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Hello Hi-bird

By: Destiny Aitsuji

Page 1, A story on the meeting of Hibari and Hi-bird.

Hello Hi-bird
“Curse that perverted old man. Curse that illusionist. Curse the bloody Sakuras.” I gritted my teeth as I mentally cursed them. Now in my current condition, I can hardly go anywhere near that accursed illusionist. Mukuro was his name right? Who cares though, its not like I do but this person is the mastermind behind all those attack, on the Namimori High students. As President of the school’s discipline committee, it is my duty to ensure the safety of the students. This is one real tough opponent but all the same, I shall bite him to death.
My vision is hazy but I won’t go down until I have that illusionist. Then, a yellow fluff came in. It must be the excessive lost of blood that is making me hallucinate. The yellow fluff turned out to be a cute yellow bird. “Hibari, Hibari.” It called. I closed my eyes. “Hibari, Hibari.” It called again. I opened my eyes. This time was sure that it was no hallucination for I could see and feel its movements. “Hibari, Hibari.” It called again. I looked at it blankly not knowing what to do.
Then, my hand phone rang. It must be from the school discipline committee members calling to report some stupid things. The yellow bird stood very still as my hand phone continued ringing. When it finally stopped, the bird started to sing the Namimori High school song. When it finished, it called out “Hibari, Hibari. Wake up, wake up.”
This gave me new strength. My conscious came back to me gradually as I forced myself to move. My body hurt but I did not care. I decided to call this yellow bird Hi-bird. It belonged to Birds but I guess the bird didn’t want someone as ugly as Birds to be its owner. I have always been popular with animals since young and I am equally fond of them so it isn’t a problem.
The Hi-bird flew up and out to over the wall. It sang the Namimori High school song. Then the Italian punk blew up the wall. I didn’t ask for his help. I could have gotten out by myself. Anyway, I was thankful for that because it would save me a lot of time and now, it’s time to get that damn illusionist.
In the end, I don’t know what happened but I’m glad things are back to normal, or almost normal. The first thing I saw when I opened my yes was the Hi-bird, my new faithful friend. “Hibari, Hibari.” It called I smiled “Hello Hi-bird.”

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