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Cruella De Vil pt 3

Short story By: blackwriter13
Fan fiction

just a random story

Submitted:Aug 17, 2009    Reads: 173    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

After school, Caz and I went to the new skate park after dropping jasmine off.
"How do you feel about jasmine?" I asked
"She's okay, I mean she's cool and everything. Except one thing she's not my type of friend, she's so girlie, you know?" She hopped on her board, sailing down the hill.
"Wait!" I yelled, catching up to her" What do you mean girlie?"
"Well, I'm sorta like a dark punk person and she's like a preppy chic" Caz said.
"You understand what I'm trying to say?" She asked looking at me
Caz was right, Jasmine was not her type. Caz is a dark flame, while Jasmine is like a pink flame. But i don't understand how did that solve anything, Caz could at least try to be her friend or get to know her.
"Yeah I understand"
When we arrived at the skate park, Caz and I split up, something that we always do. Not because were embarrassed of each other but because it was natural for us.
For a while i started to skate around, practicing on my tricks.
I noticed a girl skating, she flew high in the air twirling to the ground in one piece.
'Hey isn't that Shadow the new girl' I though in my head
I decided to ignore her, i didn't want to sound like a creep and say hi to her. So i decided to just skate down the creeper, the creeper was the highest ramp in terminator skate park. Some other couple of kids decided to give it a shot as well so they joined.
"Hey,dude will you watch it" a female voice croaked. i jerked My head around, in time to see that Shadow was talking to me.
"I'm sorry, hey aren't you that new girl from school. its shadow right?" I exclaimed, making space for her.
"Yeah, I'm the new girl" Shadow stood their, placing her hair in a ponytail.
Shadow was really attractive, She had long black hair that lands on her lower back and a cute little bang that covers her dark eyeliner eyes, A thin face, and a thin body, Green eyes, and a tattoo on her upper left breast.
" What is the new girl doing in the terminator skate park." I replied, staring at her.
" I prefer shadow please, not the new girl. Well, shadow is here because, she is practicing" She giggled, her laugh was quite mysterious.
Strangely shadow reminded me a lot of Caz, they both have long black hair and piercings and tattoo's and tomboy personalities.
"OK, shadow. Lets see who can go down this ramp and do more tricks." I challenged.
"Your on, babe." She pursed her lips.
A gun shot from the manager of this park, startled us, so all of us began to roll down the ramp. It felt good to feel the wind blowing my hair away from my face and my board rolling with me.I spotted shadow, she had just done a 360 in the air. I knew I had to beat her, it was in my blood. So when i glided off the ramp, making a big U motion.
I decide to do my best trick, i called it the caveman. I did a ollie up the handle bars, flew in the air and landed on my butt, crossing my hands over my chest like a dead person.
"That was quite a cool trick thier buddy" Shadow came up to me
"Yeah, made it up, call it the caveman dynamite" I bragged
"Come lets go, im hungry. I can eat anything right now" She held her thin stomach.
"Even a horse?" i asked
"Yes, even a horse" She giggled, covering her mouth. Shadow was beautiful, when she laughed.
"Isnt that your friend, over thier" Shadow motioned, pointing to Caz who was doing a 360.


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