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Lets say in new moon, Aro desides Alice was lieing, but he let her go free. But still said Bella had to die. Edward woudn't leave, so Aro is going to kill him to. They have one hour, before they get killed. Locked in a room...

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Last hour. Bellas Point of view

" Its sett then, Alice and Edward may leave freely. Bella, can no longer stay alive" Aro's voice rang loud and clear. My head spinning. Alice's face looked blank, She was having a vison. She gasp when her face returned to normal. What was happening. "No!"she said her voice breaking. " No. She dies, I die, I will not let you" Edward told Aro, looking coldly at him. Aro's stone cold hand moved up and down my neck slowly. I tried to keep my breathing steady. I was scared, I will admit that. I would die for Edward though. I would not let him die for me. " The only way, she dies, is if I die with her" Edward said before Aro could speak.

"No.."I said to my self. Edward looked at me his face pained. I looked at him. The hole in my chest started burning more. I folded my arms over my sides. I felt a tear roll down my pale, saddened, cold cheek. Aro removed him hand. " This is a saddness. Such a waste of your rare power Edward..My younge friend"Aro said turning torward Edward, who was unable to move in Felix's grip around him. "I go with her. I will do anything, if you set her free. But if not, I die" Edward proclaimed looking at me. I wasn't looking at him, but I could see his pained, wanting, needing face from the corner of my eyes. Why was he feeling so guitly about this? I felt a sob in my chest grow larger. I held it in, with al my strength I dare not cry, not now.

"We can't set her free my dear Edward. This is a saddness to me. But, your wish. Will be granted. You die with her. If thats what you turely want?" Aro asked him, Aro's eyes showing his pain. "Yes"Edward said looking at Aro. Thats when I just couldn't do it any more. The sob inside me grew to large. I heard little sobs, Aro looked at me. I fell to the ground. Tears going down my face, covering my eyes. I was suddening, stood up and leaned against a wall. Aro was the one who did that. He looked at me pained.

He sighed and handed me a red cape. I breathed in and out and put it on. "I just don't see, why you would die for her. I wish I didn't have to kill her, but its the rules"Aro said confused slightly. Did he not know, that Edward used to love me? I started sobbing again. Aro nodded for Felix to let Edward go, Edward was suddenly by my side holding me to him. I cried into him. "Shhh"He said once. "You will be put in a room, for a hour, thats how much time you have to live, or for Edward deside" Aro said. "Jane.."Marcis said nodding toward Jane. "Mastor" She said. "Follow me"She said to me and Edward before waking toward the door and leading us out. I took one last look at Alice, she would have been crying now. Her face, pained, no longer the happy Alice. We walked down some halls, till Jane opened a huge, silver door. Inside the room had a red and blue bed. Chairs, fridge. TV.

Desk. Chairs, books. Couch. " Make well of your last hour"Jane said smiling evil before shutting the door. I flinched when I heard it lock. Edward and me were still standing in the middle of the room. "I'm so sorry"Edward said looking at the wall. I fell to the ground once again. Edward kneeled beside me. The hole in my chest numb, for the first time in this time period. "For what..Its my fault" I said tears slipping out of my eyes. "Bella. How is this your fault?"He asked I felt his hand moving over my cheek. His stone cool hands, making me feel, loved, though I knew he didn't love me anymore. " I jumped off the cliff. None of this would have happend..If.."I said. I felt a sob come from my lips. I was suddenly in Edwards arms again.

"Why, if, I may ask you, did you jump?"He asked. I looked up his face pained, at mentioning me almost dieing. his made it worse. I started sobbing more. He tightend his hug. I burried my head in his shoulder. "Shh" He said I felt something on my hair. His lips? Oh who cares. He's guitly, and he should not be. I tried to calm my self. I breathed in and out. "Be..Because..doing things..t..that were reckless, made me remember you"I stuttered trying to breath. He looked confused. "I..I could hear your voice..and..it some how, every time, every time I heard your wonderful voice, the hole inside me, hurt that muchless, I stopped hearing you, so I had to think of something, something, that would almost kill me, it was the only way.."I said more tears rolling down my face.

He was stiff, not speaking. I felt braver some how. " I had..to, to come save you. I couldn't let you feel this guilt, that you caused me dieing"I said breathing a little normal. I looked up. He was looking at me, with the most, heartbroken, pain ever. " I wasn't feeling guilt..I just could'nt live with out you"He said. He was lieing to me again. I knew it, it made me feel mad. "You lieing to me.."I said my voice showing more of my aggrivation. "No..Bella. I lied to you before, when I said I didn't love you" He said. Why was he doing this to me. Why! I pushed off him. "Why are you doing this to me. Why! Do you know how long I have felt this pain, that I almost killed my self, because I wanted to?!" I half yelled. His face looked more pain. "B.."He started. " No!, Don't talk to me! Do you know how long, I have had night meres, do you know, how many nights, I have gone sleepless, Charlie pained because of mine. Oh, like you never where real. Yes. It so feels like that!"I yelled.

I stood up and ran to the other side of the room my back against the wall. " I'm so sorry.."He said beginning to walk toward me. The anger inside me, was horroring me. I couldn't keep it bottled anymore. It was like, hell was being inbedded in my soul. "Sorry..Sorry..What ever! You love some one, then don't. Then try and tell them you still do!" I screeched. I looked him in the eyes. He didn't speak. "Ive wasted, months of my life, crying. Crying for you. Find out my best friends a wolf. Then! oh guess what. the man, I love, desides to kill him self. do you how many I have hurt because of you!"I yelled.

I started crying again. " I am sorry. Bella. I love you. I was only lieing to keep you safe. Please. I would die for you"He pleaded. The anger was washed out. with saddness now. He was suddenly by my side. "Leave me alone"I said wiping my eyes, He didn't walk away. "Alone!"I screamed. He was suddenly on the other side of the room

Jane walked in. "Its time"She said. I walked forward, meeting my doom. By this time I wanted to die. Edward walked behind me. When we walked back to were Aro was, there were chains, nifes, also wood, nails and rope. The robe was suddenly torn off me. I gasp. A white gown was thrown at me. I was pushed into a small room. I took my clothes off and put the thing on. I looked into the mirrow. My brown hair wild around my pale, sad face. I sighed as I walked out to see Edward with brown pants on, no shirt. Standing in front of two peices of wood. Chains at his feet. Not that they would do anything.

I stood next to him. Felix came and put chains on my feet also, and wood in front of me. "Saddness. but we must go on"Aro said looking at me saddend. " Edward, any last words?" Aro said looking at him. " I am here today. For Bella, as we die together, my soul may be in hell but hers forever rest's in heave"Edward said looked straight. Aros face got slightly more depressed. "Isabella, dear, any last words?" Aro said. At that moment, I realised something, Edward did love me. I loved him, tears went down my cheeks, I was so foolish. "Felix? Why did you put chains at her feet, she can't go any where"Aro said confused. Felix shrugged and came over. He took them off. I moved my ankles a little. "Any last words?" Aro asked again. I nodded. I walked over to Edward. They watched me carefully.

Edward turned to looked at me confused. It took all of one second for me to look at him, and be kissing him. My soul felt filled with, the most joyfull happy, anger, yet love in the world. I gasp, when I stopped kissing him. He looked shocked. He was holding my hand though. I looked up.. His eyes full of love. "I love you"I whispered, even though they could hear us. I knew they were stareing. I held his hand. As I turned, out hand, pulled farther and farther away. Till they unconnected. Like our love. and Souls.

Aro was stareing. I stood looking down. "Im ready"I said my voice breaking yet more brave when before. I felt filled some how. Felix took a shocked step forward. "Wait"Aro said softly. We all looked up confused. "I..I cant do this. I should have seen. How was I so foolish not to notice you loved each other, I can not break you two apart, it pains me already just to look at you to, being so far away"Aro's voice rang, weakly. "Then what are we going to do with them?" Marcis said. "Let them go. She, will not tell any one, shes no harm, if she is devoted at she looks"Aro said looked at me. " Edward."Aro said looked at Jane, she sighed and took off his chains. He walked fast over to me, and held me tight to him.

"I love you"He said softly in my ear. I felt tears, on my face. Not tears, of saddness, anger, or greave, tears of love, and happyness, that I have not felt in months. I now understand how lucky I am. I see my self, and Edward, like never before. I am not a stupid , over lucky girl. I am a girl, who is loved, a girl who needs to understand the way of live more, and I think I have understood alot in this day. Edward is not a handsome, flawless vampire man, who doesn't deserve me. He is a handsome, man, my man, he deserves me, for no one can love him like me. He has his flaws, yes I now see that. For love last forever some times, but it never has no flaws............

..Love needs to be treated with emotion. Or you can lose it in a blink. But today I have learned, no matter what, love is always going to be the msot powerful thing besides god, I now know why every human wants it. Its the closest thing to magic, that we have.....


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