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A Little Fall Of Rain - Enjolras's account

Short story By: BritGirl
Fan fiction

Enjolras retells the horrors of the night when his beloved Eponine died.

Submitted:Mar 23, 2013    Reads: 46    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

'There's a boy climbing the barricade!'

As quickly as the bullets left the guns, Eponine had fallen to the ground. I saw Marius's face, filled with puzzlement, as her hat fell off revealing her long brown locks.

'Good God, what are you doing? 'Ponine, have you no fear?!' he cried, ducking under the barricade to safety and rushing to meet her. 'Have you seen my beloved? Why have you come back here?'

She carefully pulled herself up onto her feet, leaning against an overturned table. 'Took the letter like you said, I met her father at the door. He said he would give it -' she fell. 'I don't think I can stand anymore.'

' 'Ponine, what's wrong? There's something wet upon your hair. Eponine, you're hurt, you need some help. Oh God!' He pulled back her long trench coat to reveal multiple gun-shot wounds, 'It's everywhere!'

She laughed, sinking further down onto the wet ground, eyes drooping. The sky above growled with thunder, and, as if sensing a change in the world, the rain began.

'Don't you fret, Monsieur Marius, I don't feel any pain. A little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now!' She smiled. 'You're here - that's all I need to know. And you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close. And rain will make the flowers grow.'

She sank further to the ground; stooping to rest her head on his chest, Marius followed her to the ground, splattered in the mud and drenched in the rain. He began to sob, tears dripping onto her pale face.

'You will live, 'Ponine, Dear God above! If I could heal your wounds with words of love-'

'-a breath away from where you are. I've come home from so far.' They started to move closer, inching towards each other's lips.

'Hush-a- bye Dear Eponine; you won't feel any pain, a little fall of rain can hardly hurt you now. I'm here.'

'That's all I need to know. And you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close. And rain...'

'And rain.'

'Will make the flowers...'

'Will make the flowers...grow.' And with that, her head fell away from Marius's. He held her close, kissed her forehead, and started rocking her gently.

My world had ended - the flame in me had burned out when she dropped to the ground. With every step seeming to take me further away from the scene before me, I eventually reached Marius's weeping body clutching 'Ponine ever so dearly. With every ounce of effort I had, I said in a stern, steady voice: 'Come, Marius. There's nothing you can do now. Leave her be.'

He slowly placed her body to the ground, stood up shakily, and Grantaire led him off into the Café.

'Damn you!' I yelled, dropping to my knees, raising my arms to the sky. I wept over her lifeless body, clutching her hand and imagining if there would have been a day where Eponine and Enjolras could have been together.


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