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I'm a freak....right?

Short story By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

Renesmee Cullen, Bella and Edwards daughter is 16 years old....she is different from every else. Her boy friend Cole dumps her because..he cant take how different she is..and because she refused to have sex with him....

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"Cole wait up!" I yelled from down the street, we were having a race, I was letting him win. "No way!"He said running faster. i ran a tad faster. He won of course.." Babe, you know I love ya right?" He said kissing my neck. "I know"I said before kissing his cheek. "I will never leave you" He said into my ear.


What a bunch of shit that was! Oh yeah, he said it. But he didn't mean it....now here I am walking in the frinking rain to my house. I'm to pissed off and weak to run. When I get home, my dad is so going to tare a hole in that boys..face. So heres how it went..

* Flash back*

" Renesmee, can we talk?" Cole said his face in worry. I laughed. But I was still confused. "But we just started playing the game!" I teased. My smile wiped off my face when I saw his. Sad, worried, scared. "Whats from Teddy bear?" I asked him. " We need to talk"Was all he said. -Not good, not good- I thought to my self. I put the controller down. " What?"I said walking over to him and sitting down next to him. " I dont know if this is working..your..your to different..and I cant take it,...it aggrivates the hell out of me babe"He said looking down. " But..what..I can change"I said my eyes filling with tears. I loved him so much.." I just cant take it.I dont want you to change, and I cant deal with it when he dont have a sex life..it feels like we arent even together"He said. " I thought we taked about this!"I said getting mad. " We did, but Its like you dont want to do anything with me"He said his eyes full of fake love and lust. " I dont! I dont want to do anything with any body Cole! weve talked about my choice of dieing pure!"I said my hands going into tight balls. "Yeah, well I think thats crap, no one is going to love you"He said standing up. I grabbed a fist full of his shirt. "Dont you dare say that, you dont know the things I can do to you right now!"I half screamed. "What, break my pinky!"He said pushing me. Thatw as it, no one pushes me, no one uses me. " I can do much more!"I said my eyes full of evil..."Sure! Oh, just to give you a little more uphm in your punch, i should tell you I only used you to Jessica would look at me"He said smiling. No he did fucking not! " Hell no!"I said lunging for him. I grabbed him arm. In one solid movement I heard a huge snap! He screamed blood murder. "Thats what you get , don mess with me!"I said stomping out in vampire speed. When I was two miles into teh woods. I broke down. I started crying like ide been sent to hell for nothing. "Why me...Why"I sobbed into the mud. I was laying in teh cold wet, dirt and mud. I stood up after about ten minutes and found the road.......and of course..it started raining!

* flash to life*

Yeah so thats it, now I'm in the rain, two miels till home, covered in mud and dirt and leafs. I can still see the lust in his useing ass. Ive never swore so much in my life. See what hes done to me! That boy is going to get it. If I have to do it my self, so help me! I cant take this I need to run home....

I picked up speed and ran the rest of the way. I was more dirty and soaked as I reached the door. - Mother fucking jack ass thinsk he can do that to me..oh I'll show him..- I thought in my head as I opened the door. "Renesmee! Was that you thinking that!"My dad asked his face very mad. - No dumbass- I thought giving him the look with it. He " What did he think!?" My mother asked. Alice, Jacob, Emmet, Rose just stared at me. "One, she was cussing in her head very bad, two she called me a dumbass"My father said flinching. "Why...renesmee why?!"She said looking at me angry. I suddenly felt sad. I felt tears go down my face. As I stood covered in mud and dirt rain and leafs. Then, my mother and father really looked at me. "Renesmee what happend to you?!"My mother said stareing at me. "Cole dumped me, he...said I was to different..and.."I said falling to the floor. Jacob as suddenly sitting next to me on the floor. "What does he mean your to different?!"My fathe said mad. " I dont know..b..b"I tryed to say sobbing into Jacob..He held me tighter. "What?" My mother asked. "He used me..he just wanted Jessica to look at me..he never l..loved me"I said louder sobbing louder. " That.."I heard Ememt said...I was suddenly in my fathers arms. "Shh"He said. " Then he hit me.."I said..my father froze.."Why.."He asked his voice cold..." He told me he didnt want me because i wouldnt do anything with him..then he said no one is ever going to love me now"I said crying..." I am going to kill him!'Jacobs voice rang. "Calm down jacob"My father said.."What did you do then?"My father asked. "I snapped his arm in to"I said looking up....Emmet laughed. I put my face in my hands neck. I giggled slightly..." I loved him..he..used me..he never wanted me"I said crying again..."Shhhh"I heard three voices say...My mothers..Fathers..and Jacob..I realised something...-What the...why is Jacob always here when I'm here..why..uhh! My head hurts- thought to my self. My dad stiffed. I started crying again....." Shh"They said again....My dad hugged me. My mother carried me up to the bathroom and helped me get cleaned up........



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