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A girl who is almost kidnapped late at night, but the kidnapper doesnt succeed and then stalks her to the point she has to go into hiding.

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He was 5/11 and weighed 260 pounds. He wore a dark blue shirt and faded jeans with light brown work boots. I remember this clearly because he was the man who tried to murder me 10 years ago. I was 6 years old when it happened. No one believes it happened exept the babysitter because there is no proof. That's why im writing this then maybe someone else will believe me and help me catch him. Because the baby sitter cant help, for her own secret reasons.
What happened that night
It was a dark and stormy night I just got back from my best friends party. It was about 7:30 so my parents told me to get ready for bed. I got myself ready and went to my room. The window was open and the rain was coming in, so I went over and shut it. I thought to myself why the window was open because I didn't open it. When my mom came in to tuck me in I asked her why my window was open and she told me not to think about it to much that she might have opened it earlier and forgot to close it. So then she tucked me in, shut my light off and then closed the door. It was almost pitch black exept there was a little moonlight coming in through the now closed window. So then I lay there listening to the storm and then heard some noises coming from the other end of my room. I peeked over my blankets to see but I couldn't see anything it was to dark.I then curl up in a little ball beneath my blankets listening very hard. Then I hear him breathing hard and walking slowly across the room. Then I realize he is walking towards me. I hold my breath hoping he might think im not here and just leave, even though I know its not true. Then he is almost to my bed and I start to scream but he puts him hand over my mouth quickly and whispers to me " don't scream or I will kill all your family members along with you" his breath smelled like beer and cigarettes. It was really quiet and he just stood there for a minute. Then there was a noise outside of my room and he moved very quickly and looked at the door. The door handle was moving very slowly and then he lifted me up brought me to the window, opened it up and at this point the door was opening, so he whipped the window open and then the door smash open and he jumped out the window. My dad was at the door and turned on the light. He ran over to me and asked me why I yelled and opened my window. I told him how There was a man who tried to kidnap me but he didn't believe me. He told me to go to back to bed. Then he shut the window and left. I couldn't believe he thought I was lying. I was to afraid to stay in my room so I quietly snuck out of my room and went to my parents door. I listened to them talk. 'What happened' my mom asked. "I went in her room and she was by her window and it was open" dad told her. "Well what did she say" mom asked. "she said that there was a man in her room and tried to kidnap her" dad said. "well her window was open earlier tonight" mom said. "don't you think she planned this out so she could have our attention, I mean we work allot and she is always with the baby sitter so it would make since if she us to be always around her afraid the murderer would come back" said dad. "Well yeah you are right but we better keep an eye on her and warn the baby sitter about her behavior" said mom. "agreed" said mom. I then went back to my room, not to sleep but to think about what I just heard. 34
The next day
The next morning I woke up and went down stair not to find my parents but my baby sitter. She is 22, pretty tall and very skinny. She was in the kitchen cooking my breakfast. When she noticed me walking into the kitchen she told me to wash my hands and then sit down. So I did as I was told. She then put a plate down full of my favorite breakfast foods: strawberry pancakes, maple roasted sausage, scrambled eggs glazed with syrup, and a glass of chocolate milk. She makes the best chocolate milk in the world with just the right amount of chocolate that doesn't ruin the taste and the right amount of milk to drink, so I finish it without being thirstier or feel like im going to puke by drinking to much. After I ate my nice big breakfast she brought me to the park to have a play date with my friend. As we drove over there I watched the people outside on the sidewalk and at there houses. Then before I knew it we were at the parking lot for the park. I got out and saw my friend. I ran right over to her and we talked and played several games together having a blast. Then we raced across the park and ran up the stairs to the big side. It was about 15 feet up and we could see the whole park. Then I saw him. He was in the park at a bench watching the children playing and then he was staring at me. I felt really sick and dizzy and I knew this couldn't be happening. My friend asked me what was wrong and I told her I needed to get to my babysitter quick. So we slide down the slide and ran back across the park and got to the babysitter. I told her I saw him and pointed him out to her, and she looked at him and look freaked out and and then said that we had to leave quickly. She picked me up and ran to the car she kept looking at him and then me as she got me into the car and buckled me in. she slammed the car door and ran to the drivers side. When she got in she looked on more time at him probably to make sure he wasn't following us, but he stayed at the bench staring and smiling at us. She then drove us fastly to her house and didn't get out of the car instead she turned around and I asked her how she knew him. Then he reveled her story to me.
The babysitters secret story
" I was about your age when I first ment him. I woke up one morning got ready and went to school, everything was going good I had a nice big lunch, got and A on the test and made plans to hang out with my friends the next day. Then the school day was over and I got on the bus to go home. When I got off at the bus stop there was a strange old van waiting there watching me. I walked to the sidewalk and I was about to pass it when the window rolled down and he told me to get in the van, and of course I said no and started running away. Then I noticed he was following me so I knew I couldn't run home because he would know where I live. So I ran into a house that has been there for a while but I didn't know who lived there. I shut the door behind me and llocked it. Then I looked around at the house I was in. It was messy and smelled like cigarettes and beer. Then I looked out the window and he was walking up the pathway with a set of keys. I ran to the other side of the house looking for a way out but there wasn't then I heard the front door oopen and I started panicking. I ran across the kitchen and found a bathroom, so I ran in and locked the door. Then I heard his foot steps coming closer and closer and I went to the window and opened it quietly and pushed the screen out. Before I jumped out the window I heard him say " I know your in there and im coming in to get you". Then I heard the set of keys jingling. At that moment I jumed out the window and ran as fast as I could to my house not stopping for anything. After running for a minute I heard him screaming that he was never oing to stop looking for me and anyone I get close to he was going to hurt. I kept running and telling myself that it wasn't true, even though it ciould be. When I finally got home I told my parents the whole story and they didn't beilive me jjust like your parents don't beilive you. So then I forced myself to beilvie it wasn't true but now he is back and is going after you and wont stop because he only goes after children. So you have to leave and run away and hide. You have to hide somewhere where he will never find you intill you are 18 years old. That's what I had to do to survive. So later tonight when your home you have to get your stuff and run to your friends house and hide or something. I think you could go to that girls house that was at the park. You have to try, good luck see you when your 18". She told me
The run away and hide out
When my parents got home my babysitter gave me a tight hug and left. I aate lunch with my parents and acted normally when how could it be. Then I ran to my room packed a suitcase full of my clothes. Then I took a bag and snuck down stairs to the kitchen closet and filled the bag up with all different kinds of food. After it was full I ran back up stairs and got all my stuff I packed and I left. I ran al the way to my friends house which was a few blocks away. When I got there my friend open the door and I told her the story she said I could stay there. So we went to her room. I told her she couldn't tell anyone no matter what because then I would be forced back home where he could get me. She agreed and made a space in her closet for me and told me I need to make a better hiding place there. So I did. I went to the back of her big clost and found a small door that I could easily fit through. So I did and it was flled with spider webs and bugs. But it was a place to hide because no grown up could fit in that door. Which would be perfect all as I had to do was live in there for 12 years. It was a big weird place. It was the walls and they went everywhere through out the house. I brought all my stuff in there and started cleaning it. It took me a week to get all the spider webs and bugs gone. Then my friend gave me some blankets to bring in so I wouldn't be cold. I set up a bed for myself and made it comfortable. Then I asked her for a screw driver. And she got me one. So then I went around to all the rooms except the bathrooms and drilled a hole in them all so I could spy on everyone and find out what's happening in the outside world. I heard allot of stuff over the next few years. A lot of gossip, information on what my parents where doing, and about secrets. My friend brought me little sums of food a week and allot if it where after a big feast which they didn't have to often so I got skinnier and skinnier and it was eaier to fit into the places. The only time I peeked in the bathroom hole was to make sure it was clear to go in, because I cut out the wall behind the cupboard in the bathroom so I can just move the piece of wall, go through the hole which leads me into the cupboard full of towels and face clothes, then just push them aside and open the door to the cupboard to get in. Then from there all I had to do is lock the door. Go the bathroom really fast and then unlock the door and sneak back through the cupboard. To take a shower was less complicated because for 3 hours a day the house would be completely empty so all I had to do is crawl out the door which led to my friends room and walk to the bathroom to take my shower which I take about 10 minutes, then I dry off and get dressed, and walk down stairs to get a little food to bring up stairs, then I watch t.v. and play a few games and then I puit everthing back where I found it and go back upstairs before anyone gets home.
How I survive being alone and quiet
Well really the only thing I could do is read books to stay quiet. My friend brings me about 10 books every few days. I can read very fast, but I try to rread slow and take breaks that way I have more to read later. Only because my friend cant keep bring a bunch of books home and then back to the library because then her parents would think she is some sort of super kid because she has such a buzy schedule and has no time ti read books. I read all different types of books, basically any books I get I read because I cant be to picky with them. Or my friend might get upset. Other then that there isn't to much to do. Exept write journals of what im doing and how im feeling. I don't know what else to write for my story so im just going to show you my journal enrtys from long ago.
Journal 9-10-1990
Im 10 years old today. My friend threw a little birthday party for me. She made brownies and we celibrated my birthday in my room. She does come in here much because its to small for her but she comes in on special occasions like birthdays, new years, Christmas, easter, ect……. Its nice when she comes in because I feel like we are hanging out at my house in my room rather then when we hang out in her room because I go in there allot. But today is a little different because she made the brownies just for us to eat together. She saved me most of them because she knew I was starving. I tried really hard not to stuff my face in them infront of her. Instead I ate them one by one slowly. So they lasted a long time. As we were eating we played some board games together which was fun considering I never get to play because of her buzy schedule. But it was getting less and less buzier. So we spent more time together. But when her parents are home we spend our time together in the closet that way if her parents cme in I can crawl back into my room and she could go out of the closet saying she was looking for something. But when they aren't home we go in her room and talk about her life………….
Journal 12-10-1991
Today it is very cold and I don't know what to do exept write in this journal. I keep wondering if im ever going to make it in the real world.when I turn 18 and get out of here No one would beilved me that I have spent the last 12 years in my friends house hiding in the walls and sneaking around the house with out anyone knowing. I don't know if I eve beilieve it. It just sometimes feels like a bad dream, like im never going to wake up from it…. But I guess im going to have to wait a little longer to see.
Journal 1-15-1992
Today is pretty good. I went down stairs and they had a bunch of food in the refridgearator. I went through it and took a little from each contanor and put it on a paper plate. I heated it up and came back to my room to eat it. I haven't been getting o much food lately sence my friends parents are watching her more carefully because she is in her room allot more now. Which is my fault because I got really sick and she has been giving me medicin and taking care of me in my room, and when they are looking for her and cant find her they freak out screaming for her. Which of course they cant find her when she is with me in my room. But I just hope to feel better soon so she doesn't have to spend that much time with me risking our secret……..
Journal 7-19-1995
I have a plan because im now 15 this year. So I thought why not have my friend introduce me to her family as one of her friends from school. Because I doubt that they will realize its me. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this making sure it cant back firre on us and ruin our secret. So the plan is to introduce me as her best friend from school and then have me over allot. Which it would seem to them that im over allot but I live here so I can just appear at any time and hang out with her. I think I might work…..
Jounal 7-20-1995
OMG!!!!!! We tried the plan and it worked!!!!!! So today we went down staris together and she introduced me to them… they stared at me for a while.. I could tell they where trying to put the pieces together in there heads but decided quickly to give up because they both got up and shook my hand. They lokked at my stomach and noticed how thin I was, so they broght me t the kitchen and made a nice big meal for us all to eat together. I am extatic!!!! It went perfect. Now I can hang out with her about 3 times a week there and that will be the perfect amount of time to be able to eat and have fun.
Journal 9-10-2000
Its my birthday again and im finally old enough to leave this room. There are so many memories here and a part of me doesn't want to leave but I know I have to face the world now. I am aficially old enough to leave, aand be safe. My frind help me pack and we talked about if we should tell her parents and what we are going to tell mine… we came to the conclucion that we should tell the truth to them both. We got my bags and went down stairs to find her parents and I told them all that happened. They didn't beilive me at first so I showed them were the peep holes were in every room and the bathroom entrance to my area. They each took a turn and peeked in and noticed everything I was telling them is true. So after explaining why I ran away and everything they asked me what im going to do now and I told them I need to go home. So im leaving now to go home and see my family……
My last journal 9-11-2000
I walked home today and knocked on my door because if I just walked right in they would call the cops. Then the door opened and it was my mom. I wanted to hug her soo badly but I couldn't, well not yet anyway. I told her how I was her child and that I ran away when I was 8 because I had to be safe and her and dad wouldn't help me. After allot of explaining she finally beilived me. She bielived me for once in her life. I was so exited and then my dad came home and we told him about it. They both beilieved me and let me move back in to spend as much time with them as we could before I have to move out. Today has been the best birthday so far!
Its time
I remember going and finding my babysitter. After that day and she was so happy to see me again we hugged and hugged for along time. Then I told her about my plan to make sure that he couldn't hurt anyone else. So that day we want together to his old house and knocked on the door he answered it and asked who we were and why we were at his house. And then I told him who we were and he stared at us and we could see that he was scared. We then took care of our business and now he cant hurt anyone again……….
The end


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