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Jacob Black and Edward Cullen alike?

Short story By: dclovesfd
Fan fiction

Like? Different? Pain? Same?

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Jacob black and Edward Cullen from The Twilight Saga are more Alike then YOU think.

Jacob and Edward, mortal enimies by nature. So much alike and yet so different at the same time. Not possible, is that what your thinking? Well, in truth they are the most alike characters in the book, besides Esmee and Carlisle. Here is a passage I wrote where Edward realise's how much they are alike and how much different they are, this passage is based on New moon, and is taking place in it also... I stood behind Bella's how, just looking at this boy, Bella's Best friend, a were wolf, who loved her. My Bella. -She is not yours Edward- I thought painfully to my self. I also knew even thought the deep convo with this boy I just had, and he with me, it will still utterly ubserd, to ask him, to let me try and get her to want me. I did not deserve her. "What, can we do Jacob, I love her, you love her as much as me, I can sense that, do not think I don't know. Only one can have her, and the one who doesn't will be broken" I said looking at the boy who's face pained and confused. "Yes, I know that" He said looking down. - I sure as hell, know he is not getting her, but, he loves her as much as I do, I would have left her also. Life is so confusing- The boy thought. "Yes, life is confusing"I said sighing and looking toward the forest. He just stood looking at the ground, having a inner conflict within his soul. " I will not be as unhappy as you would if she chose me. So, I will give you three days to get her to not want me. If it works, I will leave, if not, you give me a chance also"I said looking at him. He was pained, so much, I felt sorry for him, so younge. "Deal"He said looking toward the woods. In his thoughts, his images and thoughts if Bella were much the same as mine. She was, kind, delicate, soft and loving, yet so needy and wanting. He faces the problem of not being able to be near her all the time because of his rounds. As my thoughts, of her were the same, I faces the problem of not being around her all the time, because of my hunting needs. She was cool to his fire skin, she was warm to my cold ice skin. We are so much alike, and yet so different at the same time. Its amazing how much people never think about this. He was realising this also. It was paining me to understand this. My heart wanted me to know and understand but the greedy and immortal part was telling me to not believe..." Bella is stirring, she might forgive you if you go now"I said breaking the silence. He nodded and walked away, his thoughts continued being pained and confused. I sighed and wlaking into the forest, the wind whispering hopes into my very soul..

As you can see, they are so much alike. They both picture Bella the same, and different in many ways. Its amazing how much you have in commen with some one you used to hate. U never really understand still you dig deep into them. So remember, next time you read Twilight. Think of Edward and Jacob, they way others would never understand. They way others have yet to uncover.....


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