached the 4th floor, she stepped out to find the number 57 staring her in the face. Her heart began to beat faster then before, as her legs pushed her towards the door. With a deep breath, she knocked, but it seemed so loud, especially in a quiet hallway. Then, the sound of footsteps occurred, and they grew louder and louder, until the door in front of her swung right open, revealing a shirtless Bradie Webb.
Shania nearly fainted at what she saw. Bradie's six-pack and bulky arms were absolutely mesmerising, she nearly fell forward onto him, but regained her balance as Bradie laughed.

"Bout time you got here," he said to her, moving away from the door. "Come on in."
Shania, slowly walked into the tiny hotel room. Bradie's clothes were thrown everywhere, and the whole place smelt of cologne and sweat.

"You want a drink?" He asked Shania. She spun around to find him pouring a glass of water for her. She took it off his hands and drank it slowly.

"You must be thirsty," he said to her. "I saw you jumping and singing your heart out there, in the crowd."

"So, does that mean that I'm proved to be your biggest fan?" Shania asked.

Bradie's sly smile came back as he said, "Not quite."

He walked over to her, taking the glass out of her hand and placing it on the small table beside them. Then he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer, leaning in so close that Shania could feel the heat generating off his body. His face finally came close enough to push his lips against hers. He pulled her closer as Shania's heart raced to the feel of Bradie's hands moving up and down her body. His kissing got more fierce, as his body was practically touching hers and his arms had covered her entire body. Shania wrapped her arms around his neck, wanting him more with every kiss. Bradie finally picked her up with ease and carried her over to the king size bed in the room and laid her gently on there, resting his body above hers. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and started to kiss her passionately. Shania's hands moved over Bradie's torso, as his lips moved from her mouth, down to her neck and back up again. Finally, Bradie looked her in the eyes, and said, "Who are you?"

"Shania," she whispered to him.

"Shania," he repeated. "Be mine, tonight?"

Shania's heart raced again, as Bradie's hands began to feel the front of her body.

"Yes," she spoke out. "I'm all yours tonight."

Bradie's smile widened and he leaned closer again, kissing her passionately. As he did, he reached over to the nightstand and switched off the lamp.


Shania didn't know what time she fell asleep, but she did know that when she did wake up, she was in an empty hotel room.
Everything of Bradie's was gone. His clothes, his suitcase, everything. Shania slowly got out of bed, looking in every crevice of the hotel room, but there was no sign of Bradie or any of his things.

She breathed a sigh of disappointment, as she grabbed her clothes and began reapplying them. As she sat down to pull up her jeans, she noticed a small piece of paper on the bedside table. She picked it up and her name was on the front. She unfolded it



I am terribly sorry that I had to leave you like this, but I had no other choice.

Believe it or not, it's not every tour I get to meet a beautiful girl like you and find a chance to spend one special night with her. It's true, you were that one special person I wanted to make this tour one to remember.

As for the hotel room, don't worry. I paid for everything. All you have to do is get dressed and walk out. I hired a cab to wait for you and take you home, all expenses paid of course.

Again, sorry I didn't have a chance to say goodbye. Although I wanted to, I couldn't risk the fact that Shaun and Andy would find out. They had no idea anyone would visit me tonight.

I hope that one day I'll see you on another tour. Until then, I'll always remember you as my number one fan and that one special girl that made my part of the tour complete.

Bradie xxx

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